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18:50 GMT         Day 3 of 90, Season 54    

Arvid Fagerli unbeatable

  Early on the stage, five optimistic riders attacked on the first climbs of AC Oporto. They managed to keep a gap between them and the peloton until they reached the final climb. At the bottom of the climb, the group of favourites passed them. Rider by rider, they couldn't keep up with the tempo set by PetrolGas, who were supporting Saynakhonevieng Vongphakdy. Right behind the riders of PetrolGas was Arvid Fagerli and Alastair O'Neal lurking. Saynakhonevieng Vongphakdy looked strong, and seemed to have a good day, but when Alastair O'Neal launched an attack, only Arvid Fagerli could follow. Arvid Fagerli made a counter-attack and was suddenly alone in the front, as Saynakhonevieng Vongphakdy caught up Alastair O'Neal once again. Arvid Fagerli secured his victory without problems, while Saynakhonevieng Vongphakdy was faster in the sprint than Alastair O'Neal.
I'm still in shock. When the attack started earlier today, I didn't expect to end up as winner, said the happy Team Formand United rider, Arvid Fagerli. Only at the very end, I realized that this could be my chance, and so it was.
Ebbe Spas, manager of Team Formand United, was happy with the result: The whole team did well today. Everything turned out as we hoped, and luckily, Arvid Fagerli was the strongest rider out there today. The proud manager didn't hide that he was satisfied with Arvid Fagerli's result. Arvid Fagerli did well. No one deserved the victory more than him. He put his focus on this stage long ago, and he kept his motivation high. I'm happy for him and the team, said Ebbe Spas.

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