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15:10 GMT         Day 83 of 90, Season 39    

Germany Tour - a preview
by Finz, at 7/2-17 - 18:08 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Simon de Montfort of AnnoDomini
  38th edition is coming up. Last 6 editions were all about a duel between Drozd and Farruco.
  How will it be this time? Lets take a look at the teams who signed up and try to

what they may achieve this time.
   Team Celeste
  The best Swedish team comes with a bunch of very strong and experienced climbers. They will be supporting Kane Laporte, a 28yo rider who was 8th and 5th in... Read more

OCM Awards Gala S38 Hike
by Finz, at 30/12-16 - 08:56 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Don Hamstre of Schiavi di Don
  ‘Hello everyone, and welcome to the OCM Awards Gala S38 Hike’
  Instantly, a lot of faces went blank. All nominated managers, riders, and some invited guests, were gathered

on Festplassen, in the city centre of Bergen, Norway.
  ‘Come on people, everyone here does hiking, most of them don’t even mind carrying children, dogs, or both at the same time up a mountain, so don’t be so weak and follow me’, the Don, who a... Read more

U23 World Championships
by Team Zyte, at 11/12-16 - 22:59 GMT

  Hello everyone For this season, the World Championships will move to Argentina and Argentina will host the first U23 championship. The... Read more

Rules on Loan Deals
by Schiavi di Don, at 8/12-16 - 13:01 GMT

  Hello everyone, After listening to the discussions on the forum, and a short discussion with Nick, we have decided on what to do with loa... Read more


Patryk Drozdowski
Age: 29
Team: Indurain team.

Germany Tour Winner, Season 39.

Most recent result:
1 - Germany Tour

Recent Results

Odense - København
1Clifford WelchUiltje
2Lonzo Gonzagasuomi superstars
3Popo AtusigilaTeamQuetzal

Eryri Classic
1Bohdan KrejzaCyclists
2Arturo De la VegaDrake Racing
3Keegan PinsonHog Bay CT
The new season 39
by Finz, at 3/12-16 - 23:52 GMT , Comments (9)

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  The new season is three days old and some of you may already have tasted the success of victory or the dissapointment of failure. I do wonder, what does it taste to you, success or failure.

goals are set, some are already put onto ice for next season some are still going strong. 90 days, now only 87, are ahead of us and we are looking forward to those things we want to win most. Will there be a new number one, will there be a new winnner in... Read more

Le Salon des Refusés
by Finz, at 1/12-16 - 22:29 GMT , Comments (7)

  An article just slipped into my room from under my frontdoor
  "Our masters have not heard the people's voice for generations and it is much, much louder than they care to remember." - V
  For too long the OCM awards

have been dictated from above by the corrupt who flaunt their Maffia connections. Today the people say no!
  We say no to waiting half a season for results.
  No to the exclusions of races from awards.
  No to secret requirements... Read more

Race Reports

Clifford Welch battles to victory

  Uiltje had a perfect day after controlling the race in Stage 6 of Fast on Wheels. The sprint was set perfectly for Clifford Welch, who just had to sprint along and win when his team m... Read more

Bohdan Krejza brings stage win for Cyclists

  Eryri Classic was exciting all the way through. Several riders tried their luck on the climbs, yet the stage were to be terminated by a leading group of climbers. Early on the climb, ... Read more

Márcio Fialho outrun his competitors

  Three riders attacked on the stage of Championnat des Ardennes after 44 km. The riders were good at cooperating until 15 km before the ending of the stage. Kadir Gonçalves from Bywat... Read more

The World Championships s38
by Finz, at 30/11-16 - 21:26 GMT , Comments (4)

  It is day 90 of the season and that is the last day of the season and only one day before the new season starts. Many teams have already left shop and are waiting for the first kilometers in the new season. Besides the amateurs in the lowest division we also have the infamous

World Championships that are held in Top Division. This season they were held in the Netherlands, more specific, Limburg, the most southern tip of the Netherlands.
  Passing cities and villages and following a southern route we embark from M... Read more

The new achievements
by Finz, at 24/11-16 - 00:12 GMT , Comments (6)

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  I just discovered there is a disc presented to me in the Palmares section. It says that I have earned an achievement. For me it was an achievement because I finished in the top nine of five tours. That is worth

the bronze medal for finishing tours. That is indeed something to be proud of but, as of now I can also show it to everybody who is interested in my success.
  As I have found out by asking around and searching for other teams with achieveme... Read more

The Awards - season 37
by Finz, at 16/10-16 - 23:20 GMT , Comments (7)

  Written by Don Hamstre of Schiavi di Don
  The OCM world has been left in confusion over the past few weeks. Why hasn’t there been an Awards Article yet? Is it true that The Don was seen leaving the Awards Live Results being incredibly drunk

and holding a trophy in his hand? Is it true that The Don had all the time of the world to write an Awards Article but decided to watch baseball instead? All this, will be answered in this article. The answers to the second and third question are quite simple by the way, bu... Read more

Press Releases

NL Bondscoach gezocht

  Voor alle Nederlandse managers die nog meer lol willen, grijp die kans:

Rick Cramer

  As fate would have it, Eldon Kinstley did not return from his job in them to sign up for Mount Evans or the World Championship. But my thorough combing of al...

Back on Track

  Getting back on, after a long break we are back and ready to win some races! This week we will ride 3 races and we expect high results. After this week we ...

Gearing Up For WC (U23), Team Inks Two From EEO

  Jason Harris will hopefully be joined by four domestiques at this year's Under-23 World Championships, including Florian Antpohler and two newcomers from the Ba...