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Success for Charro Albo

  by OCM News

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in Arrecife - Femés. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succeed.
  When the final climb was near, ChaFalote and Jeremy Hughes made sure no one could a... Read more

Aleksander Hetland wins Rosenheim - Königsbrunn once again

  by OCM News

  With lovely weather in Germany, all the riders were ready to do their best in Rosenheim - Königsbrunn - and som certainly did. Gerhard Dussel from Cyclists went away from the peloton after only 15 km.
  The peloton kept the tempo high, and Gerhard Dussel slowly lost h... Read more

Korneli Filip's first stage

  by OCM News

  The activity in the peloton was high in Fréjus - Col de Turini. Several riders attempted to break away. When the peloton passed the first 13 km, Abelardo Romo (Sanchx), Korneli Filip, (Polish Fighters) and Nahor Maggidi (Crouch End ) launched an attack. The peloton did... Read more

André Pinto wins in Belgium

  by OCM News

  The many climbs in Terneuzen - Oostburg didn't give any good ideas for the riders. No riders attacked the entire stage through. When the final climb was near, the strongest riders settled themselves in front of the peloton. Ludolfina Lublin took a confident lead, suppor... Read more

Debut for Coos Verheijen

  by OCM News

  Coos Verheijen outrunned his rivals in the finishing sprint of Lagos Grand Prix. No one could catch up with him as he reached top speed. Behind Coos Verheijen were Yorrick Bergkamp and Khalil Al-Madani who became second and third respectively.
  Coos Verheijen wasn't s... Read more

Darkwave Recordings's Axel Collet takes victory

  by OCM News

  Axel Collet was the fastest rider in the peloton when Mutrah - Wadi Kabir was coming to an end. Axel Collet speeded up and managed to get several meters ahead of the competitors in the ordinary sprint. Behind him was Marko Šket, Team MaXy, struggling with Jostein Aune ... Read more

Vlado Kitanovski took advantage of the situation

  by OCM News

  De Bitterballetjes's Vlado Kitanovski defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Port Elizabeth - Uitenhage. Levi Willemsen from Team Lekke Tubes opened the sprint with Vlado Kitanovski right behind him, though Levi Willemsen had ... Read more

Graham Rae holds off Custódio Sacadura

  by OCM News

  Saxon Cycling had the race under control as Svenstrup KWC was about to be terminated in a tough sprint. The supporting riders of Graham Rae made the job easy for him, and he managed to claim the victory safely. He was hardly threatened by his competitors, Custódio Saca... Read more

Ulrich Schaffer conquers his first race

  by OCM News

  danny5 had a perfect day after controlling the race in Flevoland Silver Race. The sprint was set perfectly for Ulrich Schaffer, who just had to sprint along and win when his team mates launched the sprint. It was a close race between Václav Svetr from CK Denis Orlova a... Read more

Cristian Lanos's first victory

  by OCM News

  Cristian Lanos outrunned his rivals in the finishing sprint of Kuala Lumpur Classic. No one could catch up with him as he reached top speed. Behind Cristian Lanos were Amery Bucklew and Igor Derzhavin who became second and third respectively.
  Cristian Lanos wasn't su... Read more

Lennard Pothuizen signs with skils
  by OCM News

  Recently, Lennard Pothuizen signed a contract with skils, which means that Lennard Pothuizen will now ride for skils. The rider from Netherl... Read more

Mohd Syamsuri Omar now racing for Cyklista
  by OCM News

  Recently, Mohd Syamsuri Omar signed a contract with Cyklista, which means that Mohd Syamsuri Omar will now ride for Cyklista. The rider from... Read more

Rio Fiz in Equipo Easy On's jersey
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Rio Fiz will be riding for Equipo Easy On in the future. We had many ... Read more

Damario Minguet in Equipo Easy On's jersey
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Damario Minguet will be riding for Equipo Easy On in the future. We h... Read more

Equipo Easy On's new name: Viktor Flaten
  by OCM News

  Viktor Flaten recently signed a deal with Equipo Easy On, says public sources, and manager of Equipo Easy On, Eli , confirms. Viktor Flaten ... Read more

Maciej Szyszko now racing for skils
  by OCM News

  Maciej Szyszko will in the future be riding for skils, as a new contract recently was made. Maciej Szyszko has already been seen training wi... Read more

Thomas Stuckens joins Bajen Belfast
  by OCM News

  Thomas Stuckens recently signed a deal with Bajen Belfast, says public sources, and manager of Bajen Belfast, daggeg, confirms. Thomas Stuck... Read more

Matro Funes signs with Equipo Easy On
  by OCM News

  Recently, Matro Funes signed a contract with Equipo Easy On, which means that Matro Funes will now ride for Equipo Easy On. The rider from C... Read more

Radek ?ukaszewski now racing for Cyklista
  by OCM News

  Radek ?ukaszewski recently signed a deal with Cyklista, says public sources, and manager of Cyklista, Evon, confirms. Radek ?ukaszewski will... Read more

Zachariah Schuck deals with Team Sørensen
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Zachariah Schuck will be riding for Team Sørensen in the future. We ... Read more

oh my

  riders been on race break for 538 days. RIP Speedyb. Can't believe I use to spend so much time on this site hahahaha Kinda miss it...


For mye sprit??

  Vi har nå havnet i 6. Divisjon! Manager Grey Goose spør seg selv om dette skyldes uante mengder sprit den siste tiden, noe som ikke kan avkreftes. Har vi ...


Gearing up for the Monte Rosa

  On the eve of the start of the 30th edition of the Monte Rosa in Bern, we interviewed the teams GC hopeful Johnathan Berthelsen to see what his aims and ambitio...


Seasons first tour

  Cas Bleiswijk is preparing to be tour captain for the first time. He´s still young but needs to get the feeling for the captain role as the team starts prepari...


Froome?? i don't know what to think....


Team Chili - Season 42

  Rank: 11th (-3) Points: 2658 (+28) Aus Rank: 1st (8th season in a row) Riders: Royce Dodemaide 'Roy' OCM Rank: 4th (+31) Points: 1590 (+730) Aus Rank: ...


Medical Report

  After many attempts, we finally succeeded with the manager's medication. We have seen Hur much more focused and with less delusions. Goodbye to the altars of ...


Il Gatto Rosso

  Every respectable Mafia-boss needs a cat to accompany him. After a grey one, a white one, a black one, a black-and-white one, and a spotted one, it is now time ...


The system for injured rider is very very bad

  From day 1 to day 15 I have raced 5 times BA or PL to increases the TS and RS and skip some other races with chance on prices. Yesterday and today 1 rider injur...


Garcilaso wins Vejle-Kobenhavn

  His 2nd classic win. Great result....


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   Team value: 4.027.657 $ ...