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19:22 GMT         Day 85 of 90, Season 43    

Cobble Trouble, S43 Edition 3
by Milo, at 14/2-18 - 19:57 GMT , Comments (4)

  Written by Milo of Cloud Atlas
  We close the Cobble season with some exciting races and with a theme of many of the same riders from the early season dominating once again.
  Antwerpen - Huy

Gale Reason, Jonas Pro Cycling
  2. Richard San Nicolas, Equipo Easy On
  3. Andrea Camata, IndieRock
  Gale Reason continues to make history. The thirty-seven year old won Tweedaagse van Antwerpen earlier this se... Read more

The Downhill Observer, S43 Issue 5
by Simon de Montfort, at 12/2-18 - 10:17 GMT , Comments (2)

  Written by Simon de Montfort of
  This time we will go straight into the action and begin this issue with race reports.
  Day 63 Rio Pico – Gas Nac

breakaway succeeded in the 43rd edition of Rio Pico and only one rider on podium was a downhiller. Failry unknown riders Grant Kitterman and Tiago Quintino came first and second with Abdul-Jalil Umarah taking 3rd spot and saving the donwhillers honour. The favorites McP... Read more

Tweaking and Changing Engine
by Team Zyte, at 25/10-17 - 23:58 GMT

  Hey guys I have decided to make a change in the race engine as an experiment, and also, as announced the other day, I have tweaked the in... Read more

Training and Division Bonus
by Team Zyte, at 23/10-17 - 23:44 GMT

  Hey guys I have planned a few changes in the game in an attempt to make it easier for new teams. Two of the changes are already in pla... Read more


Sol Tabor De Vivero
Age: 30
Team: disco cycling.

World Champion, Season 42.

Most recent result:
1 - World Championships

Recent Results

Tabor GrandPrix (WT)
1Alari ArjaseppEstonia
2Ruru LeonardNew Zealand
3Eldgrímur SvanurssonIceland

Oslo Grand Prix (WT)
1Waldemar FlorczakPoland
2Fox ShingletonEngland
3Barthélémy BesseFrance
The Jonhatan's Late Show - S4 Finale
by JonhatanHernandez, at 6/2-18 - 20:48 GMT , Comments (14)

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of
  Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Last Late Show with Johnathan Hernandez!
  When I first came

into the game I was shocked by how amazing it was, being so small and simple. I play loads of online games but I quit them after two or three months. I´ve been here for two years, and it has been amazing. However, my free time is increasingly decreasing (oh, the irony, t... Read more

Allround comes around S43 Edition 2
by Frank Holwerda, at 29/1-18 - 21:21 GMT , Comments (1)

  Written by Frank Holwerd of Holwerda Cycling
  In edition 1 we have talked about a very strong Hernan Brizeno in Division 3 and the winner of the only Top Division race until then: Horatio Higginson.
  In this edition we will look

at the races until 2/3rd of the season.
  In this section of the season, we encounter the only classic in the all-round race genre: Tour of Hawaii in Division 3. Since Brizeno was dominating this division and he had signed up, he was one of ... Read more

Race Reports

Victory for Klas Møller

  None had the race under control as Shisr CB was about to be terminated in a tough sprint. The supporting riders of Klas Møller made the job easy for him, and he managed to claim the ... Read more

Birk Backe takes Grande Prémio do Barlavento for the second time

  Even though several riders tried to break away, no one managed to keep it going in Grande Prémio do Barlavento. The strongest riders in the peloton stayed together in the leading gro... Read more

Vukota Ševaljevi? fastest in Pikes Peak ITT

  The tough and steep time trial, Pikes Peak ITT, was very exciting, as nothing was termined before the final riders finished. Jeremy Hughes (TSG Cycling Team) set the best time when he... Read more

The Downhill Observer, S43 Issue 4
by Simon de Montfor, at 25/1-18 - 18:19 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Simon de Montfor of
  Today, before the usual reports from the recent downhill races, we will talk a bit about tactics.
  Races which end up with a downhill ride to the finish

line offer quite a lot of possible tactics for the teams. One of the obvious roles designed for such type of races is the downhill guide – but should there be one, or two dh guides? Or maybe five of them? The manager may also want to have some team mates, who can help ... Read more

Vuelta a Valparaìso
by Finz, at 21/1-18 - 21:44 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  These are teams listed for the second edition of the Vuelta a Valparaìso, in alphabetical order:
  Beardy Bikers
  This all French team

is bringing a bunch of climbers to this tour. Perhaps they are in for a stage win, but who knows what Hadrien Mallet can do in the GC with a consistent tour and a strong team for the king stage
  Blues Racing
 &n... Read more

The Jonhatan's Late Show - S4E3
by JonhatanHernandez, at 19/1-18 - 10:30 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of
  Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Late Show with Johnathan Hernandez!
  It is sad to see that cycling

is the dope sport. I mean soccer and football are all highlights and fame but they are mostly clean. And it is sad to see that in cycling they do not even care about moral responsibilities. Which at the end of the day is sad. I don´t want my sport to be known as the sport o... Read more

Press Releases

Party at Fighting

  Today, everyone celebrated at Fighting HQ. The reasons were the results in the recent edition of FoW. Kemen Camardan was the main guest at the party, as he fini...

Fast Jersey!

  What a season. We signed up for Fast on Wheels just because we could, but Pieter De Vaddere won a stage AND managed to take home the sprint je...

New season new team focus

  The season is in its last week and has been up and down for the danish team throughout the last months. In general the "old boys" have pulled some great results...

National champions

  To keep a track record, I made a summary of all national champions we had in our team. Hopefully nobody was omitted: [rider]514105[/rid...