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Preview Vuelta de los Castillos Nr.47
by The Erwinator, at 8/3-23 - 21:49 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by The Erwinator from Silenzio
  A very interesting Vuelta is coming up this weekend. In this short preview we give an overview of the major contenders for the GC and SC.
   Gjermund Lervik (AK Pro Race)

is 24 years young and THE favorite for the Youth Classification, but also both GC and SC are not out of range: his climbing skills combined with his technical capabilities and his above average time trialing make him a very dangerous contender in each o... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S63
by Don Hamstre, tommy, Hugo Noil, Peter Marcelo, Erwinator, MW, dustin, and Williamson, at 21/2-23 - 15:08 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Don Hamstre, tommy, Hugo Noil, Peter Marcelo, Erwinator, MW, dustin, and Williamson
  Joy to the world! Cyclists around the world have once again been invited to the Awards Gala. A time for celebration, prizes, and usually a lot of stuff

going wrong. But what you can always be sure about, is that at the end of every season, there is an Awards Gala. Every single season, without exception. Especially last season, which was great and definitely happened. Time to move on to the celebrations!
  ... Read more

New Tour Fest 2023: Week 3
by Schiavi di Don, at 7/3-23 - 13:33 GMT

  New week, new tour! Division 3 is my current home, so it was quite difficult to not make a tour that fits my team perfectly, but I think I'... Read more

New Tour Fest 2023: Week 2
by Schiavi di Don, at 1/3-23 - 13:19 GMT

  The new tour festivities continue! Today we move to Scotland (and England) for the new division 1 tour. Of course division 1 has a lot o... Read more


Medwin Gebert
Age: 30
Team: Andeby.

World ITT Champion, Season 63.

Most recent result:
3 - Patryk Drozdowski Trophy Cup

Recent Results

Mt. Washington ITT
1Danilo MazzaFretexHIBAS
2Tristão Vilaçarooney17
3Ruggero ImbrignbioDodge

1Wouter DriessenDeRodeLantaarn
2Yoeri CoopmansNavarone Cycling Team
3Simão da CruzTeam AEK
The Green Fairy - Ed. 7
by Don Hamstre, at 24/12-22 - 12:47 GMT , Comments (4)

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  Dear readers, welcome to this special Awards themed edition of The Green Fairy! Next to some of our regular sections, we have contributions by some experienced Awards Article writers. We hope you enjoy

  The Awards: surprises, successes, and highlights
  written by Peter Marcelo of Team Orion 365
  Season 62’s awards saw great successes for two riders in particular. Armand Maiga caught the eyes of many m... Read more

The Green Fairy - Ed. 6
by Don Hamstre, at 12/9-22 - 16:26 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  History and Myths: Ian Defley
  Ian Defley had a pretty nice career. He won a classic, won a Tour stage, and finished 10th in the overall rankings in Season 13. He was

a very well-liked guy, and his team Dodge was very thankful to have a rider like him. However, this is not what Ian defley is known for. His final result was in season 19. He was 35 back then. But Ian had no intention of quitting. And so a legend was born. Season 20, 36yo, 2... Read more

Race Reports

Klas Møller takes outstanding victory

  Early on the stage, five optimistic riders attacked on the first climbs of Bytóv GP. They managed to keep a gap between them and the peloton until they reached the final climb. At th... Read more

Danilo Mazza steals the focus

  The tough and steep time trial, Mt. Washington ITT (Stage 5 of Race of the Minutemen), was very exciting, as nothing was termined before the final riders finished. Tristão Vilaça (r... Read more

Wouter Driessen takes the victory

  DeRodeLantaarn had the race under control as Stage 3 of Essex Tour was about to be terminated in a tough sprint. The supporting riders of Wouter Driessen made the job easy for him, an... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S61
by Don Hamstre, Frank Holwerda, Hugo Noil, wronskian, MW, dustin, and Williamson, at 29/8-22 - 14:18 GMT , Comments (8)

  Written by Don Hamstre, Frank Holwerda, Hugo Noil, wronskian, MW, dustin, and Williamson
  Yarr! The OCM Awards Gala is sailing for adventure on the big blue wet thing. This may or may not be due to a small disagreement with the tax authorities.

But can you think of a better setting for the best of the best to get their Awards than the ocean?
  As usual, I see nothing that can go wrong, so let’s start the show!
  Our first presenter of the night is (Lance) Williamson, take it away La... Read more

The Green Fairy - Ed. 5
by Don Hamstre, at 12/7-22 - 10:05 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  History and Myths: The Average Man who became Very Nice
  Some people are born for greatness. Wit Feaux was not one of these people. He was born to be average. Although

it’s not quite as simple as that. This is the story of a rider who went from super talent, to plain average, to Classic and Tour winner.
  As a kid, Wit could never decide if he wanted to become a climber or a sprinter. In his youth, he dev... Read more

Vuelta a Valparaìso Nr.20 - A preview
by Deano, at 30/6-22 - 12:09 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by Deano from Bilsky
  The planes have started to touch down in Chile as riders and fans arrive in South America ahead of the 20th edition of the Vuelta Valparasio. We will take a look at each team and try to predict what will happen on

the roads to Valparasio before the legs begin to burn:
  Time Indaiatuba
  Summary: After an injury to Haneiko in the build-up put an end to Indaiatuba’s GC hopes, the team has switched focus to the SC wi... Read more

Press Releases

Velogames Weekly!

  Time for the weekly update for the classics games. Ladies first: 6 2023-03-23 12:30:00 Classic Brugge-De Panne Cat 2 7 2023-03-26 10:00:00 Gent-Wevelgem Cat...

Falcon Snatches Silver In The Air

  The high, cold airs of the Bulgarian steep mountains at the Rila Lake was the perfect terrain for Lauro "Falcon". Mr. Falco was as often before one of the clear...

Little Update

  The supporting cast for Roels and Moneole is growing with the recent additions of Markovic, Carlier and Benitez and the immediate goal is to reach div 1 for La ...

Flyers fall down on the job

  "Sacha Perrin suffered from a crash that influenced his performance the rest of the race. Sacha Perrin suffered from a mechanical issue. LeBron Johnson suffered...