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Race of the Minutemen Ed.43 - A Preview
by KrMees, at 22/9-21 - 16:19 GMT , Comments (10)

  Written by KrMees of Velosipedska
  Greetings to all, welcome to my second ever statistical preview for the Race of the Minutemen! Let’s take a look at the participants and what the stats have to say about this edition of the American tour. I

tried to include every team, so 20/24 teams are mentioned by name, and riders from those other 4 teams are mentioned in the article.
  Team Participations:
  Appearance record holder BCTeam will make their 23d appearance at the A... Read more

Vuelta de los Castillos – A Preview
by The Erwinator, at 13/9-21 - 08:43 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by The Erwinator of Silenzio
  Vuelta de los Castillas, a race so easily in the shadow of the great Germany Tour. But only the best of the best are participating edition after edition. The challenging terrains offer opportunities to shine

for every sort of rider, climbers with a hilly punch, time trialists, technical sprinters and of course the allrounders who battle each other in the mountains over the GC. Who will claim the throne in the old castle?
  With a lot of TT-specialists in the fie... Read more

U23 Tour: La Génération Future
by Schiavi di Don, at 11/10-21 - 14:44 GMT

  It’s time for the Young stars to shine! I am happy to present something that will hopefully give a nice little boost to the U23 calenda... Read more

Lead Out Trains
by Team Zyte, at 15/8-21 - 00:11 GMT

  Hello everyone For a long time, it has been possible to set up your lead out train and give riders different roles in that lead out train... Read more


Steinar Bredesen
Age: 27
Team: Temora Tornadoes.

World Champion, Season 57.

Most recent result:
2 - Vuelta a Valparaìso

Recent Results

Petrovce - Petrovce
1Frode StenslandVagelonsen
2Godfried De MunckUnited Sports Club
3Karsten LarsenVagelonsen

Husky the Muskie Cup
1Kosma ŚwiątekGalloways Pies
2Sebastian HjortCarpe Diem CC
3Wibo HazesGalloways Pies
OCM Awards Gala S57
by Don Hamstre and several other writers, at 24/8-21 - 20:30 GMT , Comments (15)

  Written by Don Hamstre and several other writers
  ‘Did I really promise to organize an Awards Gala again this season? In what kind of state was I when I did that?’
  It was not a good morning for me just over a month ago. I didn’t

know what location to book, I didn’t know which hotels to reserve for all the nominees, their teams, and their families. And most important of all, I did not want to spend the money that is required for such a festivity.
  But then, my new social medi... Read more

Lappi Sea GP and Grasse - Toulon preview
by Christian, at 28/6-21 - 13:29 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Christian of Team WonderDee
  We take a look ahead to a pair of hill sprint classic in Finland and France on Thursday and Saturday, the Lappi Sea GP and the Grasse - Toulon.
  Both races tend to suit the

kind of punchy riders with quick sprint finishes, with the Grasse - Toulon usually being contested by reasonably-sized group sprint finishes, and the Lappi Sea GP offering more for breakaways.
   Lappi Sea GP
  ... Read more

Race Reports

Brilliant debut for Frode Stensland

  The activity in the peloton was high in Petrovce - Petrovce. Several riders attempted to break away. When the peloton passed the first 20 km, Karsten Larsen (Vagelonsen), Frode Stensl... Read more

Kosma ?wi?tek wins in Husky the Muskie Cup

  Galloways Pies's Kosma ?wi?tek defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Husky the Muskie Cup. Wibo Hazes from Galloways Pies opened the sprin... Read more

Brilliant debut for Eaton Parriott

  Early on the stage, five optimistic riders attacked on the first climbs of Albacete-Madrid. They managed to keep a gap between them and the peloton until they reached the final climb.... Read more

Race of the Minutemen - A Preview
by KrMees, at 23/6-21 - 09:06 GMT , Comments (10)

  Written by KrMees of Velosipedska
  Greetings to all, it is my pleasure to announce another statistical analysis for a tour in OCM: the Race of the Minutemen! Let’s take a look at the participants and what the stats have to say about this edition

of the American tour.
  Team Participations:
  Treaty City CC will be participating in this tour for the 18th time. Their first RotM appearance was in season 7, when Sherard Kalbach finished 22d in GC (4th in YC). Current p... Read more

Vuelta de los Castillos – A GC Preview
by Yuri, at 15/6-21 - 09:47 GMT , Comments (13)

  Written by Yuri of Yuri SuperTeam
  Preview Vuelta de los Castillos
  Bienvenidos a Sagunto for yet another edition of the Spanish Tour “Vuelta de los Castillos”! This edition we’re celebrating the 40 anniversary

of the Tour and the lineup is super strong! Still, this edition won’t count with the defending champion Shu Jin who this year decided to skip the Tour. This way Shu won’t be able to try his 3rd win in a row, a feat only achieved by Farruco Alonso back in editions... Read more

Norway Tour – A YC Preview
by Yuri, at 11/6-21 - 09:59 GMT , Comments (1)

  Written by Yuri of Yuri SuperTeam
  Preview Norway Tour
  With the GC and SC done and dusted, it’s time for us to check the Young Classification for this season’s Tour. One curiosity from this Classification is

that it was only introduced on the 2nd edition of the Tour, so on the first edition, there was no YC winner.
  So out of the remaining 30 editions, only 4x (13,3%) the YC winner was also crowned the GC winner of the Tour. Those winners were:
  -... Read more

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