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Fast on Wheels 2 - A preview
by Tim Johnson, at 9/09-2012
Once again the division 5 elite teams gather around Esbjerg for the most important race of the year. This years race is packed with top-notch riders in every field. Your OCM report...

The NL Tour WorldNews
by Yuri, at 6/09-2012
Edition 13 might mean bad luck to some. But the less superstitious will definitely try their luck in another Tour in the Dutch soil. The city of Groningen is again the starting p...

Das einzig Wahre, Germany Tour
by Yuri, at 31/08-2012
When the season of cycling is entering the last weeks, the highlight of multiday events is starting. Many have looked forward to this event but only a select few can participate, ...

Team started and needs you
by Yuri, at 26/08-2012
August 22 in the year 2012 was the historic day we call;last Wednesday. Last Wednesday we saw the creation of Team Are you a cyclist yourself, not onl...

Perm Tour Preview
by Tim Johnson, at 9/08-2012
This is the best time of the year to come to Perm. The weather is nice, even hot but never suffocating, and the monotony of a white winter is replaced with a green beauty. In keepi...

Rotm S21
by Tim Johnson, at 7/08-2012
The state of New England welcomes the riders and teams that have entered this year's Race of the Minutemen. The 6th edition of RotM starts on sunday, and it would be an understatem...

Susu: once and for all?
by Tim Johnson, at 26/07-2012
"Miyazaki’s way too back, Delepierre’s got the perfect leadout and rushes to the line, but Karda is close! Karda is close! 50 to go and Karda will get it! Yes! Karda wins Mito ...

Volta ao Porto after three stages
by Yuri, at 13/07-2012
The Porto prologue. The venue that attracts a lot of people on the streets of Porto. This evening prologue is the opening of the famous tour and will give many specialists the ...

Awards Gala Season 20
by Yuri, at 11/07-2012
Gathering at the marvelous Physics and Aerodynamics Center in Vejle, Denmark, the OCM Community is about to reward the outstanding riders and managers of the closing, season 20. Br...

Monte Rosa 8th edition preview
by Yuri, at 11/07-2012
Monte Rosa tour is where the climbers come out and play , yes this is the tour where it is uphill almost all the way to the finish. With only one sprinting stage on the final day t...

Tweedaagse van Antwerpen - A Preview
by Yuri, at 5/07-2012
The OCM season traditionally starts with the Tweedaagse van Antwerpen as the first Tour. The Tweedaagse van Antwerpen is made for riders who love cobblestones, riders who don’t l...

Porto's forgotten heroes - Jorge Redondo
by Yuri, at 4/07-2012
Tuesday morning, it was eight o'clock in the morning. The room was already bright because the sun was up early already. Bright sunshine was shining on an empty bed. It looked slep...

Season 20 - a recap
by Yuri, at 3/07-2012
VOTE HERE IN THE AWARDS! After 2 decades of OCM (!!!) almost everything happened! Big stars and big teams came and go and nowadays staying on the top is a hard job for everyone ...

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