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OCM In Focus - The Young Guns - How they Did
by Tim Johnson, at 5/07-2010
A year ago, we scoured the globe in search of the fresh, young talent of OCM. We gave you 7 names, names that we thought would make an impact in Season 12 and in the seasons to com...

Bob's Your Uncle
by Zee, at 2/07-2010
By Fujimoto Masaaki I do believe I owe you guys an explanation. I'd mentioned in my previous column that I was done with Holland for good. The intention was to get to the a...

Germany Tour Review – Brasil conquers Germany
by Tim Johnson, at 28/06-2010
(By Tirilla) The most anticipated tour of them all, the Germany Tour, has been raced once again for the 11th time. The tour is the most prestigious one in the top division and ...

The Schurman Score - Potentially Potent
by Zee, at 26/06-2010
By Arnold Schurman It wasn't all that long ago when a noted critic predicted that pro teams would be scouting for the next generation of riders while they were still in their ...

Nederlandse Tour Preview – One for the Sprinters
by Tim Johnson, at 23/06-2010
(written by Yuri of Yuri Super Team) Enthusiasm could be seen on everyone’s face on Day 71 as the Germany Tour started with its Prologue in Kiel and also the sign up for the N...

On the Dole
by Zee, at 16/06-2010
By Fujimoto Masaaki What a difference a week or two makes. Or 11 days to be exact. A week and a half ago, I had just started my new gig writing this very column while racin...

Anderberg Introduces Wheel Series
by Nick Lissner, at 16/06-2010
GERMANY: Former top rider Äme Anderberg, who had his glorious days on the former Top Division team Team Zyte, introduces the first wheel in a new series coming up designed by no o...

Germany Tour Preview Part II – Long Live the Kings
by Tim Johnson, at 14/06-2010
Having analysed Green, it’s now time to look at the contenders for the Yellow Jersey. With time trials, sprints, plenty of hills and mountain top finishes, Germany tests every as...

Germany Tour Preview - Part I – Going for Green
by Tim Johnson, at 13/06-2010
Germany. The big one. It’s the one everyone wants to win. Legends such as Äme Anderberg and Elias Márquez have won this race and, for all riders, success in Germany means...

Division 6 Classic - Zell Am See Preview
by Tim Johnson, at 10/06-2010
Zell am See is now just days away. For the 12th time the Austrian classic, the biggest classic of Division 6, will be held in the state of Salzburg. The race is set in the magnific...

Classics Racing Roundup
by Tim Johnson, at 8/06-2010
Sprinters stars in Astana There was a somewhat surprising result in Kazakhstan this week as the sprinters dominated and Julius Delavignette (Team airik) won the Astana GP. N...

The Fuji Fell From The Tree - 6/6
by Zee, at 6/06-2010
By Fujimoto Masaaki It's not easy walking straight into one of the biggest teams on the pro circuit. No one expects to start at the top, or even fit right in. It's been alm...

OCM In Focus - Recent Transfer Activity
by Tim Johnson, at 3/06-2010
skils buy success Skils have been the big spenders over the last season bringing in three big names in OCM. With the Dutch team currently sitting in the World Number One spot wi...

Essex Tour Round Up
by Tim Johnson, at 30/05-2010
Essex Tour – Dziedzic indestructible in Gold This week, the virtually unspellable became the virtually unstoppable, as Ciechoslaw Dziedzic (Cyklista) produced a near-perfect t...

OCM In Focus - Sweden
by Tim Johnson, at 27/05-2010
At first glance, Sweden is not a big nation in OCM. It only has 23 ranked teams in all 7 Divisions (13th in the world) and 78 ranked riders (11th in the world). But those managers ...

Essex Tour Preview
by Tim Johnson, at 24/05-2010
Days 42 to 51 of the OCM Calendar have a distinctly English feel, with 5 one day races in a row. This Wednesday sees the final and most important event of ‘English Week’, the E...

Tour Roundup - Perm and Cymru Taith
by Tim Johnson, at 19/05-2010
Days 40 to 42 were some of the busiest in the OCM calendar with both Perm and the Cyrmu Taith giving cycling fans a taste of Tour action. Both Tours saw the favourites disappoint a...

Perm Tour Preview - The Battle for Russia
by Jack, at 14/05-2010
Situated in the Ural mountains, the Perm Tour offers hilly terrain and occasionally inclement conditions. The climbing teams will attempt set a hard but controlled pace, while the ...

Cymru Taith - The Welsh Journey
by Zee, at 13/05-2010
The hills come alive this weekend in Wales as the 4th edition of Cymru Taith kicks off and riders from all over the world embark on what is definitely one of the most scenic journe...

Cymru Taith - Tour Preview
by Tim Johnson, at 11/05-2010
(written by Michael of Team Dinmore) In just 4 days time, the whole of OCM will watching as the second tour of the year, the Cymru Taith, begins. It also starts one of the busie...

OCM In Focus – Equipo Easy On and Caribbean Cycling
by Tim Johnson, at 7/05-2010
After scouring the globe in search of Young Guns, the OCM In Focus team decided to head for the Caribbean in search of sun, sand and cocktails. And also to interview the manager of...

Div 1 Update: Norwich-London Makes It 25 For Hodgson
by Nick (Team Atlantic), at 4/05-2010
Rodney Hodgson racked up his 25th professional victory with an outstanding win in the Sprinters’ Classic, Norwich-London. The Irishman took his season’s tally to three with ano...

Volta ao Porto - Day 6
by Zee, at 30/04-2010
There were no surprises on the last day of racing. When the dust cleared, three riders stood standing, and though each of them may have experienced varying degrees of pride and sat...

Div 1 Update: Herman Takes Swiss Classic
by Nick (Team Atlantic), at 29/04-2010
Telek@m’s Dirk Herman won his first Classic with a tremendous solo victory in the vicious Swiss climbing test, Zürich-Bern-Zürich. The Austrian climbing sensation, a former Ger...

Volta ao Porto - Day 5
by Zee, at 28/04-2010
Torben Sturmann ruled the roost today with back to back wins in Stage 8 and 9, consolidating his place at the top of the Sprint Classification as his closest rival crashed out. Onc...

Volta ao Porto - Day 4
by Zee, at 27/04-2010
The talk of the town after the conclusion of racing on Day 4 was unfortunately not so much the excellent wins by Isaak Papadimitriou (Club Ciclista Riaza) and Tito Vera (Gradient L...

Volta ao Porto - Day 3
by Zee, at 26/04-2010
Another bloodbath on Day 3 as a host of riders crashed out of the race. Race authorities were at a loss to explain as experts and former riders criticised safety procedures during ...

Volta ao Porto - Day 2
by Zee, at 25/04-2010
Day 2 saw more excitement as race favourite Isaak Papadimitriou ended it at the top of the General Classification with a storming win at Viana do Castelo - Portelinha. In the ea...

Volta ao Porto - Day 1
by Zee, at 24/04-2010
VakantieZon's Philip Hostede took the honours in an eventful Porto Prologue as one of the favourites crashed in controversial circumstances. The timetrial expert was in good for...

The Volta Countdown Diary
by Zee, at 23/04-2010
There's just over half a day to go and race preparations are entering their final stages as the teams tool up and buckle down for the Prologue. Tension is in the air as every te...

Division 1 News - ABDEL-cadabra
by Nick (Team Atlantic), at 21/04-2010
Fakhiri Abdel recorded his first result in the pro peloton by winning the most prestigious cobbled race of them all…the Roubaix Classic. The 23 year old Saudi, riding for the Dan...

The Volta Countdown Diary
by Zee, at 20/04-2010
It’s barely days away and there’s a buzz in the air. You get on the streets and there’s only one topic being discussed. There’s not even any need to mention the race by nam...

A Load of Cobblers
by Tim Johnson, at 18/04-2010
Interest in cobblestone races has recently increased heavily. Now, many of the big teams want a competitive cobbler and former smaller teams have moved into the 1st division with c...

The Volta Countdown Diary
by Zee, at 17/04-2010
The Volta will be an almost all-European affair this season as the final teams were announced yesterday. England and the Netherlands were the best represented nations with five tea...

Young Guns - The future stars of OCM
by Tim Johnson, at 16/04-2010
With the stars of OCM still polishing their newly-won trophies, it’s time to focus on the up and coming riders on the circuit. We’ve scoured the globe and have come with 7 ride...

The Volta Countdown Diary
by Zee, at 14/04-2010
One more day to go to the Volta ao Porto signups and some of the biggest teams in Division 2 pro cycling are rubbing their hands in anticipation. Last year, all eyes were on Yas...

1st Division Update: Holmström Victorious at Alpe d'Huez
by Nick (Team Atlantic), at 12/04-2010
Elias Holmström of Ponsbach CST recorded his biggest-ever win yesterday at the Alpe d’Huez Classic. The Swedish climbing ace, fresh from winning Rider of the Season and Best Cli...

Season 11 Awards Ceremony
by Tim Johnson, at 8/04-2010
Elias Holmström was crowned Rider of the Season at the OCM Awards, held at the prestigious Hotel de Crillon in Paris last night. The all-conquering Swede from the Ponsbach CST...

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