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Volta ao Porto after three stages
by Yuri, at 13/7-12 - 01:08 GMT

  The Porto prologue. The venue that attracts a lot of people on the streets of Porto.
   This evening prologue is the opening of the famous tour and will give many specialists the
   time to shine. Sprinters and time trialists want this win and the classification people do not want to fall behind. This year the win goes to Cycling Nieuwegein with a fantastic one-two.
   With Hard Gaat Ie on a nice third spot. All the favourites are in front except Vincent Aerssen from minions of static. When he was on the stage ready to go, he suffered from acute diarrhea and had to leave the tour even before it started for him.
   Result prologue
   1. Teofil Ga??zka, Cycling Nieuwegein
   2. Donny Bruggen, Cycling Nieuwegein
   3. Lars Gjerde, Hard Gaat Ie
   Now for the real work. The first stage from Porto to Viano do Castelo. A real sprinters stage.
   And you could see who wanted this stage. All the sprintteams were fighting for the top places in the pack.
   The other teams just followed. Nobody even

tried to break free and we could see a nice fight for the best position the last kilometre.
   When the riders rounded the corner all the favourites were up front. No match for Uitsky and de Kelper. The rest was far, far behind them.
   Result stage 1
   1. Stanislav Uitsky, Quick step minded
   2. Erik De Kelper, Rabo utrecht CT
   3. Susumu Miyazaki, Asymm Project
   Viano do Castelo said goodbye to the riders again. This stage was the start on what was coming. The first mountains arrived in the Volta.
   Would this be a stage that already seperated the boys from the men? Portelinha has seen great winners and last two years we even saw a double.
   Would Chris Bauwens go for the hattrick? Yes he did. As we have watched the stage you also saw that the classification is taking its form.
   All the big riders are in front. We are very eager to know how the next three stages are going. A big timetrial could ruin or help some dreams.
   And the Kingstage is there to decide what will happen

   Result stage 2
   1. Chris Bauwens, Team Crazy Downhillers
   2. Olaf Wijk, Rode Stier
   3. Damario Crusellas, The Doomsday Bunnies
   Leaders in General Classification after stage 3
   1. Damario Crusellas, The Doomsday Bunnies
   2. Chris Bauwens, Team Crazy Downhillers
   3. Olaf Wijk, Rode Stier
   Leaders in Sprint Classification after stage 3
   1. Stanislav Uitsky, Quick step minded
   2. Erik De Kelper, Rabo utrecht CT
   3. Teofil Ga??zka, Cycling Nieuwegein
   Leaders in Youth Classification after stage 3
   1. Gu├ílter Matos, Greenride
   2. Lars-Olof Holmblad, Faustus
   3. Donato Amor, Rabo utrecht CT
  Stay tuned for the day by day coverage!
  Written by pundit Finz from
  NightmareChaos to OCM Magazine


Rigana at 15:02 13/7-2012
  Well done Finz. Good to see an article during a tour.

Greenride at 15:29 13/7-2012
  Lovely Finz, thanks!

Quick step minded at 16:02 13/7-2012
  go uitsky!!!

Freamunde at 16:18 13/7-2012

Team Crazy Downhillers at 12:42 14/7-2012

Onie at 20:30 25/7-2012
  The Volta only had three stages? ;)