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Nederlandse Tour - A Review
by Yuri, at 19/12-2011
Dances with sprinters On friday the climax of the season for the fast men started traditionally with the short prologue in Groningen. All the big guns were warming up when snowf...

Nederlandse Tour - A Preview
by Yuri, at 16/12-2011
Groningen, The Netherlands, While the weather is calming down a bit after a big storm last week, all riders gather at the Grote Markt for their team presentation. The big blocked s...

Germany Tour - A Review
by Itisix, at 13/12-2011
One of the most used sentences in the OCM is “was exciting all the way through”. It is applied to any race, whether it was interesting or not. It is a bit annoying, isn’t it?...

Germany Tour - A Preview
by Yuri, at 7/12-2011
Kiel, Germany – Germany is a country with 2 faces and this reflects really well in this year’s Germany tour. For some Germany tour is the last big target of the season for othe...

I am from Papua New Guinea
by Yuri, at 2/12-2011
Lack of funds is making your magazine wobble, but in the possible we are trying to continue with quality articles. Christmas is approaching and the OCM is feeling warmer. The Tour ...

Division 4 - An update
by Yuri, at 19/11-2011
Division 4, the doorstep league. This is the place where it gets serious. You are facing some heavy competition here. Teams that found their momentum after some nice victories in ...

Essex Tour - A Preview
by Yuri, at 16/11-2011
Who says OCM says Essex. Essex Tour is as old as OCM and featured in the first season of racing and was the first tour to feature on the calandar. It is safe to say it is a race wi...

Race of the Minutemen - A Preview
by Yuri, at 15/11-2011
Race of the Minutemen faces its third edition as a consolidated Tour praised by managers and fans. When sign up opened many teams jumped into it, and after a day no empty slots r...

Perm Tour - A Review
by Yuri, at 14/11-2011
Perm Tour had surprises from the very start, and gave us many memorable images. Some hard ones, as Teodor Lidahl (Karelracing) in intense pain after hitting the icy ground in the s...

Perm Tour - A Preview
by Yuri, at 12/11-2011
Perm is a nice place to be… if it’s summer. The weather forecast predicts some snowfalls during the first two stages, and temperatures of -5ºC (stage 1), -8ºC (stage 2), and ...

Vuelta de los Castillos - A Review
by Yuri, at 11/11-2011
Since the times of the Second Punic War when the most powerful Rome had to fight against the ferocious Cartago, Sagunto hadn’t seen such battles in its fertile fields as the on...

Cymru Taith - A Review
by Yuri, at 10/11-2011
The coronation of the new prince. Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is waiting in suspense. Many notable people have been invited and are supported by the citizens of the city to s...

CON Review Season 18
by Yuri, at 9/11-2011
20 nations, 20 managers, all looking to rule the OCM world. A week of racing, across the world has decided which nation will have the ultimate honour of being crowned champion of t...

Vuelta de los Castillos – A Preview
by Yuri, at 7/11-2011
After the presentation to Vuelta de los Castillos OCM Magazine takes an inside look at the participating teams and stages. Your reporter asked the team managers to share their th...

Cymru Taith - A Preview
by Yuri, at 5/11-2011
Cymru Taith, y daith yn parhau Welshpool is again the city where it all begins. The, illustrious, Cymru Taith is about to begin. The stages are set as we go in three days fro...

Division 2 update
by Itisix, at 1/11-2011
2nd division. Also known as Zyte Division. The home of 60 teams from all over the world. Some with big dreams about reaching the top division, others with the same dream, smashed i...

Vuelta de los Castillos - Presentation
by Itisix, at 30/10-2011
"It is too cold to race there" Perm is no longer a Topdivision tour after its relegation to division three. For a couple of seasons the great tour in the Russian Ural mountains...

OCM in Focus - Portugal Cycling Review
by Itisix, at 29/10-2011
Your Magazine is willing to get some of the articles that were successful in the past back. This ‘OCM in focus’ series was created in season 12 by Tim Johnson (our pundit for Y...

Division 1 update
by Itisix, at 28/10-2011
Division 1, Top division. The Official Cycling Magazine takes a look at the first part of the season. Your reporter had it all figured out, facts checked, pencils sharpened, spell ...

Division 3 Update
by Itisix, at 25/10-2011
The Official Cycling Magazine is proud to present you a new kind of articles: the “division updates”. On a regular basis, divisions Top, Zyte, third and fourth will have their ...

Levis: Union prepared to take action over rider wages
by Zee, at 24/10-2011
By Emery Paquette Union Cycliste Professionale (UCP) representative Gregory Levis yesterday sent a strong message to OCM directors, saying that the riders were willing to strike...

Around The World in a Couple of Wheels
by Itisix, at 22/10-2011
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was...

Volta ao Porto Review
by Itisix, at 21/10-2011
Written by pundit pete from peddelen to OCM Magazine Stage 10 Jan-Joost Dussel had a great leadout train in Porto resulting in unthreated victory while Malmros who was in his w...

Volta ao Porto - A Preview
by Itisix, at 14/10-2011
It is day 16 and 20 teams have gathered in Porto to compete in OCM’s second biggest tour. While some people enjoy the good weather with a glass of Port wine others are staring at...

A new(s) paper is born
by Itisix, at 13/10-2011
On a sunny Autumn afternoon, a group of people conspire, the world unaware to their intentions. It's nice and warm and the Cappuccino warm and fluffy, the Seagulls filled the air ...

Season 17 Awards
by Itisix, at 6/10-2011
Written by Holger of Asymm Project as a member of the Awards Committee Few times we can see the best climbers and the best sprinters all together in the same place. Is this on...

Young Guns 5
by Tim Johnson, at 3/10-2011
With former Young Guns Kondrotas, Wekenburg and Mollerup currently tearing up OCM, it’s time to focus on this season’s Young Guns. In the past, the status of Young Gun has been...

Season 17 - a recap
by Itisix, at 30/09-2011
Written by The OCM Season 17 Awards Committee Season 17 will go in the books as a season full of great performances, big transfers, epic tour wins, great under-performances and ...

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