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Transfer Market Analysis, Edition No. 4
by Yuri, at 23/6-20 - 12:01 GMT

  Written by Lance Armstrong of USA Postal Services
  Hi people, it’s me again! Yes I know, some might think: Yikes, the hillbilly again. Well, no. I’m not a hillbilly (maybe in 50-60 years), I am sitting in Hawaii in front of a lonely beach, enjoying the sun and drinks, with my laptop, and global connection to any satellite I want to connect (hack is the best word, but don’t worry, I won’t do that… yet); just for now until I can return to (the boring and routinely) civilization. This is a serious analysis part of the Wall Street World, so I will need you to wear your best suit, please. If someone can tell me the new feature we used in the last program, you will get a Scooby Snack (it does not apply asking Yuri, so don’t try it). To kick off our scan, a few wise words from Jintseng, our kickboxing master in Economy, ‘’If you overbid yourself, this is good. Others will see you are really dangerous…’’
  *Goosey for cheap?
  We will start with the bang. Ludolfina Lublin has two great cobbler captains, but Vincent Goos whom is a good cobble captain for any team, just missing a visit to Dr. TT Center, is on sale. Trying to expand his horizon, manager Krzysztof put him in the market, 450k was the perfect number to start the auction. This young gun of just 22 years old couldn’t have so many opportunities with Boleslav Bielik in the team, the ‘older’ monster of 50 average. However, if the (modern) dream of Howard Hughes and his flying Goose wants to fly higher, Cokol Breakaway Team is not the place to be the only captain, but 585k is the final price for Goosey to change to cobble american house, great place for cobblers.
  Oh right, he is the 23th cobbler of the team, but the max number of riders is 22, it doesn’t make sense… but it has worked for our Georgian-American manager, a Doctor expert in that strange feeling (Love).
  *I am out of market value
  Yes, it sounds hard but its true (sarcasm for now). Oliwer Pawlak is just another 200+ CL who sees the light, but lately the Romanian teams sold some guys out of market value, and he is another in the list. 110k and he will join PetrolGas to become another climber project to be trained.
  Born climber, it’s time to check if he has enough talent to be a worthy man. Yeah, not bad at all…
  CL: None (36)
  DH: None (27)
  HL: None (31)
  SP: None (31)
  FR: None (32)
  CB: None (25)
  TT: None (25)
  TQ: None (25)
  CL: Very good
  DH: Good
  HL: Small
  SP: None
  FR: Small
  CB: Small
  TT: Small
  TQ: Small
  Stats and potential.
  *(Not) another Colombian climber
  There’s always a surprise when a Colombian climber shows up, but not so much when a sprinter comes to Cycling. Jintseng thinks this guy must be joking, but I decided to give him a chance to be famous by scanning him here, Efrain Castro is a former farmer from Colombia, now a professional cyclist; in search of a better place than Transylvania (you know Vlad likes blood). Like his partner Pawlak, he is part of Romanian team familytour, a great family from Bucharest or so. Now he will join a south american team, Vegemight in exchange of 80k, a fair nice value to be honest.
  We wonder about this transfer, a hill sprinter joining a climbing team in 110%. But manager knows better, when we tried to get his thoughts we got silence as reply, so let’s translate it better…

  CL: None (27)
  DH: None (27)
  HL: None (27)
  SP: None (41)
  FR: None (32)
  CB: None (26)
  TT: None (25)
  TQ: None (27)
  CL: Small
  DH: None
  HL: Average
  SP: Very good
  FR: Good
  CB: Small
  TT: None
  TQ: None
  Stats and potential.
  *This team again?
  familytour seems to be the only team selling talents out there. And we need to say some of the last sells were a bit pricey, it’s the truth. Vadim Balba is a local Romanian talent with a 200+ TT potential. His main skill has a potential to reach 90+ so it means he can be a fast guy in long distances. The starting price to buy him was set in 100k, watch out people, these Romanian teams want to strip off your money instantly, before starting. Of course, he understood he was trying to steal people without a gun, so he lowered the bid to 85k (of course, Transfer Forum is the place where Armageddon started). Once again, Mr. Anderson appeared and bided. At the end, people always don’t listen or care about any advice we can give them, so they ended paying more than the old bid, NJ procycling and Castelli rode the race in top form to get Vadim for their teams, and my Canadian friend Clod will pay 130k for this young descendant of romans.
  He can be a good TTer, probably a candidate for the climbing classic Zürich-Bern-Zürich… don’t look at me with those eyes, people, I’m joking of course… (This ain’t UCI World Tour, and Vadim is not Rohan Dennis… for now).
  CL: None (30)
  DH: None (30)
  HL: None (25)
  SP: None (30)
  FR: None (25)
  CB: None (28)
  TT: None (40)
  TQ: None (31)
  CL: Small
  DH: None
  HL: None
  SP: None
  FR: Average
  CB: Small
  TT: Incredible
  TQ: Small
  Stats and potential.
  *This team again, gosh…
  It has a home sweet home name, however; is very mean to its cyclist (especially to young ones). Arnoldo Fava at least has a correct starting bid, compared to his other team mates that were sold lately, 150k with no taxes from Transylvania. Nefal (All stand up and hail the King), led by Felgens ‘Difficult surname’ Kroeniker, sighed when he thought about the last (failed) auctions he joined and opened the bidding. And yes, Arnoldo deserved an attempt, 220+SP with VG TQ, GD FR & SP. And from Italy!! Yes, you might wonder why the country is important but don’t take it into consideration please, I love pizza. Other teams showed up but Felgens didn’t look back and pushed up to 300k. I think we all love stories with a happy end (not like Disney’s, those are crap) so Felgens now has a guy to train *tears of joy*.
  With an almighty (not at all) profile, the new Italian project is ready to start his career. Does this guy will be delivering pizzas in 1 season or winning races? OCM gods know the answer, but we will follow him really close (this ain’t Stalking).
  CL: None (29)
  DH: None (27)
  HL: None (28)
  SP: None (35)
  FR: None (27)
  CB: None (26)
  TT: None (27)
  TQ: None (30)
  CL: None
  DH: Small
  HL: Average
  SP: Good
  FR: Good
  CB: None
  TT: Small
  TQ: Very good
  Stats and

  *Technical power
   Arnout Werff is very special talent. From the powerful Netherlands, Arnout is a 210+ TT talent with Very Good in his TQ, but also has another VG in Hills. Is an interesting talent that could be a different kind of hilly TT rider if OCM Gods gave their approval. Team Decokay set his value in 50k, Skeel won the auction with an offer of 120k.
  It’s a good talent, his lack of at least VG in TT could be against him, but has good potential to be a good time trialist, a hill TTer… requires more than money.
  CL: None
  DH: None
  HL: Very good
  SP: None
  FR: Average
  CB: Small
  TT: Good
  TQ: Very good
  *Want a kiwi?
  Welsh Phoenix wants to come back to its starting roots, an all-welsh team. One of the riders, a good hill sprinter from New Zealand received the notification and packed his stuff. Rongo Puletua is a 49 AV hill sprinter, 26 years old and RV at 176k. The ambition and hunger of money to build a one-nation team made Mr. Washington (not George) to set a starting bid of 400k. But, does Rongo really cost 400k? A rider recently sold to Hog Bay CT for 440k, with the same profile and age, it’s the clear evidence Rongo does not cost 400k, he is way below than that. Let’s see who is the (in)fortunate team hiring the New Zealander cyclist. And sadly, we have one… The Laboratory bit the Vietnamese trap and bided the 400k requested. It commonly happens to new teams to be dazzled by thread’s titles, or inexperience in the benevolent (not true) OCM Market of Goodies ‘’aka Post Armageddon World’’ because managers won’t have mercy of you and your pocket. A bit out of this topic, if you are a new team looking financial advices, you can always contact Manager wronskian from Navarone Cycling Team, his wage is expensive, but highly recommended… or you can contact me if you are desperate... This promotion is not for free, with the basic cost plus taxes and friendly fee, you owe me 100k wronskian ;) (Clear evidence of what I am saying, managers won’t have mercy of your pocket).
  If you open a transfer thread with no bids, there are three options: first, long deadline; two, the rider is overpriced and three, he is not good enough. I would include a fourth case: You are the first one bidding :P
  Now, analyzing this rider… to be honest; in a top Division team he can be a team mate only. If he has luck, he can bring some results to his new team in the mid division (5) but probably the worst transfer lately (considering the fluctuation of the market, plus the Sponsors and pre-established inflation. You can CLICK HERE, to see it detailed in a full Wall Street graphic).
  *Mutant Rider
  In our second section of Mutant Rider, we have found a very interesting auction. It’s a climber domestique, who can be a great climbing captain, Ingemann Vesterå. His current manager Kim Jensen set a bid of 200k to begin the auction, hungry wolves surrounded Ingemann, ready to fight until the last hour for his services. He still having a couple season in top level before his performance diminish. Time Indaiatuba offered 360k for this great climber and won the auction.
  Drain his last juices, Jime. This guy is a great climber/future trainer.
  And we need to end another edition of Transfer Market Analysis. Don’t forget your guns, blades and swords, the fight at the Transfer Forum is hard and merciless. By the way, liked the graphic? And one last thing: The auction is not over until the fat lady sings ;)


Silenzio at 13:03 23/6-2020
  Yes, I tried to CLICK HERE!
  Nice text, like the jokes and content is helpful ;)

Team Belfius at 13:17 23/6-2020
  Domestic teams coming up!

USA Postal Services at 13:32 23/6-2020
  Yeah Silenzio, I thought it would be cool, from the first post I was requested to do a graphic :)

Silenzio at 14:24 23/6-2020
  I cant believe I'm falling for it again, but if there really is a graphic, the link needs fixing ;)

Time Indaiatuba at 14:28 23/6-2020
  Ingemann Vesterå just won his first race with us. So a great start!
  Hoping to get everything I can out of him before he becomes a domestique for a future captain.

The Laboratory at 18:28 23/6-2020
  Yeah, maybe i overpaid but if i wait for a younger captain at a fair price that fits my team to be posted, i might be waiting for another season or two. I spent 400K training two guys who ended up as high end pave pacers, sometimes certainty is worth more money

USA Postal Services at 18:55 23/6-2020
  Yeah Jime, I saw it when the article was ready, congrats for the win :)
  @DoctorFuentes: yes, there's no certainty on training, but risk is part of the game. However, with the current market we need to be very sure about what we are paying for trained/talents :)

USA Postal Services at 21:48 23/6-2020
  Guess the link is broken, @Silenzio. I

NightmareChaos at 07:52 24/6-2020
  Nice read

Time Indaiatuba at 16:13 24/6-2020
  I don't think you overpaid for Rongo. 400k seems fair, I almost thought about bidding myself.

USA Postal Services at 16:37 24/6-2020
  If you compare the last case of a hillsprinter, you will see what I mean.

Cokol Breakaway Team at 07:17 25/6-2020
  Nice work, it was an enjoyable read

USA Postal Services at 13:03 25/6-2020
  Thanks @DoctorLove glad you liked it :)

Designa Legends PPDB at 17:35 25/6-2020
  “A rider recently sold to Hog Bay CT for 440k, with the same profile and age, it’s the clear evidence Rongo does not cost 400k, he is way below than that.”
  Isn’t that proof of the opposite?
  Not much analysis, more a compilation of semi-random transfers, but enjoyable read.

USA Postal Services at 19:20 25/6-2020
  I said Rongo doesn't cost 400k, you did not tell me a secret. Glad you like reading it :)

Fighting at 12:12 26/6-2020
  I loved your articles until now, but the way you present some of the transfers is out of the irony market. "watch out people, these Romanian teams want to strip off your money instantly, before starting. Of course, he understood he was trying to steal people without a gun, so he lowered the bid to 85k (of course, Transfer Forum is the place where Armageddon started)." I am not sure if this is supposed to be a joke, but I don't take it like that and for the future, please stick to the point. I do not want your articles to undermine my transfers in any way. Plus, you do not have my consent to discuss my transfers publicly in future articles. Thanks!

Navarone Cycling Team at 22:20 26/6-2020
  Haha poor me where do I get 100k from now? I'll have to train a lot of garbage to pay for that! Nice article though!

Silenzio at 15:23 27/6-2020
  @fighting :) lance his influential worldview seems to be that everyone is greedy. Just applying that general perspective on a specific case there I suppose. Next time Im sure he bashes exploiting capitalists from his own ground.
  @lance, we're still hoping to get a look on that graphic of yours :)

Fighting at 19:40 27/6-2020
  I don't care what he bashes on. Sponsors got introduced -> money injection -> prices inflation -> higher buy prices on riders than we were used to. Here's a transfer analysis in a few words.
  If I may be "accused" of something is of taking advantage of the situation. Which I did and I will do. My sell prices are dictated by my buyers. If my buyers are not cheap, I am greedy then. I really feel harmed by the words used above, especially the ones quoted by me.

USA Postal Services at 10:18 28/6-2020
  @wronskian, there's a way to do it, 10k per week, I think it will give you time to gather all. That's the problem with ad's.