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Face to Face with a Legend - Aleksander Hetland
by Don Hamstre, at 16/11-20 - 15:13 GMT , Comments (12)

  Written by Don Hamstre of Schiavi di Don
  Even the best careers come to an end at some point. In what will hopefully be a series of articles, I will speak to Legends of OCM whose career has reached its final destination, the retirement home.

very first guest is (currently) the number one overall points scorer in OCM History, it’s the one and only Aleksander Hetland!
  I met up with him in an online meeting, and he was kind enough to answer all of my questions during the course... Read more

WT Review: Canada
by paceuts, at 7/11-20 - 17:10 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by paceuts of paceuts
  With the World Tour season now in the books, it’s time to look back at Canada’s performances this year.
  Final Standing: 7th (720 points) – 5th with 1080 points last year

CoN: 15th (160 points) – 5th with 580 points last year
  Top rider: Ethanael Parsley -13th with 240 points
  Most selections: Angus Papke, Bud Castleberry, Albert Lowrey – 7 each.
  For more stats, see http://w... Read more

Wages - Re-activated
by Team Zyte, at 22/11-20 - 21:16 GMT

  Hello everyone As you all probably know, the wage system was not functioning for quite a while. It had problems before as well. Now... Read more

Performance Optimization
by Team Zyte, at 13/10-20 - 09:19 GMT

  Hey guys I hope you are all doing well. Recently, we have seen more and more performance related bugs. The most common thing is show l... Read more


Coby Emery
Age: 25
Team: LoleursLovers.

Winner of Zürich-Bern-Zürich, Season 55.

Most recent result:
3 - Innsbruck-Salzburg

Recent Results

Munich (ITT)
1Harold FaivreNJ procycling
2David GalkinComfius
3Maximiliaan EkelhoffDrollevangers

Vuelta Centro Histórico de Trinidad
1Otto Alwindeflits
2Adler Milsteaddeflits
3Fabio Camarrodeflits
Coppa della Famiglia del Don - A Preview
by Don Hamstre, at 4/11-20 - 08:44 GMT , Comments (11)

  Written by Don Hamstre of Schiavi di Don
  What is the pinnacle of egocentrism? Some would say Alexander the Great naming half his empire Alexandria. Others would attribute it to Nero playing the harp while Rome was on fire. There are plenty more

examples, both from classical and recent times.
  None of those, however, will trump my own humble attempt today. I will be presenting an article about the Cup created in my honor. I have asked all participants questions, including one relating to my life. I... Read more

Fast on Wheels - A Preview
by The Erwinator, at 29/10-20 - 08:29 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by The Erwinator of Silenzio
  Preview Fast on Wheels
  It may be a minor tour in the OCM-world in the obscure fifth division, but it’s hard to imagine a race that is being more disruptive for the local

communities in Denmark than the Fast on Wheels tour! The lesser gods of the sprinting scene have it all to fight for here, and the pure time trialists with some ability to survive a hill can dream of everlasting glory. Two of the present riders tasted this glory when they cr... Read more

Race Reports

Harold Faivre steals the focus

  NJ procycling's Harold Faivre set an unbeatable tempo in the time trial race, Munich (ITT) (Stage 7 of Germany Tour). Without hesitating or looking back, Harold Faivre powered ahead o... Read more

Success for Klas Møller

  None's Klas Møller defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Neath - Port Talbot. Quinn Bistrup from The Champs opened the sprint with Klas M... Read more

Otto Alwin takes outstanding victory

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in Vuelta Centro Histórico de Trinidad. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no ... Read more

Nederlandse Tour - A Preview
by Frank Holwerda, at 28/10-20 - 08:26 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  A lot of teams are here to make a good performance and it will be a big battle for every second in every stage.
  At first, we will start with a prologue in the northern

part of The Netherlands, in the city of Groningen, famous on the large number of cyclists in the non-Covid-19 era, going to and from the university.
  We will see some nervous faces in preparation of the time trial. Especially last season’s tour winner ... Read more

Volta ao Porto - A Preview
by Simon de Montfort, at 28/8-20 - 14:33 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Simon de Montfort of AnnoDomini
  Portuguese towns and roads are ready to welcome the colorful peloton once again in the Volta ao Porto tour. The 44th edition will feature 144 riders from 44 countries. The most represented countries

include the home nation Portgual with 15 cyclists, we also have 11 Belgian riders, 10 from Netherlands and also 10 from Australia. Lets take a quick look at each team captains to see which riders are the main favorites to wear the jerseys in Porto after 10 stages of racing. ... Read more

WT Preview: Netherlands
by Frank Holwerda, at 28/8-20 - 14:32 GMT , Comments (3)

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  Season 54 is going to be a special season for the Netherlands with not one but two managers! WT manager Jicky Nonkers asked for help and Frank Holwerda was happy to help him out. Frank will do the

Clash of Nations while Jicky takes on the other races. Both managers are interviewing each other about their plans and expectations.
  Frank: Will we see Netherlands dominating in some terrain soon?
  Jicky: I'm not sure it is e... Read more

Press Releases

Magyar gets a star moment again

  Team Formand United's new star, 31 year old Somfalvi Csaba, yet again did a power demonstration. The so called "Magic Magyar" by fans grabbed another second ...

Summary of all races we did in div. 5

  München TT (Day 65): While the team was still celebrating the promotion to the fifth division and/or racing in division 6 stage race Oddessey of ...

1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare a Top Form War

  Saturday saw 4 of our riders each unlocking top form in unison, giving the team an estimated weeks worth of excellent winning potential. We have already achi...

Alípio Almada's future on the line on the NL Tour

  After the very disappointing 23rd place in Helsinki GP Mini by Alípio, due to a very unfortunate small crash on the last 10 km of the race, Yuri came to the pr...