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08:36 GMT         Day 34 of 90, Season 65    

Runar Mjelde outrun his competitors

  Runar Mjelde insured a proud victory for BOUGNAT TEAM in Brisbane Cobbles. Only a few inches ahead of the other sprinters, Runar Mjelde showed prosmising sprinting abilities. Right behind him, the two rivals, Lorenz Berton (rouches) and Nikifor Davydov (TEAM BOBYN), became second and third respectively.
Runar Mjelde was happy for his victory in Brisbane Cobbles. I've trained a lot and aimed to win this race, and now suddenly it happened! said the satisfied winner.
It's good to see Runar Mjelde fulfilling his ambitions winning this stage. He deserves the victory more than anyone else, said the proud manager of BOUGNAT TEAM, LEJAUNARD, and continued: The team was a good support for him (Runar Mjelde) today, and he clearly proved his worth in sprint.

Brisbane Cobbles
Runar Mjelde
Lorenz Berton
Nikifor Davydov