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The Green Fairy - Ed. 1
by Don Hamstre, at 29/11-21 - 11:47 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  The OCM world is a world full of wonder. And also a world full of craziness. The Green Fairy is here to tell you about all that, and more. Every month, a new edition will be landing on your doormat!

a mix of returning columns and topical short stories, this tabloid will inform the reader about all that’s going on in the OCM World.
  History and Myths: The Tale of the Green Fairy
  Cycli... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S58
by Don Hamstre, Peter Marcelo, Frank Holwerda, MW, The Erwinator, MoxRacing, paceuts, Donald, dustin, and wronskian, at 23/11-21 - 21:37 GMT , Comments (12)

  Written by Don Hamstre, Peter Marcelo, Frank Holwerda, MW, The Erwinator, MoxRacing, paceuts, Donald, dustin, and wronskian
  Ah, the Awards Gala. The place to be to meet the most glamorous and famous people. Or well, at least among nerds and cyclists.

Somehow it never really seems to be like other gala’s. Something always goes wrong, something weird always happens. So this season, we decided to be smart. We were going to plan things going wrong and weird things happening.
  Instead of just giving ... Read more

7 New Small Tours
by Schiavi di Don, at 25/10-21 - 18:19 GMT

  Tour lovers rejoice! Apart from the new U23 Tour, there will also be 1 new tour in every division down to division 7. When looking at t... Read more

U23 Tour: La Génération Future
by Schiavi di Don, at 11/10-21 - 14:44 GMT

  It’s time for the Young stars to shine! I am happy to present something that will hopefully give a nice little boost to the U23 calenda... Read more


Todd McVanblarcom
Age: 27
Team: Jubalon ProCycling.

Winner of Zürich-Bern-Zürich, Season 59.

Most recent result:
1 - Zürich-Bern-Zürich

Recent Results

La Chute de Chréa
1Toller Péterroyle
2Xico Satulateamgo
3Moustapha MaïgaPetrolGas

Dèo Khau Pha có hai
1Mickael van AsseldonkRigana
2Berhold KetjijereGoege Team
3Shimon SamuelsEnglish Sprinting Team
Race of the Minutemen Ed.43 - A Preview
by KrMees, at 22/9-21 - 16:19 GMT , Comments (10)

  Written by KrMees of Velosipedska
  Greetings to all, welcome to my second ever statistical preview for the Race of the Minutemen! Let’s take a look at the participants and what the stats have to say about this edition of the American tour. I

tried to include every team, so 20/24 teams are mentioned by name, and riders from those other 4 teams are mentioned in the article.
  Team Participations:
  Appearance record holder BCTeam will make their 23d appearance at the A... Read more

Vuelta de los Castillos – A Preview
by The Erwinator, at 13/9-21 - 08:43 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by The Erwinator of Silenzio
  Vuelta de los Castillas, a race so easily in the shadow of the great Germany Tour. But only the best of the best are participating edition after edition. The challenging terrains offer opportunities to shine

for every sort of rider, climbers with a hilly punch, time trialists, technical sprinters and of course the allrounders who battle each other in the mountains over the GC. Who will claim the throne in the old castle?
  With a lot of TT-specialists in the fie... Read more

Race Reports

Toller Péter proves to be in good fitness

  Toller Péter, royle , and Xico Satula, teamgo, launched a two-man attack after 72 km of La Chute de Chréa. Both riders agreed on cooperating, which they succeeded in. 5 km before th... Read more

Mickael van Asseldonk steals the focus

  Mickael van Asseldonk outrunned his rivals in the finishing sprint of Dèo Khau Pha có hai. No one could catch up with him as he reached top speed. Behind Mickael van Asseldonk were ... Read more

Gracjan Uchman unbeatable

  With lovely weather in France, all the riders were ready to do their best in Le Havre - Dieppe (Stage 2 of Haute-Normandie) - and som certainly did. Kunjufu Muhumusa from Nairobi City... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S57
by Don Hamstre and several other writers, at 24/8-21 - 20:30 GMT , Comments (15)

  Written by Don Hamstre and several other writers
  ‘Did I really promise to organize an Awards Gala again this season? In what kind of state was I when I did that?’
  It was not a good morning for me just over a month ago. I didn’t

know what location to book, I didn’t know which hotels to reserve for all the nominees, their teams, and their families. And most important of all, I did not want to spend the money that is required for such a festivity.
  But then, my new social medi... Read more

Lappi Sea GP and Grasse - Toulon preview
by Christian, at 28/6-21 - 13:29 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Christian of Team WonderDee
  We take a look ahead to a pair of hill sprint classic in Finland and France on Thursday and Saturday, the Lappi Sea GP and the Grasse - Toulon.
  Both races tend to suit the

kind of punchy riders with quick sprint finishes, with the Grasse - Toulon usually being contested by reasonably-sized group sprint finishes, and the Lappi Sea GP offering more for breakaways.
   Lappi Sea GP
  ... Read more

Race of the Minutemen - A Preview
by KrMees, at 23/6-21 - 09:06 GMT , Comments (10)

  Written by KrMees of Velosipedska
  Greetings to all, it is my pleasure to announce another statistical analysis for a tour in OCM: the Race of the Minutemen! Let’s take a look at the participants and what the stats have to say about this edition

of the American tour.
  Team Participations:
  Treaty City CC will be participating in this tour for the 18th time. Their first RotM appearance was in season 7, when Sherard Kalbach finished 22d in GC (4th in YC). Current p... Read more

Press Releases

Italian Stallion Gets A Silver(fox)

  In the almost straight forward mountain race Samtredia - Bakhmaro, there was also some flat road to do. The breakaway from the morning looked like they could su...

Favado retires (Grazie, Tiberio)

  Tiberio Favado made his announcement with a message on his social media profiles. “Hello, friends. All good things must come to an end. I am retiring f...

Gav Grassmarket tricked me

  I thought he had maxed many training points ago, but it was just a single stat not going as high as I had remembered his potential being. It turns out...he had...

Recap: Return of the bike, season 58

  Last season team 1 2 Cycle returned to the world of Online Cycling Manager. The team invested a lot to build two strong teams and expanded the team management i...