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Bednarski Romps Home In World Road Race Championships
by Zee, at 28/09-2011
By Worlds CorrespondentMalte Ågård Stockholm - Borys Bednarski (Kremer) grabbed full honours in the Worlds Road Race today, emerging victorious from a bunch sprint at the lin...

Wallis Confounds Critics With Worlds Time Trial Victory
by Zee, at 27/09-2011
Australian outsider tops the standings after scintillating ride By Worlds CorrespondentMalte Ågård Stockholm - Byron Wallis scorched an elite Men's time trial field at the...

Nederlandse Tour preview
by Itisix, at 16/09-2011
Written by pete from peddelen Today the best sprinters of the world gathered in Groningen for Nederlandse Tour and were presented to the public on the Grote Markt. The organizer...

When age kicks in...
by Itisix, at 3/09-2011
Writen by Quick Step minded of Quick Step minded and winner of the season 17 Press Release Competetion (and yes, Finz entered!!!). You have rode to glory that many times, you ha...

Race of the Minutemen started with a bang
by Itisix, at 12/08-2011
Written by Finz from NightmareChaos The state of New England welcomes the riders and teams that have entered this year's Race of the Minutemen. After a highly succesfull inau...

Cymru Taith - Race for the Dragon Jersey
by Zee, at 9/08-2011
By Heathcliff Fooks They say the dragon jersey is not easily worn, that even champions feel the weight on their shoulders as they wind their way through the majestic Welsh hills...

Riders Back In Saddles As Lockout Ends
by Zee, at 2/08-2011
By Special CorrespondentKerry Purget There was a huge sigh of relief from the international cycling community last night as the OCM lockout was finally lifted after two days. ...

Green and Gold Diary: Australia Prepares for the Clash
by Zee, at 26/07-2011
Australian CorrespondentFergal Mosley The Clash of Nations kicks off once again this weekend, with the Delhi and Beijing legs looming on the calendar. Cycling fans around the w...

Vive le Tour?! Viva a Volta!
by Itisix, at 17/07-2011
written by TCD, QSM and Noppes The city of Porto, situated in the northern part of Portugal, hosts the first tour of this season. One might think this means an easy stroll aroun...

Season 16 awards show
by Itisix, at 12/07-2011
Written by the OCM season 16 awards committee So the votes have been cast and counted, and its time for the results to be announced. Another thrilling and enthralling season wit...

Pre-Awards - Season 16 in 10 minutes
by Itisix, at 1/07-2011
Written by The OCM Season 16 awards committe Season 16 has passed and it’s time for the world to focus on the season awards. As usual a lot of work has been made to give every...

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