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15:14 GMT         Day 67 of 90, Season 55    

Niek Hermans first; Johan Roesems second

  Team Decokay had the race under control as Nibe - Løgstør was about to be terminated in a tough sprint. The supporting riders of Niek Hermans made the job easy for him, and he managed to claim the victory safely. He was hardly threatened by his competitors, Johan Roesems, second, and Florian Hüttelmeier, third.
I'm very happy for my win today. It means a lot to me, said Niek Hermans and continued: I couldn't have done this without my team. I can't thank them enough.
The manager of Team Decokay was proud of his rider today. Niek Hermans has been training and preparing himself for this race. It's an important victory - both for Niek Hermans but also for the team.

Nibe - Løgstør
Niek Hermans
Johan Roesems
Florian Hüttelmeier