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Gerold Immel's first victory: Port Louis - Port Louis

  by OCM News

  Hermann Waldmann launched the sprint in Port Louis - Port Louis, though he wasn't able to follow up when Gerold Immel and Estéfano Ventura rushed by. The victory ended safely in the hands of Gerold Immel who proudly lifted his arms high. About the length of a wheel beh... Read more

Maddox Canapini rides to victory

  by OCM News

  Maddox Canapini insured a proud victory for Burren Connemara in Mr. Madman´s Mad Race. Only a few inches ahead of the other sprinters, Maddox Canapini showed prosmising sprinting abilities. Right behind him, the two rivals, Reynaldo Sanz (ekaitz team) and Ethan Bird (t... Read more

Braith Rixon fastest in Ruoen - Paris

  by OCM News

  Fissa's Braith Rixon defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Ruoen - Paris. Yorie Ekelhoff from Drapeau Noir opened the sprint with Braith Rixon right behind him, though Yorie Ekelhoff had no chance to follow his competitors wh... Read more

Lars van Hoegaerde sees possibilities

  by OCM News

  Three riders attacked on the stage of Werne - Solingen after 29 km. The riders were good at cooperating until 15 km before the ending of the stage. Cornelis Klaasen from Bolletjestruii could not follow Ronald Diaz (raggeaetr) and Lars van Hoegaerde (Bolletjestruii) who ... Read more

Clas Casastur's Marijn van Putten takes victory

  by OCM News

  Marijn van Putten was the fastest rider in the peloton when Szeged - Röszke was coming to an end. Marijn van Putten speeded up and managed to get several meters ahead of the competitors in the ordinary sprint. Behind him was Jean-Michel Verduijn, Jolly Wheels, struggli... Read more

None in front; Klas Møller wins

  by OCM News

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in Los Angeles Street Race. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succeed.
  When the final climb was near, None and Koloda Tsyganova made sure no one coul... Read more

Debut for Niek Hermans

  by OCM News

  Niek Hermans insured a proud victory for Team Decokay in Halifax Grand Prix. Only a few inches ahead of the other sprinters, Niek Hermans showed prosmising sprinting abilities. Right behind him, the two rivals, Barrett Royall (Remco1982) and Danek Rauniste (chupacabra),... Read more

Hidden prodigy? Fontana Borrello took his first stage

  by OCM News

  The many climbs in Verona-Bolzano G5 didn't give any good ideas for the riders. No riders attacked the entire stage through. When the final climb was near, the strongest riders settled themselves in front of the peloton. parderodas took a confident lead, supporting Font... Read more

Tomas Casas's first stage win

  by OCM News

  Tomas Casas, Albacity team, was the fastest rider among the participants in the individual time trial race, Lecce - Lecce (ITT). Tomas Casas was incredible fast on the final kilometres, as he was only second at the last split time. Infront of him was Favorit Rokycany's ... Read more

Ludano Moreni powers to victory

  by OCM News

  Aachen CB became an interesting race, as Bernardo Meira from ekaitz team and Silvanio Rivero from SESIGNA opened up the stage with an astonishing attack after only 10 km. The two riders managed to keep a gap to the peloton all the way through the stage, though one rider... Read more

Lennard Pothuizen signs with skils
  by OCM News

  Recently, Lennard Pothuizen signed a contract with skils, which means that Lennard Pothuizen will now ride for skils. The rider from Netherl... Read more

Mohd Syamsuri Omar now racing for Cyklista
  by OCM News

  Recently, Mohd Syamsuri Omar signed a contract with Cyklista, which means that Mohd Syamsuri Omar will now ride for Cyklista. The rider from... Read more

Rio Fiz in Equipo Easy On's jersey
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Rio Fiz will be riding for Equipo Easy On in the future. We had many ... Read more

Damario Minguet in Equipo Easy On's jersey
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Damario Minguet will be riding for Equipo Easy On in the future. We h... Read more

Equipo Easy On's new name: Viktor Flaten
  by OCM News

  Viktor Flaten recently signed a deal with Equipo Easy On, says public sources, and manager of Equipo Easy On, Eli , confirms. Viktor Flaten ... Read more

Maciej Szyszko now racing for skils
  by OCM News

  Maciej Szyszko will in the future be riding for skils, as a new contract recently was made. Maciej Szyszko has already been seen training wi... Read more

Thomas Stuckens joins Bajen Belfast
  by OCM News

  Thomas Stuckens recently signed a deal with Bajen Belfast, says public sources, and manager of Bajen Belfast, daggeg, confirms. Thomas Stuck... Read more

Matro Funes signs with Equipo Easy On
  by OCM News

  Recently, Matro Funes signed a contract with Equipo Easy On, which means that Matro Funes will now ride for Equipo Easy On. The rider from C... Read more

Radek ?ukaszewski now racing for Cyklista
  by OCM News

  Radek ?ukaszewski recently signed a deal with Cyklista, says public sources, and manager of Cyklista, Evon, confirms. Radek ?ukaszewski will... Read more

Zachariah Schuck deals with Team Sørensen
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Zachariah Schuck will be riding for Team Sørensen in the future. We ... Read more

The Lance Freak Night Show EP1: Financial Bubble

  That's right, just like in the real cycling market; we see that insane amounts are paid (to say the least) to hire promises or contrasted riders. The inflationa...


New Captain

  Razvan Vaduva from shok2 signed a contract with US Postal for the next 3 seasons. He will be replacing our current leader Pete ''Bullet'' McCain. Like Pete, he ...


Tour of the Sanreizan

  With few hours to open the sign up in Japan, US Postal was racing in Canada with the probable 6 that will race in Tour of the Sanreizan. Pete ''Bullet'' McCain ...


OMG, it's Div 1! Let me out of here!

  Your team participated in Kuala Lumpur Classic. Ayr McCann finished 7 th as your best rider. You earned 6.000 $. Ayr McCann had super legs during the race. ...



  Well, wow, just wow. Top Div, 1st in England, 46th worldwide. Three things that I felt potentially would never happen. We haven't flown up the rankings, w...


Best Young Team of the Season

  A big thanks to everyone who was voting for Goege Team! :-)...


Confirmed moves

  Pete McCain signed a new contract with team Drollevangers, that will take effect after Tour of The Sanreizan, confirmed manager Lance Armstrong during his daily...


Dark Red

  Tobias, our dark defender of the night, has been acting weird as of late. He became even more shy of the light, and started refusing to eat the Don's pasta menu...


What's coming for 2020 in cycling?

  After reading that Sky will not extend his sponsor contract, a new window it's open right now in the international peloton. If the current squad led by David Br...


Top Division

  After a string of successes and chained top forms from all of our captains, Navarone Cycling Team has managed to break into Top Division for the first time in t...


The Hugo Boemans Award Show | Season 46

  The Jan-Joost Dussel Trophy for Best Sprinter Hugo Boemans 87 Leonid Gribov 62 Miles Illingworth 34 Pascual Mancuso 17 Ayr McCan...