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The Green Fairy - Ed. 5
by Don Hamstre, at 12/7-22 - 10:05 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  History and Myths: The Average Man who became Very Nice
  Some people are born for greatness. Wit Feaux was not one of these people. He was born to be average. Although

it’s not quite as simple as that. This is the story of a rider who went from super talent, to plain average, to Classic and Tour winner.
  As a kid, Wit could never decide if he wanted to become a climber or a sprinter. In his youth, he dev... Read more

Vuelta a Valparaìso Nr.20 - A preview
by Deano, at 30/6-22 - 12:09 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by Deano from Bilsky
  The planes have started to touch down in Chile as riders and fans arrive in South America ahead of the 20th edition of the Vuelta Valparasio. We will take a look at each team and try to predict what will happen on

the roads to Valparasio before the legs begin to burn:
  Time Indaiatuba
  Summary: After an injury to Haneiko in the build-up put an end to Indaiatuba’s GC hopes, the team has switched focus to the SC wi... Read more

Anniversary Survey Results
by Schiavi di Don, at 30/4-22 - 19:30 GMT

  The results are in! The following suggestions have finished in the top-5 and will be put into to the game by Nick in the near future: ... Read more

15th Anniversary
by Team Zyte, at 24/3-22 - 22:22 GMT

  UPDATE ON THE RACE DATE The race will be run on SUNDAY the 17th of April. -------- original post below ---------- ... Read more


Royce Dodemaide
Age: 46
Team: Team Chili.

4th in the OCM Tour.

Most recent result:
1 - Tokyo Cup

Recent Results

Lozuvatka - Kryvyi Rih (WT)
1Donovan KauffmannFrance
2Van Sang HuynhVietnam
3Pheneas MdlangamandlaSouth Africa

Velikiye Luki - Gruzdovo (WT)
1Pippino BadaniItaly
2Jay BarlowUSA
3Bernhard ClaassenGermany
Norway Tour Nr.36 Preview
by Deano, at 2/6-22 - 20:00 GMT , Comments (14)

  Written by Deano from Bilsky
  It’s not long now until the first rider rolls down the start ramp at the prologue in Norway on day 35, and in the absence of two time winner Aron Shiningayamwe the GC looks wide open. We’ll preview each team competing

in Norway and predict what will happen on the unforgiving roads to Oslo.
  KRV Rapid Habsburg
  Summary: KRV bring former Valparasio winner and current Liechtenstein national champion Mirko Diesmann as le... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S60
by Don, MW, Frank, paceuts, Williamson, dustin, wronskian and Erwinator, at 30/5-22 - 17:26 GMT , Comments (11)

  Written by Don, MW, Frank, paceuts, Williamson, dustin, wronskian and Erwinator
  The Awards: the highlight of some careers, the biggest disappointment for others. But no matter who wins, nobody is safe from the many technical or procedural issues

that arise during the Awards. For example: for some reason, the Awards Committee decided that the gala would be held in a zoo, and that everyone would be allowed to bring their own pets. That might have been a bit of a mistake.
  Don: Welco... Read more

Race Reports

Jurgen Meulenbergh's first victory: Zürich-Bern-Zürich

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in Zürich-Bern-Zürich. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succee... Read more

Clóvis Feital takes outstanding victory

  Clóvis Feital outrunned his rivals in the finishing sprint of East Egg Race. No one could catch up with him as he reached top speed. Behind Clóvis Feital were Martial Cappon and Át... Read more

Wout Pierewaaijer wins Vejle-København once again

  Wout Pierewaaijer insured a proud victory for peddelen in Vejle-København. Only a few inches ahead of the other sprinters, Wout Pierewaaijer showed prosmising sprinting abilities. Ri... Read more

The Green Fairy - Ed. 4
by Don Hamstre, at 17/3-22 - 16:55 GMT , Comments (10)

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  History and Myths: The Mysteries of the Team Time Trial
  Some people might scroll over it without even noticing. Some might think it’s a spelling mistake. Only a few

people know of the secrets of Vejle TTT.
  Time Trialing, it’s always been the outsider of OCM. Maybe it’s because it used to be an easy money maker, and might still be. Maybe it’s because of all the WT Managers that miss out on so many points because t... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S59
by Don, MW, Frank, paceuts, Williamson, dustin, wronskian, and Erwinator, at 26/2-22 - 21:52 GMT , Comments (14)

  Written by Don, MW, Frank, paceuts, Williamson, dustin, wronskian, and Erwinator
  The glorious end to the season for some, motivation to do better next season for others. The Awards Gala is the place to be. It has also proven to be quite dangerous

to visit. But, this season, it was all going to go according to plan. No stunts, no games, no haunted house. Just a regular old show. To make this happen, I had invited a seven professional hosts; Williamson (LAW), Erwinator, MW, dustin, wronskian, paceuts, and Frank. L... Read more

The Green Fairy - Ed. 3
by Don Hamstre, at 10/2-22 - 09:27 GMT , Comments (3)

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  History and Myths: Kenny Haakon, the man behind the list
  The Kenny Haakon list is a well-known list on which the riders with the highest amount of results and wins get

honoured. But much less people remember the time when Kenny was on top of the world. Today, Kenny is 82 years old, and we spoke with him at the OCM Hall of Very Old Legends Retirement Home in Vejle.
  ‘I remember my first season very well. Even though I w... Read more

Press Releases

When you know you played OCM too much

  Tonight at the restaurant, I said to myself 'wow this Calderone pizza looks gorgeous' when of course it was a Calzone......

Sprint training

  The last few weeks HCT has been very active on the riders market. Especially during the managers night shifts we scouted a lot of riders and found many talents....

POM Wonderful Hall of Fame #1

  PR Manager, Reggie Dunlap: It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to POM Wonderful's inaugural Hall of Fame induction! We have a (POM) wonderful group of ...

Team and training update US

  With the arrival of Ketil Grønkjær the team of Universal Soup is now complete for season 62. With only 1 spot left, but also one rider ready to retire w...