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Success for Klas Møller

  by OCM News

  Even though several riders tried to break away, no one managed to keep it going in Beja - Beja. The strongest riders in the peloton stayed together in the leading group. The finishing climb became a secretion of riders, until Klas Møller (None) and Koloda Tsyganova (Te... Read more

Isaac Brun's first victory: Gran Fondo Mendoza

  by OCM News

  Even though several riders tried to break away, no one managed to keep it going in Gran Fondo Mendoza. The strongest riders in the peloton stayed together in the leading group. The finishing climb became a secretion of riders, until Isaac Brun (Pdc Cycling Team ) and Do... Read more

Chemo Meléndez shows talent

  by OCM News

  Three riders attacked on the stage of Pedro Juan Caballero after 29 km. The riders were good at cooperating until 15 km before the ending of the stage. Aurelio Ramos from Hammil could not follow Haraldo Arbizu (Hammil) and Chemo Meléndez (Hammil) who increased the spee... Read more

Sencio Ubidia claims his first title

  by OCM News

  After only 14 km of Bordano GP a big group of 15 riders left the peloton behind. The peloton never saw the break away group again, and the stage was to be terminated by the attackers. Several riders tried to attack from the peloton in order to catch up with the break aw... Read more

Jonty Reynolds's first victory: Grevenmacher - Diekirch

  by OCM News

  Early on the stage, five optimistic riders attacked on the first climbs of Grevenmacher - Diekirch. They managed to keep a gap between them and the peloton until they reached the final climb. At the bottom of the climb, the group of favourites passed them. Rider by ride... Read more

Culvert Whinery wins in Kigali Memorial Centre Race

  by OCM News

  Men of Steel's Culvert Whinery defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Kigali Memorial Centre Race. Troy Yager from Team Boehringer opened the sprint with Culvert Whinery right behind him, though Troy Yager had no chance to fol... Read more

Peter Ridge wins in Veracruz - Puebla

  by OCM News

  After only 9 km of Veracruz - Puebla, 2 riders got away from the peloton, which had a hard time cooperating. The two riders, Peter Ridge (BGK Cycling Team) and Florian Vermeesch (Millican), kept increasing their lead and it seemed like it would no end take. Late in the ... Read more

Brilliant debut for Denley Ruppin

  by OCM News

  The many climbs in Boise Climbs didn't give any good ideas for the riders. No riders attacked the entire stage through. When the final climb was near, the strongest riders settled themselves in front of the peloton. Zeroheroes took a confident lead, supporting Denley Ru... Read more

Everardo Vendabal's first stage

  by OCM News

  Sidon Climbs was exciting all the way through. Several riders tried their luck on the climbs, yet the stage were to be terminated by a leading group of climbers. Early on the climb, Everardo Vendabal (LAFIAT) launched an attack, and he managed to get away alone. No one ... Read more

Debut for Heine Helgesen

  by OCM News

  With lovely weather in Poland, all the riders were ready to do their best in Plock CB - and som certainly did. Pattanapong Petchsuwan from teamsi went away from the peloton after only 11 km.
  The peloton kept the tempo high, and Pattanapong Petchsuwan slowly lost his ... Read more

Season 52 midterm test

  School has opened again in the virtual world of OCM. Despite reality classes have started again in the digital world of cycling. Our team has failed in the firs...


Revolving door at Canadian Nippon

  As discussed in the last press release about ten days ago, the Canadian Nippon team has seen continued changes to the team over the past ten days. Release r...


Golden Revenge

  Nato has been underfunded for his entire life. As a kid, he didn't get any pocket money from his parents. As a teenager, he was underpaid by his boss at the loc...


Four in the National Team

  Having successfully dodged the stringent OCM drug testing regime. four Clenbuterol Cheats have been selected side by side to represent the national team. Ma...


Dear diary

  Hola a todos, We have settled in Bogota for now. We are still building up the place and travel back and forth. Not at the moment due to the 'thingy' happening....


US Postal D41 (S52)

  Our hunters had a lot of work in the last hours. Rumors spread across America about a good guy, with good kidneys. So they were working after hours to catch thi...


World Communism Team: Season 52 Part II

  This new stretch of the season started poorly, as on Day 21, [flag]ethiopia[/flag] [rider]1147101[/rider] had a poor showing in [flag]France[/flag] [race]Nantes...


US Postal D39 (S52)

  Our scouts are working hard in the last hours, searching and whipping dudes all around the world. Recently we finished the transfer of [rider]1163428[/rider] [f...


Lokomotíva has won Norway Tour!

  Another outstanding milestone for Slovak team Lokomotíva Zvolen, as they succeeded in Scandinavia in one of the toughest races in OCM calendar - 9 stages long ...


Garcia wins 4th consecutive in Fort Collins

  Garcia hasn't been able to race Fort Collins every season because my team yo-yos between D3 and D4, but after finishing 3rd in edition #34, he's now win 4 strai...


Rumors: Ngay set to retire

  Rumors about the retirement of the former leader of the CC Est, Kwasi Ngay has been circulating in the OCM community recently. Whispers started to spread a few ...