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Essex Tour S48 - A Preview
by Frank Holwerda, at 8/4-19 - 09:51 GMT , Comments (1)

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  Defending champion Odovic will not defend his title, so from Tuesday on we will be looking for a new Essex champion. A lot of strong riders are in a very good shape and it might very well be a very

interesting to follow. I will introduce the teams to you and the predictions.
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Late Show with JHDZ - S7 E1
by JonhatanHernandez, at 1/4-19 - 10:12 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of
  The night is cold, dark. Not a soul in the streets of Queretaro. At the traffic light, green, yellow, red alternate. I sit. I think. A lot of

things. That have no place in being written here. What matters is that among the latter, I enjoy writing. And cycling. And OCM. I´ve come to realize that I miss interviewing random people on this game that somehow caught my attention and has come to be a part of my routin... Read more

Upper Division Calendar fix
by Schiavi di Don, at 20/1-19 - 18:35 GMT

  Over the past week, Llotyhy and me have been working on a large scale review of the OCM calendar in all divisions. The lower divisions have ... Read more

Lower Division Calendar fix
by Schiavi di Don, at 11/1-19 - 23:28 GMT

  Over the past few seasons Division 6 proved to have too few races. After taking a closer look at the calendar, I also found out that there ... Read more


Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup
Age: 40
Team: ABK.

4th in the OCM Tour.

Most recent result:
1 - The Mollerup Memorial

Recent Results

Bangor Climbs Mini
1Estanislao CarreteroSPVTEAM10
2Quirijn EllermanBilderberger Racing
3Cristofer CisnerosAtfinov

Hot Springs - Chimanimani (U23)
1Gabriel TsakatiBroderbergbund
2Dieter SchenckTTT
3Santiago ValentinBor Gullet Cycling
Tour of the Sanreizan - A Preview
by Tim Woolman, at 25/3-19 - 13:19 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Tim Woolman of Junee Racing Team
  24 teams are set to tackle to beautiful scenery of Japan for the seventh edition of Tour of the Sanreizan.
  While every rider will be admiring the cherry blossoms and

the splendor of Mount Fuji, it looks like the General Classification could turn into a two horse race between Aleksander Konjevic of Junee Racing Team, and Chatwin Stiver of Driehoek. Both are in TF with strong teams behind them.
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Patryk Drozdowski Trophy Cup S48 - A preview
by Frank Holwerda, at 18/3-19 - 16:00 GMT , Comments (5)

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  This will be the first edition of this Trophy Cup in honor of Patryk Drozdowski himself. The cup is held in Poland and is for the teams in the Top Division. This tour is not about time differences,

but about points scored in the each of the three stages.
  The Cup consists of a hard TT stage, a Climbing stage and a technical Downhill stage. The third stage is the King stage and gives more points.
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Race Reports

Estanislao Carretero battles to victory

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in Bangor Climbs Mini. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succeed.... Read more

Perfect debut for Gabriel Tsakati

  The many climbs in Hot Springs - Chimanimani (U23) didn't give any good ideas for the riders. No riders attacked the entire stage through. When the final climb was near, the strongest... Read more

Dennis van Bommel powers to victory

  Sterk Cycling's Dennis van Bommel defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Hit and Run on Mafia Island. Lode Van Paemel from Cios Vigo opened... Read more

Haute-Normandie S48 - A preview
by Frank Holwerda, at 14/3-19 - 16:22 GMT , Comments (11)

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  There is a strong line-up in France this season with lots of established riders who have proved themselves as good cobblers. On the other hand we also have a lot of new riders who are battling for

the YC and at the same time battling for top-9 spots in the GC.
   1 2 Cycle
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On Polish Cups (and its not alcohol)
by JonhatanHernandez, at 12/3-19 - 10:28 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of TeamQuetzal
  When one googles polish cups, the first result is what the national soccer teams have been up to as of lately. Alcohol and wine also appear when you look carefully, but no one seems to be talking about

the new event in the highest division of the international cycling circuit. Of course, it seems as if cycling was nothing more but the misfit in sports world. The least paid, most suffered, overhated and underestimated. However, we must fight through it, as nature demand... Read more

Monte Rosa Tour - A preview
by Yuri, at 8/3-19 - 17:15 GMT , Comments (8)

  Written by Yuri of Yuri SuperTeam
  Hello everyone and welcome to the 35th edition of the Swiss Tour "Monte Rosa Tour"! To better introduce the Tour, we've invited each Team to present themselves to the community and asked what their goals were

for the Tour. Hope you guys like it, read it and in the end feel free to post which Team was the most interesting for you!
  Don't forget to follow the Tour on day 20 for it's first stage!
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Press Releases

With Garcia injured, cobble team enters tour

  Garcia took a heavy fall in Vilcea, which robbed him of a chance at victory. "I got too excited. Sometimes excitement hurts later." With the British champion...

Classics season

  After missing out on the sign up for the early season tours, the classic Oslo will be the highlight of the season. 3-time top 5 finisher Freek Fossaert will lea...

Tor Overland Retires

  After coming off our talent pool Tor Overland has decided to retire. Being a 1 team rider meant a lot to the team and to Tor. He retires with the most wins of a...

Up to Division 4

  Finally , our team made it to higher division which is the highest rank we ever reach. I truly hope our boys could keep fighting to stay in Division 4 as lo...