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Fast On Wheels Preview
by Yuri, at 7/06-2012
A new tour is exciting and it is even more exciting when you only have a small window of opportunity for signing up. As i write this, the difference between the leader and the lant...

Race Of The Minuteman Preview!
by Yuri, at 10/05-2012
Next Monday the Rotm starts for the 5th time. Everybody is very exited, because the startsign will be given by no one less than "The Boss" himself. Thousands and thousands of peop...

What you need to win a tour, a rider, a bike and connections
by Yuri, at 7/05-2012
Perm Tour has yet to begin but, the nineteenth episode of this illustorious tour already begins with a controversy. Many teams signed in again to ride this tour from Ochjor to Per...

Vuelta de los Castillos Preview
by Yuri, at 6/05-2012
It is time for Vuelta de los Castillos once again. The Tour, which comes to replace the financially bugged and awkwardly spelt Vuelta del Este Costa, as it also takes place in the...

Cymru am byth!
by Yuri, at 29/04-2012
Wales forever! That is the motto of the proud Welshman. And it does seem like this once again as the Zyte division hilling elite gather around Welshpool preparing for another editi...

Monte Rosa Preview
by Yuri, at 15/04-2012
When you think Switzerland, you think mountains, and when you think cycling in Switzerland, you think Monte Rosa. After a quick TT prologue which will blow out cobwebs and the gene...

OCM Apocalypse – The End of an Era
by Tim Johnson, at 14/04-2012
Day 13 and the days since have seen one of the biggest shifts in OCM history. Taking a look at the free agents currently available, we have former Young Guns, Germany Winners, Worl...

Volta ao Porto - Modern day navigators have arrived
by Yuri, at 9/04-2012
Sitting on the banks of the Douro river we are dreaming away to what seems an eternity ago. The conquest of Porto began with Vimara Peres in 868 A.D. Conquering the lands around ...

Young Guns 6
by Tim Johnson, at 8/04-2012
As the OCM elite of Jan-Joost Dussel and Umberto Impellitteri are positioning a lifelike Äme Anderberg and Sterling Dorscher on their mantelpieces, OCM eyes turn to another compet...

Awards Gala Season 19
by Yuri, at 3/04-2012
Season 20 has been a long, long one. The grumpiest managers will tell me that it was, as always “just” 90 days long, but the biggest part will agree with me: once again, our hu...

Season 19 - a recap
by Yuri, at 28/03-2012
Drama, surprise, fights, epic results, master management and big transfers. This is just a small part from another epic season in OCM. For the books this season will be remembered ...

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