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Race of the Minutemen Ed.54 - A Preview
by Bolt, at 10/6-24 - 12:21 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Bolt from POM Wonderful.
  Welcome All to the 54th edition of the Race of the Minutemen! It’s great to be writing to you all from American Soil! With 24 teams vying for glory, competition will be fierce. This year boasts a strong field

and there are only 6 stages to be won and 3 jerseys to be taken home. Home will etch their name in the history books? Let’s take a look at the teams toeing the starting line.
  POM Wonderful
  Manager Bolt ... Read more

Volta ao Porto Ed.59 - A Preview
by Deano, at 5/5-24 - 21:18 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Deano from Bilsky.
  With the opening stage only days away, excitement is starting to build for edition 59 of the Volta ao Porto, one of the three grand tours in OCM. 24 teams are en route to Portugal; each with different goals and ambitions.

We will preview each team and predict the final standings in Porto below.
  Skudehavnen CC
  Summary: TT’ers Maldarasanu and Cumali are here for the TT’s and Hjorth should be in the mix in the sprint... Read more

Official OCM Discord
by Schiavi di Don, at 20/6-24 - 10:19 GMT

  Time for OCM to move on with the time and join the most popular group communication platform we have! On the Discord, you'll be able to ch... Read more

Bonus Seconds for (Some) Tours
by Team Zyte, at 16/3-24 - 21:01 GMT

  Hello everyone With the recent new time engine, the dynamics of "sprinting" tours (or other tours with non-challenging stages and thus no... Read more


François Uyambaje
Age: 33
Team: Team AEK.

Winner of Norwich-London, Season 69.

Most recent result:
1 - Norwich-London

Recent Results

World Championships ITT
1said Al-QaaqLoleursLovers
2Raymond SeidelCycling team FPS
3Axel Cassar DesainSchiavi di Don

Nors ITT
1Kasper TankinkDopping Team
2Faustino PeresDopping Team
3Diego ClercNouss
OCM Awards Gala S66
by Don Hamstre, Williamson, dustin, Hugo Noil, and Alexander, at 22/11-23 - 15:15 GMT , Comments (11)

  Written by Don Hamstre, Williamson, dustin, Hugo Noil, and Alexander
  Narrator: Some people say you shouldn’t organise an important event while you’re hungry. Don disagrees, so the following events are all his fault.

I woke up feeling a bit peckish. And it just happened to be the day when the OCM Awards Gala was planned. So why would I not use this event to my advantage? Of course I could just order a takeaway, but it’s much better to get global cuisine delivered to you... Read more

Salon des Refusés
by Yuri, at 9/11-23 - 09:25 GMT , Comments (6)

  Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it - V
  No awards, the overlords declare! Tat I say, in the face of oppression.
  I give you "The Salon des Refusés" - exhibition of rejects.

  Season 66 awards:
  Best Climber
  1: Alexander Tenander (drake racing) 1210pts
  2: Kerry Donovan (Snooman) 1120pts
  3: Sjoerd... Read more

Race Reports

None's Klas Møller wins

  Armidale TimeTrial (Individual Time Trial race) became very interesting and incredibly close, as Klas Møller (None) only just managed to beat Koloda Tsyganova (TeamSchäfer) w... Read more

said Al-Qaaq powers to victory

  said Al-Qaaq, LoleursLovers, was the fastest rider among the participants in the individual time trial race, World Championships ITT. said Al-Qaaq was incredible fast on the final kil... Read more

Kasper Tankink shows talent

  Dopping Team's Kasper Tankink set an unbeatable tempo in the time trial race, Nors ITT. Without hesitating or looking back, Kasper Tankink powered ahead on the flat roads. Fastest on ... Read more

Men Become Gods Tour Ed.2 - A Preview
by KrMees, at 29/10-23 - 13:29 GMT , Comments (4)

  Written by KrMees from Velosipedska.
  Men Become Gods Tour #2
  Welcome readers! This preview was written a bit hastily and I haven’t been active for 6 seasons so perhaps I am a bit rusty. I’ve asked teams what their strategy

was and who their captains were, so if I’m wrong I’m blaming the people who didn’t respond ;) Take my evaluations with a grain of salt, and enjoy the team descriptions.
  Agnetha Faltskog
  One of only 2 real sprint teams a... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S65
by Don Hamstre, Alexander, Peter Marcelo, Hugo Noil, Erwinator, dustin, and Williamson, at 31/8-23 - 10:32 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by Don Hamstre, Alexander, Peter Marcelo, Hugo Noil, Erwinator, dustin, and Williamson
  Hello everyone, and welcome to the OCM Awards: World Tour!
  Why stick to one place every season to present the Awards there, when there

is so much that’s beautiful in the world to go to! And before you all start complaining about the pollution that sending reporters around the world will cost: of course we just let them cycle to their destinations, not like they have anything else to do!
 &nbs... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S64
by Don Hamstre, Williamson, Erwinator, Alexander, dustin, Peter Marcelo, and Hugo Noil, at 6/6-23 - 13:19 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Don Hamstre, Williamson, Erwinator, Alexander, dustin, Peter Marcelo, and Hugo Noil
  The Show of Shows, our beloved Awards Gala, is of course the biggest event in the world. But due to some unfortunate events during consecutive editions,

the viewing numbers have been steadily declining. So this season, we took our time to prepare a big event that will get us back on the world stage: OCM Awards Eurovision edition!
  We will show the world how diverse our OCM community is t... Read more

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