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22:14 GMT         Day 88 of 90, Season 68    

Gerard Zachary closes deal

  Gerard Zachary was the fastest rider in the peloton when Berane - Matesevo was coming to an end. Gerard Zachary speeded up and managed to get several meters ahead of the competitors in the ordinary sprint. Behind him was João Vecchi, Svalbard Trek, struggling with Lincoln Covenhoven from Svalbard Trek. Lincoln Covenhoven saw his competitor get across the finishing line only a few miliseconds before himself, while both of them could only watch while Gerard Zachary raised his hands for the victory.
Gerard Zachary was happy for his victory in Berane - Matesevo. I've trained a lot and aimed to win this race, and now suddenly it happened! said the satisfied winner.
The manager of Svalbard Trek was proud of his rider today. Gerard Zachary has been training and preparing himself for this race. It's an important victory - both for Gerard Zachary but also for the team.

Berane - Matesevo
Gerard Zachary
João Vecchi
Lincoln Covenhoven