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05:55 GMT         Day 52 of 90, Season 64    

Hidden prodigy? Barney Cooke took his first stage

  Team Pinarello's Barney Cooke defeated his nearest competitors when the peloton arrived at the finishing line in De 50 van Geel. Amos Lemley from Westbay Ninjas opened the sprint with Barney Cooke right behind him, though Amos Lemley had no chance to follow his competitors when Barney Cooke boosted ahead. Barney Cooke won the stage only a few inches ahead of Team Pinarello's Dan O'Grady who took the second place. Amos Lemley barely held his position as third.
Barney Cooke wasn't surprised after winning De 50 van Geel. I simply knew I could do it. I felt good all day, and when the end was there, I gave everything I had, said the confident winner.
It's good to see Barney Cooke fulfilling his ambitions winning this stage. He deserves the victory more than anyone else, said the proud manager of Team Pinarello, Dawson, and continued: The team was a good support for him (Barney Cooke) today, and he clearly proved his worth in sprint.

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