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The Alex's Late Show - Andeby
by Buciu Alexandru, at 20/6-18 - 18:31 GMT , Comments (15)

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello, everybody and welcome to The Late Show! It is a nice and sunny day and we have a new guest to learn from! His name is short and sharp, he claims he comes from Norway, but his passport says something

else. You can find there Comoros, Turkey or even Australia! Please let me know in welcoming the one, the only, the man from everywhere...Donald of Andeby!
  ALEX: How are you?
  Donald: G’day mate. Im superb. Happy to be b... Read more

The Alex's Late Show - S5E3
by Buciu Alexandru, at 14/5-18 - 10:32 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello and welcome to another episode of the show! I hope you spent a nice time so far and Giro is entertaining you besides OCM! Today’s guest is a person whose comments entertained us for the past seasons

and we sure had a lot to read. We also met his team in races and is not something you would like to come across, especially if you don’t like chaos. He is also the nightmare of the comments, as he arguably has the most posts written. Please, help me in welcoming the Du... Read more

Tweaking and Changing Engine
by Team Zyte, at 25/10-17 - 23:58 GMT

  Hey guys I have decided to make a change in the race engine as an experiment, and also, as announced the other day, I have tweaked the in... Read more

Training and Division Bonus
by Team Zyte, at 23/10-17 - 23:44 GMT

  Hey guys I have planned a few changes in the game in an attempt to make it easier for new teams. Two of the changes are already in pla... Read more


Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup
Age: 40
Team: ABK.

3rd in the OCM Tour.

Most recent result:
1 - The Mollerup Memorial

Recent Results

Pozzo di Gotto GP
1Emil BallingTeam Sjatan
2Alba IannelloCiclistica orobica
3Aberto GalatoCiclistica orobica

The Moose Jaw Chase
1Lombard MiddletonZetas
2Evaristo CamarinhaEuropunks
3Dunc RoachEuropunks
The Alex's Late Show - S5E2
by Buciu Alexandru, at 17/4-18 - 16:16 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello and welcome to The Late Show with Alex! Now that the Easter has passed for both Catholic and Orthodox and I hope you enjoyed it, I think is time for a new edition of the show. Our guest for today is

from a Catholic country, but has an Orthodox name. He is the one, the only...Yuri of Yuri SuperTeam!
  ALEX: How are you?
  Yuri: Happy and Proud as any Portuguese could be after our 2nd place on the CoN
  ALEX... Read more

Cobble Trouble, S44 Edition 2
by Milo, at 24/3-18 - 20:35 GMT , Comments (2)

  Written by Milo of Cloud Atlas
  We continue our report on the Cobble classics and tours in an unusually cold spring in Belarus. This edition of the Minsk CBGP included freezing gusts of wind and snow. It was just the edge that the Russian Miron

Tredyakovsky needed for a long duel with Theofanis Anastasakis who looked clearly shaken by the weather. Tredyakovsky not only won the prestigious Minsk trophy but also a huge kiss from NightmareChaos public relations director Nikita in a celebration drenched in Belarusian... Read more

Race Reports

Team Sjatan's Emil Balling takes victory

  Emil Balling, Team Sjatan, had it all when the ending of Pozzo di Gotto GP was near. With a perfect position in the peloton, all he had to do was timing his sprint - and he succeeded.... Read more

Lombard Middleton shows talent

  The Moose Jaw Chase became an interesting race, as Dunc Roach from Europunks and Evaristo Camarinha from Europunks opened up the stage with an astonishing attack after only 19 km. The... Read more

First win for Raoul Pinzón

  Raoul Pinzón, Australian Warlord, was the fastest rider among the participants in the individual time trial race, Tioga TX TT. Raoul Pinzón was incredible fast on the final kilometr... Read more

Cobble Trouble, S44 Edition 1
by Milo, at 12/3-18 - 07:27 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by Milo of Cloud Atlas
  The new season brings many hopes and aspirations from all the Cobble teams in OCM but as the season gets underway and riders endure the cold rain and knuckle-breaking paths, an elite few emerge. We begin the Cobble

season with a bang at the Roubaix Classic which surprised many of the favorites by an early breakaway that did not give way despite an aggressive chase by riders of the like of Schwartz, Loudon, Camata and Cresaco. Of the chasing group, only Gale Reason was able to move ... Read more

The Alex's Late Show - S5E1
by Buciu Alexandru, at 5/3-18 - 10:21 GMT , Comments (15)

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello, everyone and welcome to the Late Show, this time with Alex! As you may know, I took over from JHDZ. We all thank you, JHDZ for the shows you put together! Let’s give him a big round of applause!

  Yeah, that’s it! And now, moving on to our first show of the season! As you know, the awards of season 43 are just around the corner. And since they are so close, I challenge you to answer to this question – Do you think that Jonas and his team Jonas Pr... Read more

Salon des Refusés
by Unknown writer, at 23/2-18 - 07:57 GMT , Comments (6)

  And the turtles, of course...all the turtles are free, as turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be. - Dr S
  The awards season is on us.

toiling away in the lower divisions will not be ignored this season as the SdR highlight those division 2 teams.
  I give you the third "Salon des Refusés" - exhibition of rejects.
... Read more

Press Releases

McPherson Retires, Becomes Kravchenko’s Trainer

  An era of downhill cycling has officially ended today, as Travis McPherson has stepped away from his bicycle. He has, however, stepped toward Aurel Kravchenko...

500 points barrier... CHECK

  After some struggling during the last weeks, finally Cesario Polo, our sprinting captain, had a new podium, pushing us up through the 500 points for the first t...

Velo Hyundai Week in Review S45-D51

  Week in Review Young guys begin training as old vets find their legs. Recent additions Lowder and Oertling got to work training in their respective fields. Al...

Velo Hyundai 2.0

   After taking two years to help in the redesign of a certain car... Dom as returned to his team to manage once again. As he returned he found his shop still sta...