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Gert Luysen makes his dream come true

  by OCM News

  Holwerda Cycling had the race under control as Clervaux Kriterium was about to be terminated in a tough sprint. The supporting riders of Gert Luysen made the job easy for him, and he managed to claim the victory safely. He was hardly threatened by his competitors, Koch ... Read more

Henning Kristoffersen conquers his first race

  by OCM News

  ASMNET had the race under control as Richmond Criterium was about to be terminated in a tough sprint. The supporting riders of Henning Kristoffersen made the job easy for him, and he managed to claim the victory safely. He was hardly threatened by his competitors, Andin... Read more

Success for Klas Møller

  by OCM News

  None had a perfect day after controlling the race in Pécs2Pécs. The sprint was set perfectly for Klas Møller, who just had to sprint along and win when his team mates launched the sprint. It was a close race between Koloda Tsyganova from TeamSchäfer and Klas Møller... Read more

Klas Møller wins in Rossony SP

  by OCM News

  None's Klas Møller defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in Rossony SP. Quinn Bistrup from The Champs opened the sprint with Klas Møller right behind him, though Quinn Bistrup had no chance to follow his competitors when Klas ... Read more

Xalbador Varela brings stage win for Zalom

  by OCM News

  Teodor Sandberg launched the sprint in Helsinki GP Mini, though he wasn't able to follow up when Xalbador Varela and Alfred Zwolinski rushed by. The victory ended safely in the hands of Xalbador Varela who proudly lifted his arms high. About the length of a wheel behind... Read more

Ivan Plank takes outstanding victory

  by OCM News

  Ivan Plank insured a proud victory for Odfjell Tankers in Wellington - Napier. Only a few inches ahead of the other sprinters, Ivan Plank showed prosmising sprinting abilities. Right behind him, the two rivals, Jean Pascal Traoré (Cycling team FPS) and Danny Willems (A... Read more

Sprit i flaskene's Merkid Dogsom makes a double

  by OCM News

  Early on the stage, five optimistic riders attacked on the first climbs of Lauchhammer - Herzberg. They managed to keep a gap between them and the peloton until they reached the final climb. At the bottom of the climb, the group of favourites passed them. Rider by rider... Read more

Brilliant debut for Dionis Antonescu

  by OCM News

  After only 17 km of Ovinki in serpentine Jezerskega vrha, 2 riders got away from the peloton, which had a hard time cooperating. The two riders, Dionis Antonescu (CARCYCL) and Fabian Friberg (Tjust Pro Racing Team), kept increasing their lead and it seemed like it would... Read more

Jokum Ådahl proves to be in good fitness

  by OCM News

  Jokum Ådahl was the fastest rider in the peloton when Blue Grotto Classic was coming to an end. Jokum Ådahl speeded up and managed to get several meters ahead of the competitors in the ordinary sprint. Behind him was Klas Møller, None, struggling with Ejvind Pingel f... Read more

Cees-Jan Groen brings stage win for Velo Club Bored Man

  by OCM News

  Cees-Jan Groen, Velo Club Bored Man, had it all when the ending of Caracalla Cup Baden-Baden was near. With a perfect position in the peloton, all he had to do was timing his sprint - and he succeeded. As he raised his arms, he could look back and see Calle Van Goolen a... Read more

Local Authorities

  With the press gathered this morning, local authorities presented a $20.000 cheque to manager Twan for our accomplishment of reaching division 3. This was a big...


Sweden #1

  After being pretty consistent in div 2 for a long time, we suddenly had several good results in a short time and reached top 30. And also the top spot for swedi...


Pawel Urbanowicz retires

  Pawel Urbanowicz has retired after spending 14 seasons with the team. Pawel joned the team in S43 when our cobble captain was Julian Cichocki. He was suppos...


Yuri SuperTeam ready for S57

  After the amazing season start where we achieved very interesting results with the TF periods from Hermenegildo Jordão (2nd in Vejle-København and 5th in Norw...


TTers on the Leave

  [rider]1124439[/rider] and [rider]1153218[/rider] are rumored to be not happy in Turkey. We are open to offers about them but they have not been put on sale. It...


A final run

  Up to today we scored 1627 points this season, virtually 33rd in the OCM-ranking! We started the season in division 5, but we could start the new season in Top ...


3 trainees and not much money :-)

  The manager of De Bitterballetjes was a very active the last couple of days, except from his real life. He had a week off, that's why. The consequences are seve...


This week

  It is on to the Ardennes this week! Two races for men and women Men: 2021-04-14 10:00:00 De Brabantse Pijl Cat 3 2021-04-18 10:00:00 Amstel Gold Race Cat 2...



  our Potus #1, BrokenChain has had a busy time recently at Team Universal Soup. We had triggered Top Form on [rider]1162333[/rider], our first Top Form period on...


10000 points

  Is this worth a press release? Probably not, but we‘re happy to have reached this milestone. ...


Legendary Drahomír Slovák retires

  [flag]Slovakia[/flag] [rider]1122683[/rider] did an outstanding job in Chile, and finished on the podium of [tour]Vuelta a Valparaìso[/tour] without top form, ...