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Germany Tour - A Stage by Stage Preview
by Frank Holwerda, at 22/1-20 - 19:56 GMT , Comments (8)

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  Stage 1 Kiel Prologue
  Former winners of the prologue Otto Ådahl, Alton Gilroy and Hermano Montenegro will be trying to grab once again that first yellow jersey of this Germany Tour.

However, the much-desired yellow jersey attracts more riders who will want to claim the win.
  *** Hermano Montenegro
  ** Barclay Moring, Otto Ådahl
  * Ralph Pender, Alton Gilroy, Safwan Seif, Richard Masson, Iwo Soko?owski, Ki... Read more

Young Guns 11 - part deux / two / dos / twee / s? hai
by Broken Chain, at 17/1-20 - 14:47 GMT , Comments (8)

  Written by Broken Chain of Universal Soup
  I hope everyone has survived the holidays well and got into the new year properly.
  Myself I have been scouting pages of riders to find the perfect talents for our list.

was quite a hard job, because of the current rules state that a rider should have a maximum age of 23.
  The U23 rule was enforced because we had an u23 competition and there were many young trained riders.
  Now that experience has been adj... Read more

Race Engine Issues
by Team Zyte, at 12/9-19 - 00:29 GMT

  Dear all For the first time in many years, we experienced some difficult issues with the race engine today. The issue was simply serve... Read more

More New Cups!
by Schiavi di Don, at 16/5-19 - 14:40 GMT

  The first edition of the Patryk Drozdowski Trophy Cup has been a success as far as Nick and me are concerned, which means that, as promised,... Read more


Sheridan Uridge
Age: 29
Team: Aesop.

Winner of Roubaix Classic, Season 51.

Most recent result:
2 - Strade Ciottolo di Roma

Recent Results

Vuelta Centro Histórico de Trinidad
1Orlando MarshTEAM CAVENDISH 11
3Francis Joseph HabersatterTEAM CAVENDISH 11

Hwange - Victoria Falls
1Yasini KazembeThe Laboratory
2Noah VelascoRCC
3Bernt DidriksenBobadelense
Young Guns 11 - part 1
by Broken Chain, at 15/1-20 - 13:51 GMT , Comments (14)

  Written by Broken Chain of Universal Soup
  Welcome back everyone to the new edition of Young Guns. Same author, on a different team.
  This will be the first edition of the Young Guns article in 15 seasons, a lot has changed since

  First of all the author has cycled through a few teams, we've had achievements come into the game.
  Cups, More tours, more races, more transferrules, more everything... Except experience. Experience is now less effective.
 &nbs... Read more

Late Show with JHDZ - S7 E2
by JonhatanHernandez, at 27/8-19 - 05:28 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of
  Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to season 7even (Kinda) of the Late (Very Late) Show with JHDZ!

been so busy lately with life. A heartbreak, a crazy summer, a poetry collection, some (a lot) of unfinished business, and the never ending enemy of the youth: school. So, I forgot I had this interview waiting to be sent for almost five mo... Read more

Race Reports

Orlando Marsh's first victory: Vuelta Centro Histórico de Trinidad

  The many climbs in Vuelta Centro Histórico de Trinidad didn't give any good ideas for the riders. No riders attacked the entire stage through. When the final climb was near, the stro... Read more

Yasini Kazembe battles to victory

  Yasini Kazembe was the fastest rider in the peloton when Hwange - Victoria Falls was coming to an end. Yasini Kazembe speeded up and managed to get several meters ahead of the competi... Read more

Stephen Krause breaks the ice

  Køge ITT (Individual Time Trial race) became very interesting and incredibly close, as Stephen Krause (mdavis) only just managed to beat Steven Champion (mdavis) with two seco... Read more

Essex Tour S48 - A Preview
by Frank Holwerda, at 8/4-19 - 09:51 GMT , Comments (1)

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  Defending champion Odovic will not defend his title, so from Tuesday on we will be looking for a new Essex champion. A lot of strong riders are in a very good shape and it might very well be a very

interesting to follow. I will introduce the teams to you and the predictions.
 &nbs... Read more

Late Show with JHDZ - S7 E1
by JonhatanHernandez, at 1/4-19 - 10:12 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of
  The night is cold, dark. Not a soul in the streets of Queretaro. At the traffic light, green, yellow, red alternate. I sit. I think. A lot of

things. That have no place in being written here. What matters is that among the latter, I enjoy writing. And cycling. And OCM. I´ve come to realize that I miss interviewing random people on this game that somehow caught my attention and has come to be a part of my routin... Read more

Tour of the Sanreizan - A Preview
by Tim Woolman, at 25/3-19 - 13:19 GMT , Comments (8)

  Written by Tim Woolman of Junee Racing Team
  24 teams are set to tackle to beautiful scenery of Japan for the seventh edition of Tour of the Sanreizan.
  While every rider will be admiring the cherry blossoms and

the splendor of Mount Fuji, it looks like the General Classification could turn into a two horse race between Aleksander Konjevic of Junee Racing Team, and Chatwin Stiver of Driehoek. Both are in TF with strong teams behind them.
  The Sprin... Read more

Press Releases

All or Nothing: Ello Ello Episode 11

  Episode 11: A new dawn Narrator: with the season’s goal now achieved, Ello Ello have started to look to the future, in both the short term and the long ter...

First trophy for Rado Holecko and new records

  Just one week after nerve wrecking Odyssey Lokomotiva Zvolen brought home another outstanding result: Rado Holečko won Tian-Shen...

US Postal D71

  Against all odds, Leonards Podnieks won Leopoldbahn GP and gave us another reason to party wild until sunrise. The latvian...

The Freak Night Show 6

  Welcome again to another episode of The Freak Night Show podcast. We will check tonight the current and upcoming races in UCI World Tour and discover our incogn...