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Olivier Kremer struggles to first victory

  by OCM News

  The many climbs in Toledo - Cascavel didn't give any good ideas for the riders. No riders attacked the entire stage through. When the final climb was near, the strongest riders settled themselves in front of the peloton. Ac Saverne took a confident lead, supporting Oliv... Read more

Feliciano Tigre takes outstanding victory

  by OCM News

  Even though several riders tried to break away, no one managed to keep it going in Gran Premio EEO. The strongest riders in the peloton stayed together in the leading group. The finishing climb became a secretion of riders, until Feliciano Tigre (Byttingvik) and Reinoud... Read more

Victory for Emil Markwalder

  by OCM News

  Goege Team's Emil Markwalder defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Valdiva - Valdiva. Tobias Bauer from Goege Team opened the sprint with Emil Markwalder right behind him, though Tobias Bauer had no chance to follow his compe... Read more

Guálter Sacramento makes his dream come true

  by OCM News

  Roblox 's Guálter Sacramento defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Hagi - Yamaguchi. Hugo Benevides from Roblox opened the sprint with Guálter Sacramento right behind him, though Hugo Benevides had no chance to follow his ... Read more

Philip Wijkstra outrun his competitors

  by OCM News

  Hardkorre's Philip Wijkstra set an unbeatable tempo in the time trial race, Afsluitdijk Tijdrit (ITT). Without hesitating or looking back, Philip Wijkstra powered ahead on the flat roads. Fastest on all split times, he secured his victory with a good gap to the second o... Read more

Edgar Russo's first victory: Guyang ITT

  by OCM News

  Guyang ITT (Individual Time Trial race) became very interesting and incredibly close, as Edgar Russo (Favorit Rokycany) only just managed to beat Brad Guster (Dare Pelton) with two seconds. Another few seconds behind them was Himangsu Saheer from Favorit Rokycany... Read more

Miriuta Györgyné has what it takes

  by OCM News

  With lovely weather in Belgium, all the riders were ready to do their best in Alle - Cornimont - and som certainly did. Peebles Townslie from Hawkstonia Velo went away from the peloton after only 13 km.
  The peloton kept the tempo high, and Peebles Townslie slowly los... Read more

Ignace Bourgois did it

  by OCM News

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in Ochjor Climbs. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succeed.
  When the final climb was near, Velo Club Bored Man and Johann Ursulet made sure no one c... Read more

Tijl Meulenbergh seals victory

  by OCM News

  GrandPrix Ochjor was exciting all the way through. Several riders tried their luck on the climbs, yet the stage were to be terminated by a leading group of climbers. Early on the climb, Tijl Meulenbergh (Rode Stier) launched an attack, and he managed to get away alone. ... Read more

Victory for Khammouaoue Louanglath

  by OCM News

  Khammouaoue Louanglath insured a proud victory for Mtbikecoach in Nanyuki – Meru. Only a few inches ahead of the other sprinters, Khammouaoue Louanglath showed prosmising sprinting abilities. Right behind him, the two rivals, Anzelmo Calvo (Mtbikecoach) and Wolf Danz ... Read more

Lennard Pothuizen signs with skils
  by OCM News

  Recently, Lennard Pothuizen signed a contract with skils, which means that Lennard Pothuizen will now ride for skils. The rider from Netherl... Read more

Mohd Syamsuri Omar now racing for Cyklista
  by OCM News

  Recently, Mohd Syamsuri Omar signed a contract with Cyklista, which means that Mohd Syamsuri Omar will now ride for Cyklista. The rider from... Read more

Rio Fiz in Equipo Easy On's jersey
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Rio Fiz will be riding for Equipo Easy On in the future. We had many ... Read more

Damario Minguet in Equipo Easy On's jersey
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Damario Minguet will be riding for Equipo Easy On in the future. We h... Read more

Equipo Easy On's new name: Viktor Flaten
  by OCM News

  Viktor Flaten recently signed a deal with Equipo Easy On, says public sources, and manager of Equipo Easy On, Eli , confirms. Viktor Flaten ... Read more

Maciej Szyszko now racing for skils
  by OCM News

  Maciej Szyszko will in the future be riding for skils, as a new contract recently was made. Maciej Szyszko has already been seen training wi... Read more

Thomas Stuckens joins Bajen Belfast
  by OCM News

  Thomas Stuckens recently signed a deal with Bajen Belfast, says public sources, and manager of Bajen Belfast, daggeg, confirms. Thomas Stuck... Read more

Matro Funes signs with Equipo Easy On
  by OCM News

  Recently, Matro Funes signed a contract with Equipo Easy On, which means that Matro Funes will now ride for Equipo Easy On. The rider from C... Read more

Radek ?ukaszewski now racing for Cyklista
  by OCM News

  Radek ?ukaszewski recently signed a deal with Cyklista, says public sources, and manager of Cyklista, Evon, confirms. Radek ?ukaszewski will... Read more

Zachariah Schuck deals with Team Sørensen
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Zachariah Schuck will be riding for Team Sørensen in the future. We ... Read more

Barry Gamble... maxed :/

  84 CL 60 DH 29 HL 40 AV Not ideal... BUT he’s still 19. He MAY be valuable as a U23 domestique... for me or for someone else, for the right price... Any...


Division 5

  Because of Espen Faaborg's 4th place in the Jubilee Tower Race we finally reached Division 5 for the first time in the team's history! As thrilled as we are to ...


Back in the game

  After a long hiatus HOFC has re-entered the game. Looking forward to there first races in a few years. The manager of HOFC is hopeful that the new team will per...


Prakard Attack

  I always know that it's good to have more than one capable winner in our team , apart from The Mouse we still have Prakard which he always has ability to shine ...


Farruco Alonso retired...

  ... today....


Pattaya Panache

  Our boy did it from breakaway !! I always know that Pattaya " Beach " Srimaka had potential and he delivered very well in Brisbane Cobbles which he won from bre...


McPherson Retires, Becomes Kravchenko’s Trainer

  An era of downhill cycling has officially ended today, as Travis McPherson has stepped away from his bicycle. He has, however, stepped toward Aurel Kravchenko...


500 points barrier... CHECK

  After some struggling during the last weeks, finally Cesario Polo, our sprinting captain, had a new podium, pushing us up through the 500 points for the first t...


Velo Hyundai Week in Review S45-D51

  Week in Review Young guys begin training as old vets find their legs. Recent additions Lowder and Oertling got to work training in their respective fields. Al...


Velo Hyundai 2.0

   After taking two years to help in the redesign of a certain car... Dom as returned to his team to manage once again. As he returned he found his shop still sta...


Espen Faaborg

  Our young potential tour talent Espen Faaborg has maxed earlier in two important skills (CL and DH) than we expected, we are sad but at the same time still hope...