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Take It To The Streets!!!
by Itisix, at 28/03-2011
Take it to the streets they say when time comes to protest. Well, the complete opposite happened, or rather has been happening for the past few days. It all started in a sunny ...

S15 Netherlandse Tour Preview
by Tim Johnson, at 22/03-2011
(written by peddelen) The last tour of season has been slightly delayed because of the riders' strike but this gives us the opportunity to look at the contestants in the Nederla...

OCM Riders on Strike
by Tim Johnson, at 19/03-2011
(written by peddelen) The 18th of March, 2011, will always be remembered by the OCM community as the start of the Big Strike. However, the story begins much earlier than tha...

Davie: 'I'm feeling great'
by Tim Johnson, at 13/03-2011
(written by Jacek of Bywater CT) Germany Tour - Pre-race news With the Germany Tour starting in just a few hours, many riders are showing that they are in great shape for the...

S15 Germany Tour Preview
by Tim Johnson, at 10/03-2011
This weekend sees the start of the biggest race of the OCM calendar – the Germany Tour - and all the top 10 teams in the rankings will be competing. Always a race to throw up sur...

OCM in Focus - Asian Cycling Review
by Tim Johnson, at 4/03-2011
(written by Asymm Project) With 60% of the world’s population coming from Asia, we could expect some of the best riders to come from China or India. However, Europe has hist...

8,500 and counting
by Tim Johnson, at 25/02-2011
Those fond of statistics and history would have enjoyed this week in OCM, as records have been falling everywhere. EEO hit new heights Over the last week, Equipo Easy On set ...

Clash of Nations Review - Season 15
by Tim Johnson, at 18/02-2011
Netherlands on top of the World With their recent win in the Clash of Nations, Netherlands are currently enjoying the limelight. Having been one of the stronger nations in OCM i...

Perm Tour Preview
by Itisix, at 7/02-2011
Written by Jacek from Bywater CT Local Weather Report for: Perm, Russia Friday, Feb 11th, morning: sunny, -21°C Friday, Feb 11th, afternoon: mostly cloudy, -11°C Saturday, ...

What Amy Said
by Zee, at 23/01-2011
By Fujimoto Masaaki The past two seasons have been a blur. It's a strange thing, that professional cyclists and those who have once rode professionally still order their lives...

Monte Rosa Preview
by Itisix, at 22/01-2011
Written by Eric Place of trackstah07 It’s that time of year again: time for the mid-division men to make their way to the mighty Monte Rosa. Last year, Portuguese all-round ...

Volta ao Porto preview
by Itisix, at 18/01-2011
Written by Jacek from Bywater CT Tuesday, 18.01.2011, is the first day of the biggest Zyte Division tour of season 15. Roads around Porto will see 20 teams and 120 riders fighti...

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