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Roubaix Classic - A Preview
by Dan Kauffman, at 27/11-18 - 15:25 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by Dan Kauffman of Hub City Cycling
  The second Division 1 Classic of Season 47 takes place in "Cobblestone Heaven" or as it's often referred to in real life, "The Hell of the North." Is it, of course, northern France, where 249 kilometers

of rough roads will challenge 24 teams and 144 riders to an endurance test unlike any other.
  Legends of this event include Landon Naumann (three-time winner from Seasons 3-5), Julian Pope (three-time winner, Seasons 18, 20 and 27), Gasp... Read more

Alpe d`Huez Classic - A Preview
by Dan Kauffman, at 20/11-18 - 16:27 GMT , Comments (4)

  Written by Dan Kauffman of Hub City Cycling
  The first Division 1 Classic of season 47 is a doozy, perhaps the OCM's premier mountain test — the 232-kilometer Alpe d'Huez Classic in France, with climbs over the Col de Galibier and the Col de

la Croix de Fer before the finishing summit of the legendary Alpe d'Huez itself. This is a race in which only the fittest and finest climbers will be left battling for the title — but of course, the support they get in getting to that final monstrous climb will be critica... Read more

New Transfer Rules
by Schiavi di Don, at 5/9-18 - 13:21 GMT

  This thread does not feature the complete set of rules. You can find that in the stickied thread on the Transfer forum Hiya guys, ... Read more

Tweaking and Changing Engine
by Team Zyte, at 25/10-17 - 23:58 GMT

  Hey guys I have decided to make a change in the race engine as an experiment, and also, as announced the other day, I have tweaked the in... Read more


Ward Engelbert
Age: 27
Team: AnnoDomini.

World Champion, Season 46.

Most recent result:
1 - World Championships

Recent Results

Port Louis - Port Louis
1Gerold ImmelTeam airik
2Estéfano VenturaTeam airik
3Hermann WaldmannTeam airik

Mr. Madman´s Mad Race
1Maddox CanapiniBurren Connemara
2Reynaldo Sanzekaitz team
3Ethan Birdtrackstah07
Critérium La Provence
by Finz, at 4/11-18 - 12:02 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by Dan Kauffman of Hub City Cycling
  The Critérium La Provence is the final Division 1 Classic of Year 46. Its 203 kilometers sends riders through beautiful French scenery, much of it rolling up and down one mountain or hill after another.

While it slightly favors the top climbers, it's a race that a well-rounded rider, strong in climbing, downhills, hills and flat roads, can excel in without needing to be the absolute best in any one category. And that will be how I analyze this race, with the top conte... Read more

Norway Tour - A Preview
by Don Hamstre, at 25/9-18 - 10:13 GMT , Comments (11)

  Written by Don Hamstre of Schiavi di Don
  Starting a day on the Lofoten is always a good thing. Even when you are preparing yourself for a week of suffering. No surprise then, that most of the teams that signed up for Norway Tour have decided

to arrive here early. I managed to speak with most of them on a tour through the local hotels and bars. I asked them the obvious questions, who their captain is, what their goal is for the tour, what their favourite country apart from Norway is, and because the deciding TT i... Read more

Race Reports

Gerold Immel's first victory: Port Louis - Port Louis

  Hermann Waldmann launched the sprint in Port Louis - Port Louis, though he wasn't able to follow up when Gerold Immel and Estéfano Ventura rushed by. The victory ended safely in the ... Read more

Maddox Canapini rides to victory

  Maddox Canapini insured a proud victory for Burren Connemara in Mr. Madman´s Mad Race. Only a few inches ahead of the other sprinters, Maddox Canapini showed prosmising sprinting abi... Read more

Braith Rixon fastest in Ruoen - Paris

  Fissa's Braith Rixon defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Ruoen - Paris. Yorie Ekelhoff from Drapeau Noir opened the sprint with Braith R... Read more

Edmonton Red Deer Tour - A Preview
by Don Hamstre, at 24/9-18 - 10:19 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Don Hamstre of Schiavi di Don
  The wildlife surrounding Edmonton is breathtaking. Not only because there are bears chasing you, but also by the pure natural beauty of the landscape. Just before Edmonton Red Deer Tour starts in William

Hawrelak Park, I decide to enjoy nature and take a hike along the parcours. Walking across Emily Murphy Hill, the first real challenge for our riders, I get a good impression of how tough this race might be. After a while longer I reach Walterdale Bridge, a 100yr old stee... Read more

The Alex's Late Show - Jonas
by Buciu Alexandru, at 10/8-18 - 15:34 GMT , Comments (14)

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello, everybody! How are you? Today’s guest is one of the best in terms of first spots and money in the game and also, his riders have the most awards won. He is a true Danish and in love with tropical,

underwater landscape. Please help me in welcoming the one that holds the name, but is not part of the band...Jonas from Jonas Pro Cycling!
  ALEX: Thank you for accepting my invitation! How are you?
  Jonas: Thank you for in... Read more

The Alex's Late Show - Andeby
by Buciu Alexandru, at 20/6-18 - 18:31 GMT , Comments (15)

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello, everybody and welcome to The Late Show! It is a nice and sunny day and we have a new guest to learn from! His name is short and sharp, he claims he comes from Norway, but his passport says something

else. You can find there Comoros, Turkey or even Australia! Please let me know in welcoming the one, the only, the man from everywhere...Donald of Andeby!
  ALEX: How are you?
  Donald: G’day mate. Im superb. Happy to be b... Read more

Press Releases

The Lance Freak Night Show EP1: Financial Bubble

  That's right, just like in the real cycling market; we see that insane amounts are paid (to say the least) to hire promises or contrasted riders. The inflationa...

New Captain

  Razvan Vaduva from shok2 signed a contract with US Postal for the next 3 seasons. He will be replacing our current leader Pete ''Bullet'' McCain. Like Pete, he ...

Tour of the Sanreizan

  With few hours to open the sign up in Japan, US Postal was racing in Canada with the probable 6 that will race in Tour of the Sanreizan. Pete ''Bullet'' McCain ...

OMG, it's Div 1! Let me out of here!

  Your team participated in Kuala Lumpur Classic. Ayr McCann finished 7 th as your best rider. You earned 6.000 $. Ayr McCann had super legs during the race. ...