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18:46 GMT         Day 29 of 90, Season 68    

Jokum Ådahl closes deal

  The many climbs in Izola - Trieste didn't give any good ideas for the riders. No riders attacked the entire stage through. When the final climb was near, the strongest riders settled themselves in front of the peloton. Team Holmegaard took a confident lead, supporting Jokum Ådahl. The devistating tempo set by Team Holmegaard crushed rider by rider. When Jokum Ådahl ran out of supporting riders, he had only 3 other competitors to beat. One of them, Ejvind Pingel (Team Mølbro), launched a quick attack and managed to sit a lone in front for a short time. He only had Jokum Ådahl and Klas Møller (None) behind him now. Ejvind Pingel could not keep the tempo high, and eventually, both Jokum Ådahl and Klas Møller passed him by.
Klas Møller launched the sprint, but Jokum Ådahl outrunned him and became the winner.
I'm still surprised that I could do this. Only when I was getting near the finishing line I realized that I had the chance of winning, said a shocked, but happy, Jokum Ådahl and continues: I owe my team a big thank for their great support today. Without them, this couldn't be possible.
The stage couldn't turn out any better than this. Jokum Ådahl did a perfect job today, said Rasmus Pallisgaard Andersen, manager of Team Holmegaard, after the race.

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