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The search for New Talent
by Tim Johnson, at 2/10-2010
OCM In Focus The difficulty of securing the signature of a young talent is something that all OCM managers will know. Finding a young rider worth training can be difficult and a...

Netherlands Tour Preview
by Tim Johnson, at 23/09-2010
(written by Yuri of Yuri Super Team) After a difficult Germany Tour, the last Tour of the season is now upon. The difficult roads of the Netherlands will require riders with te...

Mypa and the Green Goblin do the double
by Tim Johnson, at 20/09-2010
Germany Review – Day 6 So, after five days of hard racing and controversy, the Germany Tour comes to its conclusion today with the Parade race into Berlin. Champagne will be...

Abston ruins Enrico’s chance of victory
by Tim Johnson, at 18/09-2010
Germany Review – Day 5 Day 5 of the Germany will decide who wins the Tour. The morning King stage will separate the men from the boys with huge time gaps, though riders in t...

Newsflash - Tempers Flare in Germany
by Zee, at 18/09-2010
Chaotic scenes on the Germany Tour this morning as riders clashed following a tempestuous Stage 8 in which Team airik's Domenico De Assis stole the win in the last kilometre to the...

Enrico and Abston put CCFC in charge
by Tim Johnson, at 17/09-2010
Germany Review – Day 4 Day 4 of the Germany Tour is all about the fight for the Yellow jersey. A morning time trial is likely to eliminate the climbing specialists and an af...

Lukaszewski shines as the favourites fade
by Tim Johnson, at 17/09-2010
Germany Tour Review – Day 3 Day 3 of the Germany Tour is the first day that the GC contenders will want to be in contention as Stage 4 hits the mountains. Stage 4 has been w...

Abston and Rimmer share the spoils
by Tim Johnson, at 15/09-2010
Germany Review – Day 2 After the Day 1 Proglogue carnival, OCM eyes moved on to Day 2, a day for the sprinters. Stages 2 and 3 contain a few hills but these are usually not ...

Levis makes it three as Drejbo keels over
by Tim Johnson, at 14/09-2010
Germany Tour Review – Day 1 The Germany Tour kicked off today. Whilst, the Stage 1 prologue will probably not affect the final result a great deal, it is still the blue-ribb...

Germany Tour Preview – Brasil again?
by Tim Johnson, at 13/09-2010
Germany will wake up tomorrow to OCM’s biggest stage – the Germany Tour. So often the stage of the world’s best riders and unexpected shocks, Germany rarely disappoints. This...

A week for Doubles
by Tim Johnson, at 7/09-2010
OCM Racing News Last week, it was Team airik; this week, Telek@m. Doing a double – or winning two races in two days – is catching on. Whereas airik managed the feat with a ...

Netherlands on Top
by Tim Johnson, at 3/09-2010
OCM In Focus Netherlands are on top of the OCM world in more ways than one. They represent the largest nation in OCM with 262 ranked teams and can boast the highest number of ra...

Frisch scores in Essex as Easy On go top
by Tim Johnson, at 31/08-2010
OCM Racing News Maldon, Essex: It may be the birthplace of this journalist, but Maldon, Essex is also the place where this season’s Essex Tour was decided. Over the last coupl...

Training in the Rockies
by Tim Johnson, at 26/08-2010
(written by Anthony of HC Alpine) The alarm bells all rang simultaneously. One by one the clients at a small Inn in Yoho National Park began to wake up. It wasn’t the usual ca...

When Forever is Just a Number
by Zee, at 21/08-2010
By Emery Paquette Staff Writer Chicago O'Hare International Airport is known as one of the busiest international gateways in the United States. On an average day, O'Hare sees a...

Equipo Easy On dominate Perm
by Tim Johnson, at 20/08-2010
OCM Racing News Equipo Easy On blew away the competition in Russia this week as Corwin Wyeth claimed the much coveted Perm Tour Purple Jersey. It was the American’s first maj...

Division 7 - A Classic Time of the Season
by Tim Johnson, at 15/08-2010
(written by Anthony of HC Alpine) There is no arguing the absolute chaos of Division 7, with over 1000 teams racing for victory and with some days on the calendar including up t...

The Aalborg Hour
by Zee, at 13/08-2010
By Emery Paquette The top is down and Ricky Lebarra, our camera man is standing and hooting in the backseat. While losing him on the road to the Velodrome will certainly be an u...

Farewell Fergal
by Tim Johnson, at 12/08-2010
Fergal Lemire is gone. Another great has retired. Perhaps, ‘retired’ is a little premature given that he is still on the market looking for a team. But, his best days are almos...

Andersson’s Volta catapults Mypa into Top 20
by Tim Johnson, at 7/08-2010
OCM Racing News Porto: With 9 results, including the overall GC win, three riders in the top 9 of the GC and even 4th in the Sprinting Competition, Division 2’s Volta au Porto...

Herman – Master of the Zurich Universe
by Tim Johnson, at 24/07-2010
Division 1 Racing News Zürich: Dirk ‘He-man’ Herman (Telek@m) wrote himself a little piece of history this week as the only modern day cyclist in OCM to defend a Classic...

At the pavés of Roubaix and Antwerpen
by Tirilla, at 21/07-2010
The OCM season does not contain many cobblestone-races and cobblers are not among the most popular riders. However, the start of the season is always a time for the cobblers and on...

Vancil vs Menem - Round 1
by Tim Johnson, at 18/07-2010
Division 1 Racing News Dundee: The much anticipated showdown between Truman Vancil (Equipo Easy On) and Urbano Menem (Team Whalers) at the Glasgow – Dundee did not materialize...

OCM In Focus – Young Guns II – The New Batch
by Tim Johnson, at 14/07-2010
Once again, it’s time to select a few names that will most likely be making an impact this season and the seasons to come. The In Focus team have bravely toured the world in sear...

Division 1 Racing News - Enrico again
by Tim Johnson, at 10/07-2010
Enrico wins his second big race Bourg d'Oisans: Today, Giovanny Enrico (CCFC) once again proved he is a man for the big races as he won the Division 1 Classic at Alpe d'Huez. Ha...

Season 12 Awards – The Sturmannator dominates
by Tim Johnson, at 7/07-2010
Stockholm, the Summer Night City, was the venue for the Season 12 Awards ceremony, the location chosen as a tribute to last year’s Best Rider and winner of the Äme Anderberg Tro...

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