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19:10 GMT         Day 29 of 90, Season 68    

Yanaël Monnier peerless in Beauvais - Amiens

  After only 9 km of Beauvais - Amiens, 2 riders got away from the peloton, which had a hard time cooperating. The two riders, Yanaël Monnier (CC ETUPES NATIONAL) and Eugene Jibiliza (Van Dijk cycling), kept increasing their lead and it seemed like it would no end take. Late in the race, too late, the peloton started speeding up, but the victory was already in the hands of the two break awayers. When the finishing line was near, Yanaël Monnier and Eugene Jibiliza had a small chat before starting the sprint. Yanaël Monnier launched the sprint, but Eugene Jibiliza quickly passed him by looking as the winner. As Eugene Jibiliza thought the victory was his, Yanaël Monnier made an amazing come-back and managed to be the first rider of Beauvais - Amiens to cross the finishing line.
As the peloton got near the end of the stage, another rider (Nteboheng Mogotsi from Hurrican) tried his luck for the third place. He safely created a small gap between him and the peloton, which was just enough for him to claim the third place.
Yanaël Monnier didn't hide his happiness for winning the stage. I have dreamed of this for long. My result today proves that hard training is worth it, said the cheerful winner, who yet has no current plans for the next race to strike at.
CC ETUPES NATIONAL's manager, pierre, was satisfied after the result in Beauvais - Amiens. Yanaël Monnier did very well today. Everything turned out as we planned it, and Yanaël Monnier had the power to win, said the manager.

Beauvais - Amiens
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