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33 and too old for cycling?
by Itisix, at 3/10-2009
Sune Nikolajsen has been around the OCM professional circus for ages. Having spent most of his career at Team Tirilla, he left the team last year, under a cloud of allegations abo...

Netherlands Hosting the World Championships
by Nick Lissner, at 1/10-2009
The Netherlands have grown to become the most populated cycling nation. With 146 ranked teams and 469 ranked riders, the Netherlands have safely taken the lead in popularity - some...

Helsinki GP Upgrades - New Classic
by Nick Lissner, at 6/09-2009
Helsinki GP has been a part of the OCM Top Division since Season 1 and is now upgrading. The race organizers managed to attract many hot names during its history, which now finally...

Essex Tour Preview
by Nick Lissner, at 25/08-2009
One of the most popular tours, only surpassed by Germany Tour, is the English tour in the Essex area: Essex Tour. Despite the short length of the tour, it has grown into becoming ...

Sprinters Dominate
by Bob Smith, at 17/08-2009
Looking through the OCM Riders rankings these days you would excused to think that the OCM was all about the Sprinters. The No 1 spot of the OCM rank has not been held by a non spr...

Cymru Taith: New Small Tour in Wales
by Nick Lissner, at 12/08-2009
Cymru Taith is the newested created Tour and is the second division's version of Essex Tour. Starting in the hilly North, the riders face plenty of hills and small climbs on the fi...

American WTTD climbing the ranks
by Nick Lissner, at 8/08-2009
The new American team WTTD has had big success since the forming of the team back in late April 2009. The team sticked with its local talent and hired only the Colombian Nistor Dri...

Belgium overtakes Denmark
by Nick Lissner, at 4/08-2009
For the first time in history, Denmark has lost its lead in OCM. Belgium is coming in as a more popular nation and the effect can already bee seen. In Season 8, Belgian Ward Deroek...

New Top Division Race in Belgium
by Nick Lissner, at 3/08-2009
BELGIUM: In cycling, Belgium is known for cobblestones and hills. When combining those two, races can get awfully tough. Luckily, the race organizers in Belgium decided only to use...

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