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18:44 GMT         Day 3 of 90, Season 54    

Berten Ponsaert takes the victory

  Today was a day for the break-away?ers in Velike Brisnice. From the first kilometre, several riders were trying to get away from the peloton. The first serious attack started when a small group of riders got away from the peloton at 12 km of Velike Brisnice.
  The weather played a big role of today?s race. The bike got a big wash as well as the riders. The break away didn?t seem to be effected by the weather though: they kept increasing the lead. No one in the peloton took the initiative to catch up the break away due to the rainy weather.
  In the break away the riders cooperated perfectly and they kept a good distance to the peloton the entire race. With a few kilometres to go, the break away ended in a sprint. 100 metres to go, Klaus Vande Populiere launched the sprint, but both Berten Ponsaert and Abner Carder passed him in the sprint. Berten Ponsaert ended up as winner, with Abner Carder right behind him.
I'm happy the team picked me for the stage. I knew I could do it (win), and I wanted to prove it as well, said the happy winner who continued with a smile on his face: My preparations were perfect, I had a perfect day, and I won!.
The manager of sv racing united was proud of his rider today. Berten Ponsaert has been training and preparing himself for this race. It's an important victory - both for Berten Ponsaert but also for the team.

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Berten Ponsaert
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