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Sometimes it feels not that long
by Finz, at 25/3-17 - 13:44 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  Yesterday was a day not easy to forget for me. It was a Friday evening, stepping into the spring of 2017. I was waiting and in the meantime dining at an Italian restaurant. The service was mediocure and I would

not recommend it if you happen to be around there. Being a manager of a team on the OCM calender I keep in touch with the things happening here on my mobile phone. A message appeared, as I had put this date in my calender, OCM 10 years.
  I... Read more

Dude, where is my money?
by Finz, at 14/3-17 - 23:36 GMT , Comments (13)

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  Yes, you have seen it correctly. Your money was not there, there was a culprit around that kept stealing your hard earned money. And the culprit was you all along when it finally came out. Your staff needed money

and they just took it from you. Not because they are thiefs but because you promised it long, long time ago. Most likely in a intoxicated moment that you do not remember any more.
  We have received 7.000 back from our trainers but in the ... Read more

10 Years of Cycling Simulator!
by Team Zyte, at 24/3-17 - 00:11 GMT

  Hello everyone! Today is the 10 year anniversary for Cycling Simulator. This calls for a bit of celebration. To mark this anniversary,... Read more

Wages bug
by Team Zyte, at 13/3-17 - 22:45 GMT

  Hey guys Yesterday I quite randomly fixed an old bug which would suddenly re-activate the wage system. The wage system is the system that... Read more


Dantel Diez
Age: 29
Team: OIPY.

World ITT Champion, Season 39.

Most recent result:
3 - Chivacoa TT

Recent Results

Sheet Harbour GP
1Amadeo Caezza3S4U
2Ilijaz Kurtovic3S4U
3Eduardo Ballestero3S4U

Le Havre Prologue
1Arvo Kukulogoloos
2Huldar ÞorgesturssonTeam EksilFG
3Ulrich Schraderlogoloos
Tweedaagse van Antwerpen - a preview
by Finz, at 11/3-17 - 20:12 GMT , Comments (2)

  Written by Simon de Montfort of AnnoDomini
   Team Seidel
  First team to sign up was Team Seidel. They arrive to the tour with Tarjei Thorvaldsen, solid cobbler in his prime age, and 5 strong pave pacers. Thorvaldsen

finishes well in odd editions of this tour - in edition #25 he was 4th and in #27 he was 3rd. So time for another good finish in edition #29.
  Polish team has Julian Cichocki as their capt... Read more

The season is dead, long live the new season
by Finz, at 28/2-17 - 22:57 GMT , Comments (3)

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
   Blas Corretja, the new World Champion and proud bearer of the World Champion jersey for a whole new season, bringing Comfius a great season end and a good start for the new season. Together with Dantel Diez

of PEKAC B, who won the World Champion in the timetrial, they are the teams that look back on a great season after all. A superb race was shown to us in the streets of Mar del Plata. And this season it did not only give us the regular World Champion but also, the first U... Read more

Race Reports

Amadeo Caezza steals the focus

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in Sheet Harbour GP. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succeed.Read more

Arvo Kuku takes the victory

  Arvo Kuku, logoloos, was the fastest rider among the participants in the individual time trial race, (Stage 1 of Haute-Normandie). Arvo Kuku was incredible fast on the final kilometre... Read more

Stage win for Klas Møller

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in Tuen Mun GP. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succeed.
  Whe... Read more

When a gamechanger changes your game
by Finz, at 21/2-17 - 19:21 GMT , Comments (14)

  Written by Finz of Nightmarechaos
  Progress is impossible without change, somebody once said. And that is what we got recently. A gamechanger effecting all the teams at the same time and that must make you decide wheter to play like you did or

to change your plans according the change.
  A talent was always a talent before his training. After his training he would be either a lost cause, a decent teammate or a great star, ready to reap the points and jerseys due to his great progres... Read more

Germany Tour - a preview
by Finz, at 7/2-17 - 18:08 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Simon de Montfort of AnnoDomini
  38th edition is coming up. Last 6 editions were all about a duel between Drozd and Farruco.
  How will it be this time? Lets take a look at the teams who signed up and try to

what they may achieve this time.
   Team Celeste
  The best Swedish team comes with a bunch of very strong and experienced climbers. They will be supporting Kane Laporte, a 28yo rider who was 8th and 5th in... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S38 Hike
by Finz, at 30/12-16 - 08:56 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Don Hamstre of Schiavi di Don
  ‘Hello everyone, and welcome to the OCM Awards Gala S38 Hike’
  Instantly, a lot of faces went blank. All nominated managers, riders, and some invited guests, were gathered

on Festplassen, in the city centre of Bergen, Norway.
  ‘Come on people, everyone here does hiking, most of them don’t even mind carrying children, dogs, or both at the same time up a mountain, so don’t be so weak and follow me’, the Don, who a... Read more

Press Releases

First GC win and four awardwins

  Twentytwo seasons of trial and error all summed up beautifully in one great season, fulfilling all the topambitions for the team. Every marginal and all the luc...

New goal reached.

  From this day forward i dont care if Flórián Ákos looses every single race he participates in. Today he reached top spot in the riders individual ranking. An...

Conquering Monte Rosa

  Team Manisaspor managed to conquer all of the mid-division climbing tours with two Turkish captains Senel Nedim and Husnu Dilmen. Husnu got his second tour vict...

First mountainous tour for Lokomotíva Zvolen

  Riders of Lokomotíva Zvolen have just returned from Switzerland where they attended their first mountainous tour in history – Monte Rosa Tour. At the airport...