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Perm Permutations - Moutinho finishes with a flourish, Skoglund claims sprint title
by Zee, at 17/4-17 - 08:17 GMT , Comments (3)

  By Kerry Purget
  Floriano Moutinho ensured AnnoDomini would be leaving the Perm Tour on a happy note as he emerged from a bunch sprint to take out Stage 4.
  Here are some of the evening's talking points.

wraps up sprint classification
  Otto Skoglund ensured a memorable Perm Tour for Norwegian team CCFC as he finished top of the sprint classification.
  Despite being involved in ... Read more

Perm Permutations - Rasmussen retains pink as Dilmen comes up short
by Zee, at 16/4-17 - 18:05 GMT , Comments (5)

  By Kerry Purget
  Jean-Michel Kermarec rescued nonnies' Perm Tour with a fine time trial win in Stage 3, beating out stiff competition from the likes of AnnoDomini's Doyle Doe and CCFC's Franck Jacobsen.
  Here are

some of the evening's talking points.
  Super Rasmussen sews up GC win
  While Kermarec's win at Perm - Perm (ITT) brought joy to fans of nonnies, all eyes were on the last couple of riders to set off on the cou... Read more

The Next 10 Year Event
by Team Zyte, at 6/4-17 - 22:44 GMT

  Hey guys We are now in the final hours of the first event of the 10 year celebration, which means that it is now time to kick off the nex... Read more

10 Years of Cycling Simulator!
by Team Zyte, at 24/3-17 - 00:11 GMT

  Hello everyone! Today is the 10 year anniversary for Cycling Simulator. This calls for a bit of celebration. To mark this anniversary,... Read more


Jens Waesbergen
Age: 41
Team: Golden Chaos.

3rd in the OCM Tour.

Most recent result:
2 - Sahwah - Habil

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WickWick Race
1Célestin MarchalCokol Breakaway Team
2Mads CurtCokol Breakaway Team
3Patrick MoravecCokol Breakaway Team

Roumoules - Puimoisson
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Perm Permutations - Yenotin triumphs but Rasmussen sits pretty on top
by Zee, at 16/4-17 - 04:27 GMT , Comments (1)

  By Kerry Purget
  Vlad Yenotin conquered the mountain for Borussia Milano in Stage 2 of the Perm Tour as SupperSoppene's Roy Rasmussen put on the pink jersey.
  Here are some of the evening's talking points.

stands tall
  We knew it would take something special to take out this King Stage and so it proved as Borussia Milano's Yenotin made the defining move of the day early on the final climb.
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Perm Permutations - Skoglund wins, Innskeep turns back the clock
by Zee, at 15/4-17 - 15:36 GMT , Comments (6)

  By Kerry Purget
  Otto Skoglund showed once again why he is a top class tour rider when he took out Stage 1 of the Perm Tour today for CCFC.
  Here are some of the morning's talking points.

puts on pink
  They say it takes a confident chap to pull off a pink top and all eyes were on CCFC's Skoglund as he put on the leader's jersey on Saturday morning.
  The Norwegian sprinter was p... Read more

Race Reports

Célestin Marchal makes his dream come true

  WickWick Race was exciting all the way through. Several riders tried their luck on the climbs, yet the stage were to be terminated by a leading group of climbers. Early on the climb, ... Read more

Hidden prodigy? Jai Courtney took his first stage

  Early on the stage, five optimistic riders attacked on the first climbs of Roumoules - Puimoisson. They managed to keep a gap between them and the peloton until they reached the final... Read more

Armando Silveira takes GP Funen for the second time

  Armando Silveira, Jonas Pro Cycling, had it all when the ending of GP Funen was near. With a perfect position in the peloton, all he had to do was timing his sprint - and he succeeded... Read more

Dilmen eyes history in Ochjor
by Zee, at 15/4-17 - 07:39 GMT , Comments (2)

  By Emery Paquette
  Turkish ace Hüsnü Dilmen will be on a hattrick when he lines up for the opening stage of the Perm Tour today in Russia.
  Already a general classification winner at Monte Rosa Tour and Norway

Tour this season, the 27-year-old Manisaspor rider will be looking to make history with a third feather in his cap.
  While the parcours do not exactly suit the climber to a tee, he will know the lack of technical time trialists at this year's... Read more

A spot of bother at Perm
by Zee, at 14/4-17 - 20:01 GMT , Comments (3)

  By Kerry Purget
  There is trouble brewing in the Britcycles camp ahead of their fourth tilt at the lucrative Perm Tour, with reports of discontent between riders and a team split down the middle.
  With less than

24 hours to go to the prestigious cycling event, it is understood that team principal ryant's decision to promote French roeleur Walter Buisson as leader over homegrown lad Declan Doherty has fractured relations both in and outside the team.
  ... Read more

The Awards of season 39
by Finz, at 30/3-17 - 17:03 GMT , Comments (4)

  Written by Donald of Andeby
  That time of year again. The time for honoring the heroes of last season and making them a part of the history books. Don was obviously too for the heroes of S39 and couldn’t be bothered to say a couple of words,

much like the live-show at the chat, where he was obviously in a hurry to spend some alone-time with his hands.
  We started the whole thing by doing a trial-award, just to check that Don’s microphone was working. We tested with the u23-aw... Read more

Press Releases


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