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The Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki
by Finz, at 2/6-20 - 12:17 GMT , Comments (0)

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  Welcome to the second edition of the Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki.
  With Haute Normandie, Volta ao Porto and Monte Rosa Tour on the way this is a great week for cycling.

lastest news however is not one of the big tour but the first race ever in OCM history of Klatrekongen av Tryvann
  . This first division 5 race was won by Gifford Davey, Team Watchers. The South African team that is a member of OCM for al... Read more

Transfer Market Analysis, Edition No. 1
by Lance Armstrong, at 30/5-20 - 10:09 GMT , Comments (10)

  Written by Lance Armstrong of USA Postal Services
  Are you a new team joining the OCM Universe and still don’t know how Transfer Market works? Or an old experience squad but still want to learn and find the best rider to fulfill your team ambitions?

Are you trying to understand certain transfers that at first sight have no sense? Well, Transfer Market Analysis will clear out all your doubts and will show you how it’s done. I will show the most interesting transfers of trained and promising cyclists around, so... Read more

Calendar Work 2.0, Part 3
by Schiavi di Don, at 13/5-20 - 13:15 GMT

  This thread will cover the changes made to divisions 5,6,7,8, and 9. Plenty of changes there, so prepare for a long post. ;) For the intr... Read more

Calendar Work 2.0, Part 2
by Schiavi di Don, at 9/5-20 - 13:16 GMT

  This thread will cover the changes made to Divisions 3 and 4, which also will be in place during the upcoming season. For the introductio... Read more


Kimball Lascomb
Age: 27
Team: Bywater CT.

World ITT Champion, Season 52.

Most recent result:
1 - World Championships ITT

Recent Results

Bern Prologue
1Fridolin FehmarnKremer
2Carsten KronborgPEKAC B
3Ambarak Saftar MakhloufA Siberia

Macedo de Cavaleiros - Vinhais
1Calle Tijsde stamper
2Angelo DefermeTeam Guy
3Freek FossaertBilsky
I want to break free!
by JonhatanHernandez, at 29/5-20 - 09:16 GMT , Comments (3)

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of TeamQuetzal
  “I want to break free” by Queen starts playing on the speaker. It’s funny how music can bring us all together, the true universal language. And for a hip-hop person this sound suits perfectly

my desire and constant quest of knowledge and virtue.
  I want to break free
  I think about that lyric often. Break away from what? Is one truly free escaping the masses, eluding responsibility a... Read more

Volta ao Porto - A Preview
by Simon de Montfort, at 27/5-20 - 08:25 GMT , Comments (2)

  Written by Simon de Montfort of AnnoDomini
  Welcome again to the magnificent Volta ao Porto. Lets look at the teams who joined this season and who will fight for the jerseys this time.
   * * *

GC+YC teams
   Polish team with a young Polish leader Denis Halas. His surname translates to "noise" and he indeed whishes to make some noise in the fight for the YC jersey this edition.
   Read more

Race Reports

Fridolin Fehmarn sees possibilities

  Kremer's Fridolin Fehmarn set an unbeatable tempo in the time trial race, Bern Prologue (Stage 1 of Monte Rosa Tour). Without hesitating or looking back, Fridolin Fehmarn powered ahea... Read more

de stamper's Calle Tijs wins

  Stage 7 of Volta ao Porto was exciting all the way through. Several riders tried their luck on the climbs, yet the stage were to be terminated by a leading group of climbers. Early on... Read more

Espen Kragh claims his first title

  Espen Kragh, Team Specialized Cycling, had it all when the ending of Mayagüez - San Juan was near. With a perfect position in the peloton, all he had to do was timing his sprint - an... Read more

OCM Travel Magazine - Edition 03
by Nooky Lair, at 24/5-20 - 19:22 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Nooky Lair of Team Oasis
  For our third issue we’ll have a chat with manager Doctor Love form the US-based Cokol Breakaway Team. The team has a preference for cobbling and did TT’ing on the side in the past. With cobbling the team

managed to gather three Gorillas, two of them back-to-back by Tyson Jefferson. Cokol also won the first World Championship ITT (U23) back in season 39. Noteworthy further is that the team was originally based in Georgia and moved to the US. Although not specifically aske... Read more

The Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki
by Finz, at 18/5-20 - 21:55 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  Maybe it is new for you, maybe it is a memory from days gone by but we have returned, the Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki.
  We, from the Breakaway. have gone great lengths to start a collaboration

with none other than Fujimoto Masaaki. He will guide you with eternal wisdom and give you direction in the path to follow to become you.
  To start with the Breakaway with a bang we will give you one of the latest results that we heard fro... Read more

Copa de la Historia de los Andes ed. 4 - A Preview
by Christian, at 15/5-20 - 20:00 GMT , Comments (8)

  Written by Christian of Team WonderDee
   Copa de la Historia de los Andes
  Welcome to the fourth edition of the climbing cup Copa de la Historia

de los Andes. A strong field of riders have signed up for the three staged cup, where the riders set off in Peru on the first stage. A tough climbing stage with gravel. On stage two the riders have crossed the border to Boliva. The rider who handle the bike best in the do... Read more

Press Releases

Ghana on bikes

  With this team we hope to put Ghana on the list and promote cycling in Ghana. Our goal is to train new Ghanese riders and help them get better. We hope they wil...

Money money money should be funny

  It feels just like yesterday when the sponsors where allowed to join the OCM World for the first time. I myself cannot remember the name of the first, but the 2...

Extremely Busy Week

  Canadian Nippon has an extremely busy week ahead of the team as they have split the roster for the first time in the team history as they will compete in both s...

When The Wheels Don't Come Off

  Everything at nonnies hq was set for a small break from cycling. Bikes mothballed, riders released from contracts and investments made. Team management would...