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Germany Tour - a preview
by Finz, at 7/02-2017
Written by Simon de Montfort of AnnoDomini 38th edition is coming up. Last 6 editions were all about a duel between Drozd and Farruco. How will it be this time? Lets take a...

OCM Awards Gala S38 Hike
by Finz, at 30/12-2016
Written by Don Hamstre of Schiavi di Don ‘Hello everyone, and welcome to the OCM Awards Gala S38 Hike’ Instantly, a lot of faces went blank. All nominated managers, ride...

The new season 39
by Finz, at 3/12-2016
Written by Finz of NightmareChaos The new season is three days old and some of you may already have tasted the success of victory or the dissapointment of failure. I do wonder, ...

Le Salon des Refusés
by Finz, at 1/12-2016
An article just slipped into my room from under my frontdoor "Our masters have not heard the people's voice for generations and it is much, much louder than they care to remembe...

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