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TvA Preview Part 1: Stage by Stage
by Lance Armstrong, at 9/8-20 - 22:37 GMT , Comments (20)

  OCM Sports - Tweedaagse van Antwerpen, Edition #43
  Hello OCM, I am Lance Armstrong from USA Postal Services in a whole new and challenging project and once again, time has come and the cobble and not cobble teams are ready to sign up for Tweedaagse

van Antwerpen. This is a small test I hope surprises OCM, and of course I have a special guest to make it better. Edition 43 has the current twice-in-a-row winner Sherard Rolf from Navarone Cycling Team confirming his participation for this new edition, holding the n... Read more

The Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki
by Finz, at 21/7-20 - 21:49 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  It has been a while since I send you my thoughts about OCM cycling. Sometimes things just get in the way to do what you want to do. In the OCM calendar that usually means drama. And it was dramatic again. Sometimes

it just felt I was sitting in a hair salon. People yelling and screaming, not listening to others, not listening to themselves. It would all be so good if managers took a moment to think about that they are wanting to say and ask to themselves, is this really necessa... Read more

Adjusting sponsors
by Team Zyte, at 28/6-20 - 22:02 GMT

  Hello everyone As some of you may have noticed, we did a bit of a survey regarding the new sponsors feature. First of all, thank you ... Read more

Sponsor Evaluation Survey
by Schiavi di Don, at 3/6-20 - 12:04 GMT

  It's almost exactly a season since the Sponsors were introduced into the game. When introduced, Nick and me promised that there would be a... Read more


Royce Dodemaide
Age: 38
Team: Team Chili.

Leader of the OCM Tour".

Most recent result:
1 - Panonska Nizija

Recent Results

Le Sentier des Éléphants
1Derek AlbertsTeam DSM
2Ahmed Youssef Hassanmodern cycling
3Jammy PoelsSons of the Desert

Volta do São Paulo
1Fabian UrbaniBorussia Milano
2Joos GinnekenOdfjell Tankers
3Yves MunyeshyakaDrapeau Noir

by Lance Armstrong, at 13/7-20 - 14:45 GMT , Comments (2)

  Article deleted upon request.

... Read more

Transfer Market Analysis, Edition No. 6
by Lance Armstrong, at 3/7-20 - 10:51 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by Lance Armstrong of USA Postal Services
  Ho, ho, ho, Merry… oops, I think I’ve messed up the vacations. Anyways, welkomme to another edition of Die Show (The Podcast or something like that), Transfer Market Analysis. After our freaky

previous edition now we are ready to study the OCM Financial World (which?) with some hot moves that stunned the market recently. I will not include my traditional Mutant Rider section and my Artificial System T.Y.R.O.N (Trust Your Radiant Operating Network) helped me t... Read more

Race Reports

Derek Alberts's first victory

  Derek Alberts, Team DSM, had it all when the ending of Le Sentier des Éléphants was near. With a perfect position in the peloton, all he had to do was timing his sprint - and he suc... Read more

Fabian Urbani shake-up

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in Volta do São Paulo. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succeed... Read more

Stage win for Adolfo Kuczo

  aussie555's Adolfo Kuczo set an unbeatable tempo in the time trial race, Thessaloniki TT. Without hesitating or looking back, Adolfo Kuczo powered ahead on the flat roads. Fastest on ... Read more

Transfer Market Analysis, Edition No. 5
by Lance Armstrong, at 29/6-20 - 22:37 GMT , Comments (8)

  Written by Lance Armstrong of USA Postal Services
  Anyone at home? If so, better check your bank balance. Welcome to another alike Stephen King story of Transfer Market Edition, where your worst nightmare comes to live and runs faster than Michael

Myers (what a combo). In this edition we will explore the depths of the market, and together we will discover why it is the way it is (because we want it that way). As an ancient tradition (no) we will start with a small reflection from our mighty Jintseng, the best eco... Read more

Transfer Market Analysis, Edition No. 4
by Lance Armstrong, at 23/6-20 - 12:01 GMT , Comments (20)

  Written by Lance Armstrong of USA Postal Services
  Hi people, it’s me again! Yes I know, some might think: Yikes, the hillbilly again. Well, no. I’m not a hillbilly (maybe in 50-60 years), I am sitting in Hawaii in front of a lonely beach,

enjoying the sun and drinks, with my laptop, and global connection to any satellite I want to connect (hack is the best word, but don’t worry, I won’t do that… yet); just for now until I can return to (the boring and routinely) civilization. This is a serious analysis... Read more

Transfer Market Analysis, Edition No. 3
by Lance Armstrong, at 16/6-20 - 16:54 GMT , Comments (10)

  Written by Lance Armstrong of USA Postal Services
  Hey there OCM, welcome to another episode of the most financial show of the game; Transfer Market Analysis. Our show is known for not being like those boring Wall Street interviews or Bloomberg,

we merge the world of businessmen and humor in a perfect balance, without including the drama of a crash in the market, leading to people discovering their unknown abilities to fly from a high building (suicide). Today we will meet some of the transfers that didn’t make... Read more

Press Releases

Season 53 Report

   Objectives for Season 53 were all met or even surpassed 1)Expand the team to 14 riders , to be able to field two entire teams. MET : The only transf...

Season 53 review

  After season 52, where there was nothing to review, we are back with an hindsight on season 53. As usual, there were only successes and failures. Let start ...

Fast On Wheels Tour

  Fast On Wheels was a target of the team since the last rider crossed the line in season 52 and Team sprint Captain felt that the team had missed an opportunity ...

Italian Nt manager

  Ok, my adventure as Italian Nt manager started yesterday. Feel very proud of it and will do my best to reach the highest result as we can. Avanti Italia!...