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Vuelta a Valparaìso Nr.20 - A preview
by Yuri, at 30/6-22 - 12:09 GMT

  Written by Deano from Bilsky
  The planes have started to touch down in Chile as riders and fans arrive in South America ahead of the 20th edition of the Vuelta Valparasio. We will take a look at each team and try to predict what will happen on the roads to Valparasio before the legs begin to burn:
  Time Indaiatuba
  Summary: After an injury to Haneiko in the build-up put an end to Indaiatuba’s GC hopes, the team has switched focus to the SC with Douglas Brasil. He arrives in Chile having won the SC in edition 17, and with top form Brasil has an opportunity to become only the second rider to win multiple SC titles after Murray Hesler of team futerko.
  Prediction: 2nd SC - Brasil
   Summary: Rumour has it that AnnoDomini will give Jonatan Edvard an opportunity to lead the team after triggering his top form. Edvard is an unknown quantity with his previous best result a 14th place at Jirisan Jostle and he will hope to sneak away on the hills surrounding Valparasio. He has a strong supporting cast and the team will look to build on their downhill DNA with a top three finish on stage 4.
  Prediction: 6th GC - Edvard
  Canadian Nippon
  Summary: Irving Watts will hope to repeat his dominant Norway tour performance but without focused preparation and a lack of hill it is difficult to picture Irving with the SC jersey on the podium at Valparasio. Once again Guillot and Fint are on the roster and have a chance at a top 9 in the prologue.
  Prediction: 2 top 9 stage results
  Temora Tornadoes
  Summary: Steinar Bredesen will be one of the big hitters this season. Having previously finished 2nd in edition 17 without top form, the former world champ arrives in Chile with eyes on the black jersey. His all-round ability is nicely suited to the tour and anything but a podium finish would be a disappointment for the Tornadoes.
  Prediction: 1st GC - Bredesen
  Summary: On paper, CARO have brought a TT Sprint hybrid team with an aim to win the opening TT and take home a couple of top 9 sprint results. The team is capable of delivering and I could see 3 riders placing in the top 9 on the opening stage in a repeat of edition 17. Voirin is a clear favourite for the TT and Viana is good bet for a stage result on the flat road.
  Prediction: 5 top 9 stage finishes
  Equipo Easy On
  Summary: EEO have brought David Hornbostel as leader. The doubters say his palmares doesn’t match his talent, but it is clear he is a climbing beast who is capable of winning this tour if given full support. David previously finished 7th in the GC and will look to build on his win at the Two Pass Tour last season. Whilst all eyes are on David, the team may give Errol Swim or Fragoso Neto a chance in the hilly sprints.
  Prediction: 3rd GC - Hornbostel
   team futerko
  Summary: Another big favourite for the SC is Swedish fastman Lennart Wester. He arrives in great form after winning the Grasse Toulon and a 3rd place at Lappi Sea GP. The team also has pedigree in the Valparasio having won the SC three times before. Maybe a fourth green jersey awaits….
  Prediction: 1st SC - Wester
  Skudehaven CC
  Summary: Skudehaven manager MoxRacing hasn’t been quiet about their goals, recently telling the media it would be a disappointment if Jannik Stenger doesn’t win it all. Although it would be surpising if Mox isn’t disappointed, Stenger is a great talent and should thrive in the hilly sprints on stages 2, 3 and four. A top 3 in the SC would be a solid outing for the Dane.

3rd SC - Stenger
  Summary: Another young hilly sprinter who will be sniffing around the green jersey is Kirill Emsky, who arrives in good shape after 4th in the Grasse Toulon, only his second result as a professional. The team will be counting on Kirill to bring home their first jersey, but his relative inexperience may prove costly on the punchy stage finishes in South America.
  Prediction: 2 top 9 stage finishes
   Ello Ello
  Summary: Ello Ello enjoy this race and have won 6 jerseys at Valparasio, including 3 GC wins. Sammut Castelletti is back after winning the YC way back in edition 10, but the goal this time will be a GC win with Belgian climber Steffe Ellesen, who has already added to his palmares this season with a win in the Andes cup. Can the Belgian conquer the roads of South America in season 61? Only time will tell.
   Prediction: 8th GC - Ellesen
  TD Rockets Summary: Can Alfons Hovelynck make it a habit winning YC titles? It is possible after a YC win this season at the Volta. The Belgian is fast becoming a top tour contender and is well suited the Chilean roads. But without top form and a stacked field competing for the YC, a top 9 GC finish would be a success for TD Rockets, who have Macau legend Gan Han to guide their GC protagonist on the downhill.
  Prediction:3rd YC - Hovelynck
  Summary: It was a difficult decision to bring former GC winner James Haydon as a domestique, but with Geordy Roels top form ready the goal is clear; win the YC. A GC leadership role is a step into the unknown for the Belgian, who should be able to compete on the downhill stage and king stage, which may be enough to grab his first jersey if he can hold onto the favourites on the hill stages.
  Prediction: 1st YC - Roels
  Cycling team FPS
  Summary: Despite arriving at FPS for $1.3mm earlier this season, Jorge Couto is not letting the price tag get to his head. With two SC wins already at Perm and Sanreizan, Couto will be hoping to make it a hattrick in Chile. But he doesn’t have the best shape and team mate Amini Tembo might steal the spotlight. Whoever leads the team will have a locomotive lead out train to drop them off in a winning position.
  Prediction: 2 top 9 stage finishes
  Summary: Aussie climber Parker Marsh will be the leader of Sicco. As a former Norway tour winner and two time top 9 finisher at Valparasio, he will be dreaming of taking the black jersey home on day 62. His support team is super strong and anything but a top 5 would be a disappointment for the Dutch climbing team.
  Prediction: 4th GC - Marsh
  Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  Summary: Sigue have decided to unleash Slovakian wonderkid Daniel Cudaj at this Valparasio. He is an all-rounder with the climbing and downhill ability to make him a favourite for the YC win. With limited tour experience it is difficult to predict how Daniel will adapt to a week-long stage race, but a rider with his profile should be capable of challenging for a top 9 GC result.
  Prediction: 2nd YC - Cudaj
  Silver Giant
  Summary: Silver Giant have brought an all Burundi line up to the Valparasio, which includes tour old timer Elias Murenzi. Although the identity of the team leader is unclear, the team’s aim will be top 9 stage finishes or a sneaky top 9 GC result. Mukarugwiza looks like the team’s wildcard and could get a stage result with his climbing and sprint talent.
   Prediction: 1 top 9 stage finish
   Designa Legends PPDB
  Summary: Hill climber Angelo Braga will lead Designa. He arrives in

good form with two top 3 finishes this season, including a win in Burco – Naasa Hablood. Former 5th place finisher Nadif Nyanzi is also on the roster and will be able to step in if Braga falters in the early stages.
  Prediction; 2 top 9 stage finishes
   Team Belfius
  Summary: 35-year-old Thomas Van Huffel is the team leader on the start list. Having won Perm tour in season 58, and finishing on the podium in Norway four seasons earlier, Van Huffel could finish in the top 9 of another tour. However, he may have to share his experience this season as the team hunts for stage wins and switches away from a week long GC challenge.
  Prediction: 2 top 9 stage finishes
  LFC Rado Team
  Summary: Another rider who is coming off a strong start to the season is LFC Rado sprint leader Korneli Antonomicz. Korneli missed out on the green jersey in edition 14 finishing second to Murray Hesler and will be hoping to make amends this season. The Polish sprinter’s motivation to go one step further could be enough to pull the green jersey over his shoulders in Valparasio.
  Prediction: 2 top 9 stage finishes
  Il Grillo
  Summary: Another former Valpa GC winner on the start line is Il Grillo’s Edelbert Mayoyo. Edelbert is not in his best shape and the team’s goal will be a top 9 with English climber Olaf Stremmel. He will be hoping to draw on his experience to deliver the first top 9 GC result of his career.
  Summary: 1 top 9 stage finish
  Summary: depadvinders bring a sprint team with the hope of stage wins for youngster Sayphone Southsakhone. Although he’s yet to get a top 3 finish in his career, a 5th place in the Alexander Hetland Eresritt showcased Sayphone’s ability. The team also have TTer Khampheng Somvang to compete for the opening stage.
   Prediction: 2 top 9 stage finishes
  Spin Doctors
  Summary: After finishing on the podium last season, Spin Doctors made use of their wildcard and bring Bernard Cowell as leader once again. With a similar profile to Bredesen, Cowell will also be hoping to stand on the top step of the podium. Bernard’s support includes former GC winner Luke Gartner, whose aim will be to split the field up the climbs.
  Prediction: 2nd GC - Cowell
  Summary: Amazonia have Colombian climber Humberto Zaga as leader, who should adapt well to the altitude on the king stage up to Uspallata Pass. Without top form, finishing in the top 9 would be a success for Amazonia, who also have Florentino Sierra – a second Colobian climber who could challenge in the hills if the team decides to use a two pronged attack.
  Prediction: 1 top 9 stage finish
  Summary: Nikoline complete this year’s line-up and bring last season’s YC winner Isaias Abreu as leader. A repeat of last season will be difficult without top form. Arriving as a domestique is Vaneli Kadu, who recently finished 2nd at Perm after 8th in the Andes. He will be dreaming of joining Abreu in the top 9. Maybe dreams will come true.
  Prediction: 3 top 9 stage finishes
  1. Bredesen
  2. Cowell
  3. Hornbostel
  4. Marsh
  5. Roels
  6. Edvard
  7. Cudaj
  8. Ellesen
  9. Hovelynck
  1. Roels
  2. Cudaj
  3. Hovelynck
  1. Wester
  2. Brasil
  3. Stenger


Time Indaiatuba at 12:48 30/6-2022
  Great preview. But I hope your SC predictions are wrong.

AnnoDomini at 14:48 30/6-2022
  well written, thanks for that!

Xtreme Cycling at 15:51 30/6-2022
  Nice article!

Nikoline at 22:56 30/6-2022
  Big "like" from me. I hope to do a bit better than predicted, but who doesnt ;-)

CARO BIKE TEAM at 00:02 1/7-2022
  Excellent article. Predictions works for me.Will see.

Skudehavnen CC at 12:51 1/7-2022
  Great preview and great stats job - 3rd in SC and maybe we
  can sneak a little stagewin,
  - and we'll be singing all the
  day :-)

Team Belfius at 19:24 1/7-2022
  Good preview, i hope we can sneak in some stage results!

Spin Doctors at 12:52 3/7-2022
  Predictions look great. 8 of the top9 are currently within the top 10. I think Xing is leading Ello Ello rather than Ellesen by the looks of it.

Bilsky at 11:47 4/7-2022
  Thanks Oli, happy with the predictions in general