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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Abbreviations?
  The abbreviations used in this game are as followed:
  • CL = Climbing

  • DH = Downhill

  • HL = Hills

  • SP = Sprinting

  • FR = Flat Road

  • CB = Cobblestone

  • TQ = Technique

  • TT = Timetrial

  • DP = Discipline

  • RS = Race Shape

  • RE = Recovery

  • IN = Injury

  • FA = First Aid

  • HE = Health

2. What is discipline?
  Discipline is a combination of several things including:

  • Fitness

  • Motivation

  • Engagement

  • Preparations

  Discipline is shortened as DP.
  Riders with high discipline gets better results in races, and the discipline has an important role in finding the winner of a stage.
  Riders gain discipline through race breaks. The restored amount of discipline depends on the length of the break the rider is given.

3. What is race shape?
  The race shape termines whether a rider is fit for races or not, and is shortened as RS. Riders with high race shape will be able to do better in races than riders with low race shape.
  Riders gets in better race shape by joining races in any role. For this, the practise role becomes handy, as the rider through this role loses less discipline and gets the same increasement in race shape as any other role.
  In order for a rider to win, he must often join another race earlier to prepare himself completely for the real deal.

4. How do I sign my team up for a race/tour?
  In order to sign up for either a race or a tour, you must check whether the race is active or not. Only races/tours listed as active will allow teams to sign up.
  Any race listed in the calendar is a coming race and you are able to sign up your team. Go to the race's profile and find "Sign Up". You will now have to pick your riders for the team, as well as you also have to pick a role for each rider (description attached on the page).

5. How do I see the results of a race?
  If you are interested in more than top 3 (which can be found in the generated news), you should check the race's information page.
  In the list of winners, you also see a number describing the edition of the race. The number is a link and will display the top 9 of the race.
  Currently only top 9 is available. Expanding this may become an option later.

6. How come I am not able to train my riders?
  Using the training camp is not always easy, and you have to watch out for the following:

  • Riders on race break can not be trained

  • Riders signed up for a race can not be trained

  • Riders must participate in at least one race every 4th training camp.

6. Does the ranking ever reset?
  Yes, and no. The rankings never completely reset. Instead, the rankings will only count results of races within the latest 3 months. This means that you constantly will have to score points to stay on the top, and also results in a constant ranking list.

More to come.