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The Dan Korošec Inheritage. A Preview of the Nederlandse Tour S16
by Itisix, at 16/06-2011
Written by Raimundas from Greenride A preview of the Nederlandse Tour Season 16. Analysed by peddelen, written by Greenride The Nederlandse Tour is the Walhalla for sprinti...

Top Division Classics
by Itisix, at 31/05-2011
Written by elleniko from redop and Yuri from Yuri SuperTeam The classics are the most prestigious one-day professional cycling road races in the international calendar. Ther...

Race of the Minutemen - The Beginning
by Itisix, at 18/05-2011
Written by Brian Place from lastplace1414 As the inaugural edition of the Race of the Minutemen (dubbed “RotM” by many) approaches, no one knows exact what to expect. Every ...

How They're Doing
by Itisix, at 10/05-2011
Written by the OCM Season 15 awards committee Already 1/3 of the new season past and it’s time to see how the best riders and teams from last season are doing this season. We ...

Extending the Classic Calendar
by Itisix, at 25/04-2011
Written by Finz from Nightmarechaos Not only cyclists and teammanagers are giving the OCM management a hard time with their demands and wishes. Also the race organizers want to ...

The Volta Quick Fix
by Zee, at 21/04-2011
By Kerry Purget Day 3 Salim Wajeeh came out on top in a tightly contested Stage 4 ride to haul himself straight into GC contention this day. The Equipe 44 rider rode a tactic...

The Volta Quick Fix
by Zee, at 20/04-2011
By Kerry Purget Day 2 Team Unibet were the big winners on Day 2 of the Volta ao Porto, with their riders coming in top place on both stages for the day. Felix Holm and Jos...

Monte Rosa preview
by Itisix, at 19/04-2011
Written by johny from johny2 The Monte Rosa is a short five stages tour showing the beautiful nature of Switzerland. The start will be a short prologue in Bern. Sprinting, ...

The Volta Quick Fix
by Zee, at 19/04-2011
By Kerry Purget Day 1 Spanish time trialist Cris Bolano continued his recent good form by winning the Volta ao Porto Prologue in dramatic circumstances on Day 1. The WV De...

Young Guns 4
by Tim Johnson, at 17/04-2011
(written by HC Alpine and Torreira) Mollerup, Miyazaki, Randel, Assis. All have come through the Young Gun system and are now world class OCM riders. So, who are this Season's...

Behind the First Line
by Itisix, at 13/04-2011
Written by Dave Washington from Team Washo As the years have passed by in OCM, the lower divisions have gradually become more and more competitive. Even in divisions 7 and 8, 50...

Season 15 Awards Gala - Part II
by Itisix, at 7/04-2011
Written by Holger Czukay from Asymm Project So, after that small pause for commercials, here we are again to reveal the results. Vancil looks comfortable talking to the crowd, ...

Season 15 Awards Gala - Part I
by Itisix, at 6/04-2011
Written by Holger Czukay from Asymm Project Good night, ladies and gentlemen. Wilkommen et bienvenues to the OCM Season 15 Awards here in Castries, Saint Lucia. The internation...

Things Back on Track
by Itisix, at 2/04-2011
After the strikes, the delays, all those problems. the season ended in a bang. The World Championships went all as planned, on time and with a huge gathering of fans. Many ra...

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