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13:58 GMT         Day 34 of 90, Season 48    

Hidden prodigy? Barrett Royall took his first stage

  Kerry Hadaway launched the sprint in Umm Bab Race, though he wasn't able to follow up when Barrett Royall and Robert Reiter rushed by. The victory ended safely in the hands of Barrett Royall who proudly lifted his arms high. About the length of a wheel behind him came Robert Reiter claiming the second place. Kerry Hadaway, who started the drama, ended up third on the stage.
As we got close to the finishing line, I suddeny realized I had my chance today said a surprised winner. When the other sprinters launched the sprint, I just followed along, and I even managed pass them in the end.
The manager of Remco1982 was proud of his rider today. Barrett Royall has been training and preparing himself for this race. It's an important victory - both for Barrett Royall but also for the team.

Umm Bab Race
Barrett Royall
Robert Reiter
Kerry Hadaway