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Emesto Batto's first victory: Bangaluru Grand Prix (U23)

  by OCM News

  Stroopwafel had the race under control as Bangaluru Grand Prix (U23) was about to be terminated in a tough sprint. The supporting riders of Emesto Batto made the job easy for him, and he managed to claim the victory safely. He was hardly threatened by his competitors, M... Read more

Brilliant debut for Conrad Khambule

  by OCM News

  Conrad Khambule, Team Legends, had it all when the ending of Copa Ciclismo Campeche (U23) was near. With a perfect position in the peloton, all he had to do was timing his sprint - and he succeeded. As he raised his arms, he could look back and see Denys Jouy and Maxwel... Read more

Happy Denis Tikhonov after first win

  by OCM News

  Three riders attacked on the stage of Delamere Park Criterium after 28 km. The riders were good at cooperating until 15 km before the ending of the stage. Arnfinn Petersen from team barolo could not follow Darius Hedeler (Casinoto) and Denis Tikhonov (Baltimore Knights)... Read more

Wubbe Molhoek fastest in Arica Time Trial

  by OCM News

  Bing Team's Wubbe Molhoek set an unbeatable tempo in the time trial race, Arica Time Trial. Without hesitating or looking back, Wubbe Molhoek powered ahead on the flat roads. Fastest on all split times, he secured his victory with a good gap to the second on the stage, ... Read more

Francis Drager conquers Bayonne - Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

  by OCM News

  Francis Drager was the fastest rider in the peloton when Bayonne - Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port was coming to an end. Francis Drager speeded up and managed to get several meters ahead of the competitors in the ordinary sprint. Behind him was Tycho Hulshof, Leyton Orient Cycl... Read more

Roderick Kenton powers to victory

  by OCM News

  Even though several riders tried to break away, no one managed to keep it going in Whispers of the Oman Desert. The strongest riders in the peloton stayed together in the leading group. The finishing climb became a secretion of riders, until Roderick Kenton (Rantanplan)... Read more

First win for Benjamin Jarrett

  by OCM News

  Today was a day for the break-away?ers in Haanja - Karula. From the first kilometre, several riders were trying to get away from the peloton. The first serious attack started when a small group of riders got away from the peloton at 17 km of Haanja - Karula.
   &... Read more

Victory for Gerd Roogaars

  by OCM News

  Sotiras ITT (Individual Time Trial race) became very interesting and incredibly close, as Gerd Roogaars (Kremer) only just managed to beat Leandro Cristiano (Wheels of Steel) with two seconds. Another few seconds behind them was Konrad Grzybowski from Junee Racin... Read more

Debut for Victoriano Feijoo

  by OCM News

  Three riders attacked on the stage of Kutná Hora - Milovice (U23) after 47 km. The riders were good at cooperating until 15 km before the ending of the stage. Konstantin Vavilov from Conero cycling team could not follow Werner Kafka (Scilian) and Victoriano Feijoo (Tea... Read more

Success for Rickon Bett

  by OCM News

  Rickon Bett outrunned his rivals in the finishing sprint of Hemavan - Hemavan. No one could catch up with him as he reached top speed. Behind Rickon Bett were Gunner Pingel and Muti Fakhiri who became second and third respectively.
  My legs felt good today, so when... Read more

Lennard Pothuizen signs with skils
  by OCM News

  Recently, Lennard Pothuizen signed a contract with skils, which means that Lennard Pothuizen will now ride for skils. The rider from Netherl... Read more

Mohd Syamsuri Omar now racing for Cyklista
  by OCM News

  Recently, Mohd Syamsuri Omar signed a contract with Cyklista, which means that Mohd Syamsuri Omar will now ride for Cyklista. The rider from... Read more

Rio Fiz in Equipo Easy On's jersey
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Rio Fiz will be riding for Equipo Easy On in the future. We had many ... Read more

Damario Minguet in Equipo Easy On's jersey
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Damario Minguet will be riding for Equipo Easy On in the future. We h... Read more

Equipo Easy On's new name: Viktor Flaten
  by OCM News

  Viktor Flaten recently signed a deal with Equipo Easy On, says public sources, and manager of Equipo Easy On, Eli , confirms. Viktor Flaten ... Read more

Maciej Szyszko now racing for skils
  by OCM News

  Maciej Szyszko will in the future be riding for skils, as a new contract recently was made. Maciej Szyszko has already been seen training wi... Read more

Thomas Stuckens joins Bajen Belfast
  by OCM News

  Thomas Stuckens recently signed a deal with Bajen Belfast, says public sources, and manager of Bajen Belfast, daggeg, confirms. Thomas Stuck... Read more

Matro Funes signs with Equipo Easy On
  by OCM News

  Recently, Matro Funes signed a contract with Equipo Easy On, which means that Matro Funes will now ride for Equipo Easy On. The rider from C... Read more

Radek ?ukaszewski now racing for Cyklista
  by OCM News

  Radek ?ukaszewski recently signed a deal with Cyklista, says public sources, and manager of Cyklista, Evon, confirms. Radek ?ukaszewski will... Read more

Zachariah Schuck deals with Team Sørensen
  by OCM News

  After many deals and argeements settled, it's finally official that Zachariah Schuck will be riding for Team Sørensen in the future. We ... Read more

impressive race and bad news

   Your team participated in Ajaccio - Bastia. Costel Onut finished 4 th as your best rider. You earned 10.000 $. Costel Onut had good legs during the race. Pa...


Team Reformation and new targets

  After a hiatus, the team has been reformed with the old riders, ready to get back into pro cycling. Once a strong force in the upper divisions in the TT discipl...


Six seconds away from first Palmarès

  A little déjà vu? Yes, Lokomotíva Zvolen was again very close to first of the greatest achievements in this game - winning youth competition in a tour. This ...


bad race

  Your team participated in Clásica Guayaquil. Nick Bouwens finished 23 rd as your best rider. Gustav Creemers had an off day. Paul Backmann received an injur...


Velogames Catalunya!

  The races are coming fast now! Race starts Monday so remember to sign up before that. Also the Classics game starts today so time to do the last tweaks to yo...


Monte Rosa

  The start of the Monte Rosa is approaching and here is a quick preview of the team starting the race for us. The teams GC leader will be Berthelsen who is hopin...


Back to life

  Its been 9 years since it began, and after a lot of years away. I've reviving my team and seeing if this is still as difficult as it once was!...


Dear diary,

  About, frikkin bloody fucking, time Fuck you Nikita...


Milo van Someren about to retire

  Milo van Someren is about to retire as an active of the Oekiewakkie squad. He will captain the team one last in Route van de Delatawerken, where he scored two r...


Streak Broken

  that was six races in a row with a top 9 finisher. during that time we had 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 7th, 7th, and 8th. giving us (temporarily) top 15 in overall r...


Spring classics are coming!

  The velogames league is open!...