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Young Guns 11 - part 1
by Yuri, at 15/1-20 - 13:51 GMT

  Written by Broken Chain of Universal Soup
  Welcome back everyone to the new edition of Young Guns. Same author, on a different team.
  This will be the first edition of the Young Guns article in 15 seasons, a lot has changed since then.
  First of all the author has cycled through a few teams, we've had achievements come into the game.
  Cups, More tours, more races, more transferrules, more everything... Except experience. Experience is now less effective.
  This might have effect on our article, but we will see if this happens to be or not in part two.
  In this first part we will focus on the now Old Guns ( or my lack of recognizing a good rider ) of the 10th edition.
  Tour rider:
   Erhard Ryba

  Started his career wel wat PegasusFlights and continued this form to team Andeby. Then he made a wrong choice by joining the likes of
  Johny2 who became inactive. Therefore he hasn't been able to score any result since his last in season 40.
  In the 5 seasons from the article to this sorrow ending he did have a short but good carreer.
  2nd in Cymru Taith YC (4th in GC), 2nd Giro di Montelbano YC (5th in GC) in season 37.
  Second in Volta ao Porto GC and YC in season 38 and a 7th spot in the GC in season 39 there.
  Finally a second spit in Germany Tour in season 40.
  The conclusion must be that he lived up the hype. Unfortunately his carreer was halted too early.
  Time Trialist :
   Adônis Lourenço

  one of the great victims of the downgrade of XP. He was set to have a bright future with immense levels of experience at a young age.
  However just after the article was written, the effect of XP was changed and also the

future of this rider was become more troubled.
  This can also be seen in his results. He still had a good carreer, but not what it could have been.
  2nd in the World Championships ITT in season 36. An impressive 19 results in season 38 include Cymru Taith GC and YC and 3
  wins in division one. Followed by a 7th spot in Norwich-London, a 7th in Nederlandse Tour Gc (2nd in YC).
  More notalbe results are 9th in Nederlandse Tour, and an 5th and 8th in the World Championships ITT.
  Lived up the hype? Yes.
   Eloi Costa

  "Even though Eloi Costa has only 2 u23 results in 2 seaons under his belt. We know this is going to be the next big thing!"
  Except that he wasn't. Didn't race much as captain, but has very few results.
  Most notably a 2nd spot in Perm Tour. 9th in Rotterdam Classic, 2nd in Helsinki GP
  and a 3rd in Tokyo Cup. All the results show hints of his class, but
  the lack of a constant performance means he didn't become the next big thing.
   Sylvan Berton

  Stayed with Gruppo Apparte for his whole carreer and is retired now.
  He did good things, despite being on a smaller team.
  3rd in Norway Tour YC (season 37), won RotM GC and YC and second in SC (season 38).
  Norway Tour YC (season 39), 2nd in GC (season 40).
  8th in Perm Tour and 9th in Edmonton Red Deer Tour in season 43 where he also got 3rd in
  Vuelta de los Castillos. In the seasons thereafter he got one more result in
  Vuelta de lost Castillos and 2 in VCK Classic. In his last season with results (season 50) he
  won the Norway Tour, which was the greatest win in his carreer.
  Overall he could've done better with his

   Aristarkh Ukhov

  Turkmenistan wonderkid Aristarkh Ukhov. Stayed in the now inactive team en trailer medvin for the whole of his carreer. He was succesful
  in getting results (div 2) up to season 44. Didn't seem to be in the high divisons most of the time, but even down below he
  did not rack up the wins that much. A 5th spot in season 41 Volta da Lagoa dos Patos and 9th in season 43 and a 6th in Astana GP and a 9th
  in Haute-Normandie in season 42 are his carreer highlights.
  Not the wonderkid that was expected. Still did reasonably well.
  Hill sprinter:
   Darie Mitu

  Meet Darie Mitu, a then young hill sprinter from Romania. He was for sale at the time of the Young guns article and moved to top team Comfius.
  There he didn't race at full capacity it seems. His most notable results are 4 results in Bergen Rundtur (2x2nd and 2x5th) and a second place in Essex Tour in season 43.
  Overall the decision has to be that he didn't turn out the Young Gun he was predicted to be, despite being a 332 Hill sprinter.
   Orest Baranowski

  Orest Baranowski was in small teams most of his carreer. Didn't do so well there though.
  2 wins in division 5 in season 37, a win in season 44 and 46 which were also in divsion 5.
  In season 49 he seems to have moved to Cyclocomotiv where he had 2 wins in division 6,
  4 result sin division 5,4,3 and 2.1 in season 50. Even this season he has scored a result at 36 years old
  with a 7th spot in Copa de la Historia de los Andes (division 3). Didn't live up the hype, but
  if he can score in division 3 at 36 years old, it seems his talent has been wasted a bit too.


De Bitterballetjes at 14:42 15/1-2020
  I remember I used Sylvan Berton from time to time when I was NT-coach of Belgium. Nice rider, long career. Underestimated indeed. Nice article!

Schiavi di Don at 15:05 15/1-2020
  Great recap, awesome to see the series back again. :)

Designa Legends PPDB at 16:59 15/1-2020
  Great that this is back. My favourite articles of all time.

CC Est at 17:13 15/1-2020
  Nice one

Team WonderDee at 18:27 15/1-2020
  Great recap :)

TeamQuetzal at 04:09 16/1-2020

Universal Soup at 05:54 16/1-2020
  Thanks guys, i just sent the new Guns to Yuri for processing. Some nice riders and some are even quite unknown i think.

Australian Warlord at 08:18 16/1-2020
  There's at least one in my team to watch out for.
  And shouldn't we be able to click on the cyclists?

Universal Soup at 08:51 16/1-2020
  It's possible to make it clickable, but I don't know how to do it. In the 12th edition i'll make sure i know how to do that again. ( it differs from the normal linking ).

Australian Warlord at 21:25 16/1-2020
  Codes BrokenChain

Universal Soup at 21:34 16/1-2020
  I know those, but they don't work for articles as far as i know.

Yuri SuperTeam at 11:59 17/1-2020
  Fixed the problem with the links! It's pretty complicated to be honest, but it's done!

Time Indaiatuba at 02:06 21/1-2020
  "Orest Baranowski was in small teams most of his carreer."
  Excuse me, Time Indaiatuba is not a small team. Hmm
  When I bought him I only really wanted to use him as a teammate. I tried him in downhill races occasionally but he always struggled. Scored some points in all-round races.
  Adonis Lourenco has been really disappointing in the nt races for a number of seasons now. But he's still useful as a teammate sometimes.

Universal Soup at 08:59 21/1-2020
  Ok ok, next time I'll mention the big division 5 team he was on :P I just looked where he won or had results, not what the teams were.