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Jersey Competition
by Itisix, at 27/12-2010
With Christmas still on people’s minds (and belly’s), the Royal Palace in Zamunda held the first ever OCM Fashion Gala. With the introduction of the new regulation jersey desi...

Out in the Cold - The Sad Tale of Elmar Rothstein
by Zee, at 15/12-2010
By Kerry Purget There comes a time when every professional rider has to consider his options and decide on the next step. The pro cycling career is but a short one, and besides ...

Germany Tour Preview
by Tim Johnson, at 13/12-2010
The Germany Tour, the biggest race of the OCM calendar is almost upon us. Whilst the big names prepare for today's Prologue, let us concentrate on which of them are likely to figur...

Russel to 1414
by Tim Johnson, at 9/12-2010
In this week's second look at managers' writing, we feature another manager who is part of SNAOTR; indeed one of the founding fathers of the newly formed Union. ---------------...

Acquiring talent at massive cost
by Tim Johnson, at 6/12-2010
In our second look at the managers who excel at writing about their team's fortunes as well as the management itself, we look at the first of two articles written by managers of th...

Vancil takes the Number 1 baton
by Tim Johnson, at 28/11-2010
What do Sterling Dorsher (FFL), Kyle Abston (CCFC), Salim Wajeeh (Equipe 44) and Truman Vancil (Equipo Easy On) all have in common? True, all great riders and all have an ‘l’ i...

Monsen adds Perm to Zurich Crown
by Tim Johnson, at 21/11-2010
There are but a select group of elite riders who have claimed both a Division 1 Classic and a Tour. Giovanny Enrico (now at FFL) is the only modern day rider to do the double - wit...

Assis takes inaugural Monte Rosa
by Tim Johnson, at 15/11-2010
(written by Eric of trackstah07) The first edition of the Swiss Monte Rosa Tour certainly lived up to its billing. Despite it being the first tour for almost all of the competin...

SARS outbreak hits Welsh Valleys
by Tim Johnson, at 12/11-2010
Today, journalists and the general public alike will all gather in the small town of Welshpool, Wales to watch the new strain of SARS that are have recently appeared in the area. H...

Hazelton: Team Treatment Barbaric
by Zee, at 10/11-2010
By Kerry Purget English hill climber Perry Hazelton has launched an astonishing attack on team bosses barely days before he is due to compete in the Perm Tour. Poised to line...

Outclimb. Outsprint. Outlast.
by Zee, at 9/11-2010
By Emery Paquette 20 teams. 120 riders. 1 winner. It isn't exactly Survivor: Russia. But it's close. Come Day 41, some of the best riders on the OCM circuit will be contes...

A New Japanese Legend?
by Tim Johnson, at 8/11-2010
The best recent press release by a manager is about another dicovery of talent - this time in Japan. (written by Justin of Hommerts Cycling Team) 24 years ago Susumu Miyazaki...

Final Lineup Announced: Perm to Go Ahead
by Zee, at 8/11-2010
It took awhile, but finally the lineup for Perm Tour has been confirmed. Aussie entrants Dodge sneaked in at the last minute to make the final 20 as race officials declared the tou...

Petrov discovers Prospect in Mountains
by Tim Johnson, at 6/11-2010
OCM managers are busy people. However, most still find the time to write press releases in magazines and on team websites to inform their loyal fans of team news and views. This we...

Tough Knut Paves the way to Glory
by Tim Johnson, at 31/10-2010
(written by Elliot of Team Kernow) Volta ao Porto – Race Review Knut Pave (Team Wells) became the first Dane to win the Volta ao Porto while Miles Finnerty’s (cway) fina...

A Double Double for the Green Goblin
by Tim Johnson, at 28/10-2010
Division 1 Racing News The start of the season means Cobbles in OCM and it was once again Kyle Abston (CCFC) who took the headlines as he successfully defended his title at Twee...

Monte Rosa Countdown Diary
by Tim Johnson, at 24/10-2010
(written by Eric of trackstah07) Post-Prologue Preview: Teams & Tactics Eagerly awaited and dubbed “the first true lower-division tour”, the Monte Rosa may become a spri...

Monte Rosa Countdown Diary
by Tim Johnson, at 23/10-2010
(written by Eric of trackstah07) Stage by Stage Preview Tomorrow is an important day for the OCM history books. For the first time, Division 3 teams will be competing in a T...

The Volta Countdown Diary
by Tim Johnson, at 21/10-2010
(written by Elliot of Team Kernow) The Sprinters line up for Green Forget the GC, it's the Sprinters' classification which will dominate this season's Volta. Whilst there a...

The Volta Countdown Diary
by Tim Johnson, at 19/10-2010
(written by Elliot of Team Kernow) The Fight for Yellow At 19:20 GMT, on Wednesday 20th of October 2010, the 4th Edition of the Volta ao Porto, the Zyte Division's premier ...

Team Logo Competition #2
by Tim Johnson, at 17/10-2010
(written by Ross of Korten Cycletek) You would have thought, given the 100+ team logos on OCM, that choosing a winner for 'Best Logo' would be quite straightforward - apparently...

Young Guns III – The New Hope
by Tim Johnson, at 13/10-2010
OCM In Focus With Season 14 already 10 days old, we can now turn our attention to which young riders are likely to make an impression this year and in years to come. Yes, one of...

Classico di Siracusa - Preview
by Tim Johnson, at 10/10-2010
(written by Finz of Royals) Tomorrow, Syracuse, an ancient city on the Southern tip of Sicily, welcomes twenty top Division 5 teams for their seasonal Classic. Twenty team...

Season 13 Awards – Dorsher gets his hands on Äme
by Tim Johnson, at 7/10-2010
Berlin was the centre of the OCM universe last night as fans and journalists lined up to see the stars of OCM as they attended the Season 13 Awards ceremony. Berlin may well be the...

Young Guns II – How they did
by Tim Johnson, at 4/10-2010
OCM In Focus Season 13 seems to have flown by but our second batch of Young Guns have notched up some impressive results. This time a season ago, seven young, lucky riders were ...

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