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The new achievements
by Finz, at 24/11-16 - 00:12 GMT

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  I just discovered there is a disc presented to me in the Palmares section. It says that I have earned an achievement. For me it was an achievement because I finished in the top nine of five tours. That is worth the bronze medal for finishing tours. That is indeed something to be proud of but, as of now I can also show it to everybody who is interested in my success.

I have found out by asking around and searching for other teams with achievements, there are more teams with different achievement disks. When you score points or win a certain set of races you can get a different achievement disk. There should be around 15 live, I am still missing 14. Rumour has it that there should be more than 30 different achievements available to be conquered by you in this game.
  This extra add on, gives a

whole new meaning to the game and to racing, you have another goal in your team career. Get as many achievement disks as possible. Some are easy to come by and some are harder. And it could even mean you have to change your focus to get that one achievement that you lack. I think that is a good asset to the game and thanks to all that provided input to this idea.
  What are your achievements so far, and which one would you like to see or own.


TeamQuetzal at 03:48 24/11-2016
  0 Achievements
  0 Trophies
  0 Jerseys

Optimus Prime at 09:09 24/11-2016
  Sweet.I did the italian job

Stroopwafel at 12:33 24/11-2016
  I have achieved nothing.

Cloud Atlas at 13:39 24/11-2016
  My achievement is so exclusive you can't even see it

Schiavi di Don at 14:16 24/11-2016
  I need to get the Italian Job, so my future predicts either a TT'er or a hill-sprinter...

CCFC at 19:39 28/11-2016
  I have this strange silver-thing. I wonder what I have to do to get a gold one :-p