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by Yuri, at 6/9-12 - 12:47 GMT

  Edition 13 might mean bad luck to some. But the less superstitious will definitely try their luck in another Tour in the Dutch soil.
  The city of Groningen is again the starting point of this sprinter's ball. Will this be the moment for Jan Joost Dussel to become a national hero. Only time will tell.
  The organisation has invited some fine competition for him. But as we all know what the stages look like, we do not want to try our luck on a preview, and so we decided to show you the behind the scenes from this Tour. We are going to show you what the managers participating on the Tour expect from the Tour, and check out what they said on the press conferences they made. Impressive tactics, shocking revelations, all in all everything is in here!
   Justin Boonstra, Hommerts Cycling Team
  Official Cycling Magazine: Mr. Boonstra, what is your goal for this Tour?

  Justin Boonstra: Our goal is to finish top 3 GC with Duardo Salgada. He will be in Topform and will have full support from his 5 lead outs.
  OCM: Which riders do you consider as your biggest rivals?
  JB: In my eyes Duardo's biggest competitors will be Dussel, Mollerup, Kantor, Caff, Narramore and Sasnauskas. A lot of topsprinters are present here and only one can win. That means some of these guys will under perform but i'm sure Duardo isn't one of them!
  OCM: There will be another 9 Dutch squads in the Tour. What is you're opinion on them?
  JB: First of all i think its amazing that half of the field are Dutch teams. Really nice for the Dutch fans but hopefully we don't see a Dutch winner this year. I think Pete (peddelen) has the best Dutch team, and his team is also a favorite among the fans because of Dussel of course. Further I think our team is the least favorite because we have a strong connection with Friesland and the Frisian people, and we haven't got a Dutch rider. But we don't care what the people say!
  OCM: Whats gonna be decisive this tour in your opinion?
  JB: Of course the prologue is a nice indication of how strong you are and it will decide the GC for 75%. So a good start is necessary to win. The hill stage will also be important and I think we can do a good job there with Duardo.
  OCM: Last question Mr. Justin. What do you predict for the Top3?
  JB: Easy, 1st Duardo Salgada, 2nd Jan Joost Dussel and 3rd Pranas Sasnauskas.
  OCM: Salgado is your star rider and is your hope to achieve something that you can tell to your grandchilderen when you are old and grey and closer to heaven then to a wild night. But Salgado is not a real finisher. He has not scored more then five results. There are many doubts that this rider will give you anything to be proud of. When will you get a real captain?
  JB: Salgada is a real late bloomer, he gets better by the years. He completed his training on age 26 cause people didn't recognized his talents earlier. Not too long ago he won a race again so he's getting in shape on the right time. I'm telling you this; he's gonna be THE surprise of this tour!!
  OCM: Thank you for your time!
   Keepsite ,Connaught
  OCM: Mr. Keepsite, you’re currently racing in Germany and you’re going to race here in the Netherlands, too. How did you manage that?

  Keepsite: We planned our second half of the season around Germany and Netherlands tours. We missed out racing in several races including the Helsinki classic, in order to manage our points. We just managed a top 20 place in time for the Germany sign up. (Not realising it would be open to all of the top 50). Then we missed races and lost points to drop below 25th to qualify for the tour of Netherlands.
  OCM: What do you expect in this Tour?
  K: Narramore is in top form, but wasn't able to be tt centred yet as he isn't maxed. So he won’t be a threat for the overall jersey, but he should be competitive in the sprints. We bought two lead outs just to support him in this tour. Struckens and Maseur both join us in a deal from Chippo Racers. So his train will be stronger than in the current tour of germany.
  OCM: What goals do you have?
  K: The competition will be hard here in the Netherlands as it is a pure sprinting tour, so we will be targeting some consistent top 9 finishes. A podium finish in any stage would be amazing, but will depend on who else is in top form.
  OCMYou're curently racing in Germany with Kirk Narramore. How do you expect his form will be for the Tour?
  K: Honestly, I am not sure since we haven't competed in the tour of Germany before, so I do not know what toll it will take on him. Legends like Dussel have managed it before to great success. Kirk is the in best shape of his life, and with a few days to recover between the tours, he should be just fine.
  OCM: We have heard about an Englishman in New York. Because New York used to be New Amsterdam, and we are in the Netherlands, it is safe to ask; what is an Englishman doing in Amsterdam? Most Englishmen in Amsterdam have one destination, straight to the red light district. Can you resist that urge and be able to manage your team to victory?
  K: (laughing) No. There is no worry of distractions on this tour. This is what our season is all about, so this is our sole focus. We are more concerned with the injury to our main lead out Vandresser.
  OCM: Good luck Mr. Keepsite!
   Jeremy Zeelen, Rode Stier
  OCM: Mr. Zeelen, do you have any specific goal in this Tour?

  Jeremy Zeelen: Of course we have. We want the YC! And our man will be Rodolf Leezer of course.
  OCM: Any planned TF?
  JZ: All 6 will be on TF. No of course not, none of them will be on TF.
  OCM: How much do you expect to win in the Tour?
  JZ: We want to win in the stage Eindhoven-Maastricht and the Youth Classification. If we win one of this we’ll be happy!
  OCM: What are you doing in this Tour with such a weak team?
  JZ: Yeah, I know there are no sprinters in my team, but my team will surprise were possible, be aware.
  OCM: Do you think the support of the home fans can help you?
  JZ: Of course, the home fans will push Leezer on top of the youth classification. Why wouldn’t they?
  OCM: Do you think you can handle the hills to Maastricht?
  JZ: My team is ready. This is the only possibility to win a course in this Tour.
  OCM: How important is the prologue for you?
  JZ: Not at all, only Leezer needs to do a good race.
  OCM: How will your LO train look like?
  JZ: There will be none…
  OCM:Hm… O…K… Hm. With so many TTers do you think you can get a Top9 GC?
  JZ: Yes.
  OCM: Acording to your team history in this Tour, do you think you can win it? I'm sure the fans will expect that .
  JZ: Always!
  OCM: What are you doing here?
  JZ: Well, it is the NL Tour and with a Dutch team I must enter this race when possible. But if I take a look at my team...I really don’t know what I'm doing in the NL Tour with Rode Stier. Maybe it is the fact of riding a Tour and get Leezer some experience for the Volta ao Porto next season...
  OCM: Thank you Mr. Zeelen.
   Contador, omega pharma lotto
  OCM: What are your expectations for the NL Tour Mr. Contador?

  Contador: Well, it's actually very simple, we come here with our captain, Finbar Wollam, who had a rather bad season, to get at least one podium spot and hopefully a top9 in GC.
  OCM: Isn't that wishful thinking? I mean Wollam struggled this season a lot in the sprints in Top Division: he didn't manage to get one podium spot, except the win in Critérium Limoges, which is a 1.1 race.
  C: I think it isn't, Wollam will come well prepared to the start: he comes with the best team possible and with top form.
  OCM: Do you think that will be enough to beat world's best sprinters such as Dussel, Mollerup and Caff, last year's podium?
  C: Maybe not, but we will do anything that's in our power to win a stage.
  OCM: Wollam turns 31 just before NL Tour. That's rather old for a sprinter. Will his age be a problem?
  C: Absolutly not, Dussel and Mollerup are older than Wollam and they still win a lot of races in Top Division.
  OCM: Good luck!
   Quick Step minded, Quick step minded
  OCM: Mr Quick step, may I call you mr. Quick step? What are your goals for upcoming tour in the Netherlands?

  Quick step minded: I have not set a goal. I do not like football. I let my rider ride and in the end I will see where they will finish.
  OCM: Do you have any rider in particular that circled this race?
  QSM: Yes I have Evan Topper, he is our Topper, that is a Dutch joke.
  OCM: We do not get it.....
  QSM: He has topform and is ready to score some results and maybe the Sprinters Jersey.
   OCM: People say you send not a good team to the Netherlands to win that jersey.
  QSM: People talk too much and think too little. I have done my math. We have a good chance.
   OCM: Will you bring your own fans to the race?
  QSM: My fans are not allowed in the Netherlands. They are banned because I would have an advantage. I am very popular in Belgium
   OCM: Are the hills around Maastricht not scaring you?
  QSM: No. We are not afraid of them. They are not as high as you think. They are easy.
  OCM: Do you think the prologue will be a key factor in this race?
  QSM: Yes, the prologue decides who will lose this race. Not win it, but if you do not do well, you will lose it.
  OCM: Do you have a good Lead Out train you think?
  QSM: Yes, but it depends on how good everybody is. Every day we look at who gets which place.
   OCM: Will you finally win this race?
  QSM: My best was a fourth place. So I am hoping I will do better than that but, I rather hope nothing and see what will happen. Fingers crossed.
  OCM: As we all know, from all the Belgium teams you are the least favorite in the Netherlands. If you want to show yourself from your best side, what would you say that would make the Dutch people love you forever, if they understood what you said?
  QSM: I don't want the Dutch to love me, so I wouldn't say something they like, I am against lying. But if I really would have to say something it would be: (in dutch) "blijf uit mijn buurt jullie stelletje mafkezen!
  OCM: Thank you and good luck!
  Manormaniac, EpoTopTeam
  OCM: What are your goals for upcoming tour in the Netherlands Mr. Manormaniac?

  Manormaniac: I'm not expecting to get much out of this Tour as it doesn't fit my captain. I only expect to do well on one stage but more on that later. Also I'm hoping for some decent performances from my young sprinter Popat Yersov, but a stage win seems pretty much out of the question.
   OCM: Do you have any rider in particular that circled this race?
  M: Popat Yersov will be in topform so I'm hoping for a few top9's from him. He's still young enough to be eligible for the YC, however given the opposition he faces there top3 there should not be in the cards.
   OCM: How much do you expect to win?
  M: One stage and a few top9's. I have put the bar high for my team.
  OCM: What are you doing in this Tour with such a weak team?
  M: I resent that question
   OCM: Do you think the support of the home fans can help you?
  M: If I had a Dutch captain it might

be beneficial, but not with an Iraqi captain.
  OCM: Do you think you can handle the hills to Maastricht?
  M: I expect my team to shine in Maastricht. Anything less that 3rd there will be considered a failure and I won't be happy unless I see Arfan Husain pass the finish there first.
   OCM: How important is the prologue for you?
  M: Make or break. Arfan does notoriously bad in TT's which generally keeps him off podiums in tours. So a good performance here will be essential for a good GC.
   OCM: How will you LO train look like?
  M: Jimmy Svejstrup Lead out one, Lisandro Lurdes Lead out two and Kai Willemsen Lead out Sprint. Arfan Husain and Popat Yersov will both go for the sprint finish. Support rider Ivo Veenhuis will carry water during the tour.
   OCM: With so many TTers (in your team) do you think you can get a Top9 GC?
  M: As I don't have any TT riders, this question will not get a response from me.
  OCM: According to your team history in this Tour, do you think you can win it (this time)? I'm sure the fans will expect that...
  M: As this is my first time riding the NL Tour and winning seems out of the question, I'm sure my small but fanatic fan base will be let down hard. But i will put money on this race and my prediction for this tour will be that 'Superman' Dussel makes it four in a row. I know he recently became a grandfather, but that only motivates him more.
  OCM: You have the winner of the sprinters jersey from Porto. Will Husain be able to do it in the Netherlands as well? He is fast in the sprints uphill and, as a Dutch manager you know there are no hills or mountains in the Netherlands. Will you explain your choice in picking this rider as your captain?
  M: The answer is fairly simple. He's the best rider on my team and I have no TT centered sprinter to lead the team. As you mentioned he did win the SC in Volta, so by some miracle he could do well here too. I just wanted for once to enter my home tour even if I can't win, but maybe with a good prologue and a win in Maastricht (hopefully), Arfan could be a serious contender.
  OCM: Thank you and good luck!
   Wesp, TACXkin
  OCM: How will you face the Tour and what are your expectations?

  Wesp: Ignacy Paj?k and Freek Dehaese will lead the team during the Tour. We do not have a team to win the overall. Our first Tour in the Top Division is like an Alice in Wonderland experience for us, even for a veteran like Freek. You just don't know what to expect, as the stakes will be high. And although we start as Newbies on the highest level, TACXkin strives for a stage victory in this 13th edition of the Netherlandse Tour. We hope to achieve this goal in a mass sprint or as escaping group
  OCM: I can see some rider will make their debut in a grand Tour. How do they feel?
  W: In fact half of the team will make their debut in a Tour. Ignacy Paj?k, the younger of the brothers van Asseldonk and Frederik Gouffroy. They mentioned the names of Plácido Sesimbra (peddelen), Nicodemus Balanchine (sprint4live) and Mikuláš Malina (Luveaucek)as the stars they’ll face in the Nederlandse Tour's sprints But hey, their confidence is so high that they know they have the speed and sprinting ability to take them on!
  OCM: Your team recently promoted to Top Division. Do you feel worthy of entering this race, because your team is doomed to relegate from Top Division fast. Is this worth it?
  W: On the simple fact we are in Top Division gives us the right to enter this race. The strength and experience of our team is increasing steadily and at the moment we are the top cobbler’s team in the world right now. Furthermore, as we speak, TACXkin is the best team Belgium has to offer, better than for instance IGF, omega pharma lotto and Quick step minded. If these teams may enter the race, why wouldn’t we? I’m proud to say that this season we produced 11 results till now, and this is including 4 wins! We are happy for the trust the organisation of the Tour has put in us. Our focus now is on a stage victory in the hilly ride to Maastricht. Of course, we won’t win this Tour but we’re keen on performing well in order to improve our skills to score early next season in the cobble races in the Top Division, the WT and the CoN. The race will be tough, but it will put the team on the next level. I don’t want to say anything more...
  OCM: Thank you Mr. Wesp and good luck with your tactics!
   Slico, sprint4live
  OCM: Mr. Slico what the hell is with that Balanchine in your team?

  Slico: That was a big opportunity I couldn't pass. A good friend told me that Nicodemus Balanchine was sacked by Team Tirilla and was searching for a new team. I always saw Balanchine as a great sprinter, one of the best in the world. So the choice was easily made, I hired Balanchine. With the experience he has and still the big sprinting skills, he could be the missing link in this team.
  OCM: What are your goals?
  S: Caff had a really strong season, as he is now world's best. But that took a lot of his fitness of course. So he won't be in top form this season. Despite that, I still hope for a top3 GC. We got a brilliant sprinting team, (some say the best ever since the existence of the records), so that might be possible.
  OCM: As nr 1 in OCM, what do you think about the quality of the other teams, given to fact that you are almost 4000 points ahead of number 2. That difference almost means you are nr 1 and 2 in the field. Do you think you are superior to the rest?
  S: Well, that’s hard to answer... I don’t feel superior at all when looking to other teams. I think the difference between me and other teams is that I got the combination of three really good squads. There are a lot of teams with a better sprinting team than mine, there are a lot of teams with a better climbing team than mine and there are teams with better TTers than mine. But I think I’m the only one, combining three good squads. I always believed in spreading my chances and eventually it worked.
  OCM: Thank you and good luck!
   Brian Place, lastplace1414
  OCM: Mr. Place, Ron Sherman as captain why’s that?

  Brian Place: Ron Sherman hasn't been a captain most of this year, he's been working for Faulk and Simon. This is his opportunity to perform without either of them to steal the spotlight.
  OCM: We’ve been told that Jeffrey Clement was expecting a leadership in this Tour. What happened?
  BP: This tour will be Jeffrey Clement's last race with the team, as he will go ride as captain for Seeds immediately after.
  OCM: Now that is fresh fresh news. Finz point that news… Hm Mr. Place what are your goal in this Tour?
  BP: We're hoping for a couple top 9 finishes. A stage podium would be nice. Hopefully 15k for the tour.
  OCM: A team with Americans around a sprinter that is on the decline. No wins or results for Ron Sherman. And he is in Germany as a leadout for somebody else. It looks to us, outsiders, that this a farewell tour for Sherman. No real support, but he can captain for the last time. To what team is this rider going? Rumors are that he is going to Canada.
  BP: He's not going anywhere. He'll be with lastplace1414 for as long as he can turn a pedal. He has been called "old" many times but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. An American team is never popular in Holland. But ask me if the Dutch teams are popular here in America, and there you have it!
  OCM: Thank you and good luck!
   Onie, Onie
  OCM: Mr.Onie, do you think your team is just fill up this Nederlandse Tour.

  Onie: NO! Every tour has a weaker team or some weak teams. I have no problem being one of this weaker teams since the small teams are able to win a stage as well. I will try and surprise.
  OCM: What are your goals this Netherlandse Tour?
  O: My goal is to get some top five spots in the stages, besides that i'm trying to let Aldeia be the best rider without Top Form.
  OCM: What will your tactics be like this Nederlandse Tour?
  O: I will start with one captain and five LO's. I can't say anything about the kind of tactics i'm going to use since i don't want that the other teams know how i get my benefit.
  OCM: This will be your fourth Nederlandse Tour you haven't been very succesful so far in the Nederlandse, do you think this will change this season?
  O: Nope. To be succeful you need Top Form and my captain (Aldeia) won't have that. Besides that he isn't TT-centered so a good GC will be impossible. Some top five result on the stages and becoming the best rider without TF are the goals. If i can succeed in that my Nederlandse Tour has been succesful.
  OCM: Your team entered the tour with a team that returned from Germany. Is this a good descision? Your riders are tired, exhausted and not really motivated to perform well. And a Dutch team with only one Dutch rider, do you feel this team is still riding its home tour?
  O: This shouldn't be a problem, two of my LO's will be replaced for fitter riders. Besides that i think it's good for Aldeia's development to join the Nederlandse Tour as captain. This year it won't be for the GC but in the future the GC will be a goal. The Nederlandse still feels as my home tour and i brought my best Dutch rider Arnolds with me who will be my back up captain.
  OCM: thank you for your time!
   Andreas Brasen, ABK
  OCM: Mr.Brasen, what is…

  Nicolaj Carlsen (PR manager of Team ABK): Mr. Brasen will not answer to any question! We belong to the Velominati and if you want t know more read rule nr. 5 and 70. Goodbye. (link:
  Andreas Brasen: Oh wait Carlsen I can answer to 1 of the questions from this stupid reporter! Ask me you fool!
  OCM: Hm ok here we go. Will this be the last possibility for Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup to try and win Nederlandse? And what will happen when he is getting to old, your team depends on him.
  AB: Of course we hope he can win it this year, but I think he will have at least one more shot next season. We have a lot of promising Danes who can take over when Mollerup retires. One of them is Alan Klostergård who is currently leading the YC in Geramny Tour and he is second in GC. He will captain the team next year in Essex tour.
  OCM: Thank you Mr. Brasen.
   Eli, Equipo Easy On
  OCM: Mr.Eli, your goals for the Tour?

  Eli: When my team quit competitive cycling, i was told that I should race the Nederlandse. That is what I do now. There are no goals, I did not look at the stage profiles.
  OCM: Hm you didn’t look at race profiles… What do you think about the other teams?
  E: We do not look at other teams.
  OCM: Any rider will be on TF?
  E: EEO never did TF and still does not.
  OCM: How much do you expect to win?
  E: Nothing.
  OCM: What are you doing in this Tour with such a weak team?
  E: We send the best we have.
  OCM: Do you think the support of the home fans can help you?
  E: My team is registered in Germany. Do you think we will have any fans in the Netherlands ??
  OCM: Do you think you can handle the hills to Maastricht?
  E: Ooh, there are hills? Good for Chaleunsouk.
  OCM: How important is the prologue for you?
  E: Not at all.
  OCM: Uau. Many say it is the most important stage. Then you should only focus on the sprints then. How will you LO train look like?
  E: We only use standard tactics.
  OCM: I can’t

see any TTer in your team.
  E: We stopped TT'ing.
  OCM: We all know you returned to Top Division because you spend a lot of money that came from dubious person within the cycling world. Is your conscience clean? Or do you always feel the people staring at you behind your back?
  E: It is the opposite. We declined all offers from the only dubious person in the cycling world I know when we sold our riders. And then we gave more than 1000k to a dubious person who scouted 250+ riders for us, most of them being totally useless. If there are people staring at me, I don't care. Also, everyone can be assured that I have no interest of staying in top division. Seeing all the same races again just bores the jelly out of my bibs.
  OCM: Thank you Mr. Eli.
   TDOla, thedutchies
  OCM: We have Mr. TDOla on the phone. Mr. TDOla how will your Tour look like? Much is expected from you and your team.

  TDOla: Sorry I have no time to answer questions, cause we’re on the training for the Tour. All I can tell you guys is that I hope to do as good as possible with THE scadman, he will be in TF. He will not leave my team, only for extraordinary bid. Team will get stronger bit by bit I hope, still young team.
  OCM: Thank you and good luck!
   Karel, karelracing
  OCM: Mr. Karel, what are you, a sprintingteam or a team with time trialists? This team is not balanced, you have no direction and no clear view of what you can give to your fans here in your home tour. This is your chance to explain yourself, please do.

  Karel: First of all I would like to say that the press is always to lazy and incompetent to check the history of a team before asking stupid questions. Our time trialist Levin and Lindahl were in the top 10 of the GC last year. They should be capable to do the same this year delivering the first stage. Our captain Sasnauskas is new to the team and still is very young. He can ride this tour without any pressure because of the presence of these TT's. He will get good support from Reus who was hired especially for this and is the perfect lead out for Sasnauskas who lacks a little bit of TQ. I expect a top 9 from Sasnauskas and another top9 from a TTer. I don’t want to answer to any more stupid questions.
  OCM: Thank you for your time.
   Bernard, blast
  OCM: Mr. Bernard…

  Bernard: Please do this quickly.
  OCM: OK hm… Well well, Jan Thomsen again in a tour, it gets boring. This year you had no result with this rider. Why is he your captain? Do you think he can surprise us? Will he finally deliver? We are looking forward, but believe this will be the last time we see Jan Thomsen in a high profile tour.
  B: The team is already looking at the next season were our goal will be a new podium with Leitao in the Volta and a podium with Thomsen in Cymru Taith. The opportunity to ride the Netherlandse was there and could not be resisted. Jan will try to make the diference in the hilly stage and has the best lead out train he could wish with some very experienced riders like Malmros and Brychata. A top 3 in the Ardennes and a top 9 in the end would be great. Next season we will be fully back in competition
  OCM: Good luck!
   Koen, IGF
  OCM: A Belgian team in the Netherlands. You have to bring your own fans with you. Because most spectators are not a fan of your team, filled with Belgians. What do you want to say to all those fans out there, to prove they must support you Mr. Koen?

  Koen: Support of fans is only beneficial for the mentally weak riders. Jammy has enough confidence to bring home the trophy to Belgium. So to the Dutch fans I would say: Dussel is becoming an old man. Cherish your videos of his old victories, cause those days are gone.
  OCM: Very good and let that confidence help you!
   Wryen Luveau, Luveaucek
  OCM: Mr. Luveau tell us your goals?

  Wryen Luveau: Win the tour, or at worst a reserved spot!
  OCM: So high aspirations Any TF?
  WL: None of my riders will have top form.
  OCM: Do you think your team is capable of battling against Jan-Joost Dussel and win the Tour?
  WL: I feel our squad will compete on every stage. The team DP should be pretty good.
  OCM: How much do you expect to win?
  WL: With the strength of our team, I'm hoping for at least two to three stage wins, or at least results.
  OCM: Do you think you can handle the hills to Maastricht?
  WL: Yes.
  OCM: How important is the prologue for you?
  WL: The prologue will be rather decisive for our squad.
  OCM: How will you LO train look like?
  WL: I have here an image of the last train AV speed: ... in-slide4/
  OCM: According to your team history in this Tour, do you think you can win it this time? I'm sure the fans will expect that...
  WL: Since we're normally in the top 24, we rarely spend time on these roads. We've faced Dussel, the beast, and Calf quite a few times throughout the last few seasons, sometimes with success, sometimes without. The squad is just happy to be here again.
  OCM: The best team from Czech republic, and you have a great sprinter. Will you be able to capture the Czech jersey with Malina and, by doing that, beat peddelen for the jersey and the tour?
  WL: Malina has had an OK season, but he still needs almost 500 points to recapture the national jersey. If he beats Dussel, the others, and wins the tour, he might have a chance.
  OCM: Thank you and good luck with you quest!
   The canuTe, canutes
  OCM: Why do you still support Herman Eagles, everybody knows he is a "has been". Don't you see that this tour will break him mentally when you find him at a shameful 25th position? Let him work for a new captain, teach him the tricks. Don't let him fail like that. Or do you have so much faith in things that cannot happen?

  The canuTe : There is no problem with the results of Herman. He had a good preparation and some nice teamates with him. He will do well in this tour.
  COM: Thank you Mr. The canuTe
   Pete, peddelen
  OCM: Because the entire team is busy in Germany or France we are talking with Frans de Maar PR manager of peddelen. I thought peddelen never did any PR?

  Frans de Maar: No we don't, this is the first time I can do the job my job descriptions says.
  OCM: Dussel has been the winner of his home tour for 3 seasons now, will he be just as dominant as before?
  FdM: Well to be honest there is some panic in the team.
  OCM: Why's that?
  FdM: We got an offer on Dussel.
  OCM: Well surely it won't be the first time that that ever happened.
  FdM: No but usually management is very short about offers on Dussel. They are followed by either a no or by a joke back that the offer has to be 1M to come close to the money we want.
  OCM: But what did the management do this time?
  FdM: eeeh, not sure I can tell you I am not allowed to read the mail I sent.
  OCM: ??? How can you write a mail without... ah never mind what did the management do and what was the offer?
  FdM: eeeh put the buyer on hold until after eeehh Nederlandse
  OCM: and the offer?
  FdM: I can't tell you
  OCM: hmpf back on topic strategy and expectations for the Tour
  FdM: None I guess I mean they let me take care of things.
  OCM: thank you for your time you really are a perfect fit for the peddelen team.
  (as we pack our stuff)
  FdM: really? Why’s that? ... Oh and do you know where the team has their special bikes? I can't find them here... please I don't want to mess up, hello?
   Tdb, team tdb
  OCM: Mr. tdb, what are your hopes. You ride through the hometown of your weakest link in your team. Do you give him the opportunity to break away, or must he stay with your leader? If he can break away his moral would skyrocket, if not it will take the team moral down. What will be your decision?

  tdb: Well first of all I wouldn't call Twan the weakest link of our team. He is the one who will gain a lot of experience participating in this tour, so it is an investment I would say. Our plan is to stick as close to Cody as possible and bring him in the best position to win the stage to Maastricht. As everything is going to plan, there will be no break aways for our team, but we will be winning stages. And winning stages will boost the team moral even more. For the records, Cody is expected to reach top form just before Nederlandse.
  OCM: Good luck!
  Stage predictions (You cannot imagine how hard this was! Sorry for those left out…):
  Stage 1 - Groningen Prologue
  *** Anton Levin (karelracing)
  ** Teodor Lindahl (karelracing); Benjamin Zkumavka (ABK); Sigurleifur Lútersson (canutes)
  * Boudewijn Frans (IGF); Jammy Verbeeck (IGF); Alan Klostergård (ABK); Cadman Kantor (thedutchies
  Stage 2 - Groningen – Hengelo
  *** Cadman Kantor (thedutchies)
  ** Jan-Joost Dussel (peddelen); Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (ABK); Kirk Narramore (Connaught)
  * Todd Caff (sprint4live); Finbar Wollam (omega pharma lotto); Jacinto Aldeia (Onie); Pranas Sasnauskas (karelracing)
  Stage 3 - Hengelo – Eindhoven
  *** Jan-Joost Dussel (peddelen)
  ** Cadman Kantor (thedutchies); Kirk Narramore (Connaught); Pranas Sasnauskas (karelracing)
  * Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (ABK); Jacinto Aldeia (Onie); Evan Topper (Quick step minded); Todd Caff (sprint4live)
  Stage 4 - Eindhoven – Maastricht
  *** Todd Caff (sprint4live)
  ** Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (ABK); Duardo Salgada (Hommerts Cycling Team); Jan Thomsen (blast)
  * Cody Bellamy (team tdb); Pranas Sasnauskas (karelracing); Cadman Kantor (thedutchies); Jan-Joost Dussel (peddelen)
  Stage 5 - Utrecht - Rotterdam
  *** Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (ABK)
  ** Cadman Kantor (thedutchies); Pranas Sasnauskas (karelracing); Mikuláš Malina (Luveaucek)
  * Kirk Narramore (Connaught); Evan Topper (Quick step minded); Todd Caff (sprint4live); Jan-Joost Dussel (peddelen)
  Stage 6 - Den Haag - Amsterdam
  *** Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (ABK)
  ** Finbar Wollam (omega pharma lotto); Mikuláš Malina (Luveaucek); Cadman Kantor (thedutchies)
  * Pranas Sasnauskas (karelracing); Ron Sherman (lastplace1414); Evan Topper (Quick step minded); Todd Caff (sprint4live)
  *** Cadman Kantor (thedutchies)
  ** Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (ABK); Pranas Sasnauskas (karelracing); Todd Caff (sprint4live)
  * Finbar Wollam (omega pharma lotto); Anton Levin (karelracing); Jan-Joost Dussel (peddelen); Kirk Narramore (Connaught)
  *** Cadman Kantor (thedutchies)
  ** Pranas Sasnauskas (karelracing); Kirk Narramore (Connaught); Alan Klostergård (ABK)
  * Jacinto Aldeia (Onie); Rodolf Leezer (Rode Stier); Cívico Hualda (karelracing); Leon Lübcke (thedutchies)
  Edited by pundit Yuri from YuriSuperTeam and Finz from NightmareChaos to OCM Magazine


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