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Developer Blog: Speeding Up

by Nick Lissner, 21:20 17/4-12

  Since last Summer when the activity reached new heights during the Tour de France, I've been on a long struggle to improve the speed of the site. The effort paid off right away - a new server was rented (made possible by the many donations - thank you all for the support!) - and I spent hours improv... read more -
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Developer Blog: New Tactical System

by Nick Lissner, 3:31 12/2-12

  Today I managed to finish a feature that been in the making for quite some time: The new tactical system.
  This will provide some extra game elements and decisions to make while playing. Basically, the system allows the riders to have roles and sub roles.
  The roles are those already known, whil... read more -
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Development Updates

Follow the development on the game. Major updates are highlighted.


Game manual, 24/07-10
Article comments, 14/06-10
Article archive, 13/06-10
Reserved signup positions for tours, 3/06-10
Hour record, 3/06-10
Improved mail reader, 16/4-10
New nation: Nigeria, 12/4-10
Forum styled (new look when posting), 8/4-10
Riders released with delay, 8/4-10
New faces: 2 Caucasian, 8/4-10
New faces: 3 African, 2 Caucasian, 5/4-10
New faces: 2 Caucasian, 3 Asian, 2/4-10
New Announcements Board, 1/4-10
New nation: Estonia, 31/3-10
Various bug fixes, 29/3-10
Small calendar update, 21/3-10
New division, 19/3-10
New faces: 2 Caucasian, 16/2-10
Time zones, 16/2-10
Staff Improvement, 3/2-10
Former Rider Rank + various updates, 2/2-10
New Break Away Engine, 14/1-10
Forum Search, 9/1-10
Forum Pages, 5/1-10
Full Result List, 1/12-09
Ranking Data added, 30/12-09
Various races and tours added, 20/12-09
Faroe Islands and Iceland added, 12/12-09
Sign-Up Restrictions (Germany Tour), 9/12-09
Promotion Bonuses, 6/12-09
New Rank Calculation, 21/11-09
Jerseys for Perm Tour added, 17/11-09
Release staff feature added, 13/11-09
Updated Swiss and Austrian name database, 13/11-09
English Board under Other Languages added, 13/11-09
Sell Equipment feature added, 13/11-09
Various minor updates and corrections, 12/11-09
World Tour Ranking, 4/11-09
New Polish name database, 3/11-09
Updated German name database, 3/11-09
World Tour Race Engine, 28/10-09
World Tour signup, 25/10-09
Clash of Nations series (World Tour Event), 21/10-09
World Tour added, 21/10-09
National team profile page, 20/10-09
Loading icon (for AJAX features), 20/10-09
New division (ranks 180-260), 15/10-09
New faces: 4 Asian, 1 Caucasian, 12/10-09
New faces: 4 Asian, 3 African, 2 Caucasian, 10/10-09
Development Updates overview, 10/10-09
Rider table at race profiles, 8/10-09

Improved Tactical System (processing)
Rider Satisfaction (processing)
Extended Manual (processing)
New Tactical System (processing)
Live Updates (processing)
Sponsor (planned)
Wages (planning)
National Teams (nearing completion)

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