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Perm Permutations - Moutinho finishes with a flourish, Skoglund claims sprint title
by Zee, at 17/04-2017
By Kerry Purget Floriano Moutinho ensured AnnoDomini would be leaving the Perm Tour on a happy note as he emerged from a bunch sprint to take out Stage 4. Here are some of th...

Perm Permutations - Rasmussen retains pink as Dilmen comes up short
by Zee, at 16/04-2017
By Kerry Purget Jean-Michel Kermarec rescued nonnies' Perm Tour with a fine time trial win in Stage 3, beating out stiff competition from the likes of AnnoDomini's Doyle Doe and...

Perm Permutations - Yenotin triumphs but Rasmussen sits pretty on top
by Zee, at 16/04-2017
By Kerry Purget Vlad Yenotin conquered the mountain for Borussia Milano in Stage 2 of the Perm Tour as SupperSoppene's Roy Rasmussen put on the pink jersey. Here are some of ...

Perm Permutations - Skoglund wins, Innskeep turns back the clock
by Zee, at 15/04-2017
By Kerry Purget Otto Skoglund showed once again why he is a top class tour rider when he took out Stage 1 of the Perm Tour today for CCFC. Here are some of the morning's talk...

Dilmen eyes history in Ochjor
by Zee, at 15/04-2017
By Emery Paquette Turkish ace Hüsnü Dilmen will be on a hattrick when he lines up for the opening stage of the Perm Tour today in Russia. Already a general classification w...

A spot of bother at Perm
by Zee, at 14/04-2017
By Kerry Purget There is trouble brewing in the Britcycles camp ahead of their fourth tilt at the lucrative Perm Tour, with reports of discontent between riders and a team split...

The Awards of season 39
by Finz, at 30/03-2017
Written by Donald of Andeby That time of year again. The time for honoring the heroes of last season and making them a part of the history books. Don was obviously too for the ...

Sometimes it feels not that long
by Finz, at 25/03-2017
Written by Finz of NightmareChaos Yesterday was a day not easy to forget for me. It was a Friday evening, stepping into the spring of 2017. I was waiting and in the meantime din...

Dude, where is my money?
by Finz, at 14/03-2017
Written by Finz of NightmareChaos Yes, you have seen it correctly. Your money was not there, there was a culprit around that kept stealing your hard earned money. And the culpri...

Tweedaagse van Antwerpen - a preview
by Finz, at 11/03-2017
Written by Simon de Montfort of AnnoDomini Team Seidel First team to sign up was Team Seidel. They arrive to the tour with Tarjei Thorvaldsen, solid cobbler in his prime age...

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