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The Tales of a Forum
by Yuri, at 8/5-20 - 16:09 GMT

  Written by Yuri of Yuri SuperTeam
  We all know OCM community is a Worldwide large community of managers whiling to support each other in order to make the game grow not only on the competitive scenario, but also on the more personal scenario. Well, you didn’t know about this yet? One of the most important parts of OCM is the forum (LINK), no question on that!
  Here you can ask questions to experienced managers regarding any topic in OCM (believe me we’ve been through all already) discuss the most important Tours, Cups and classics, review the most memorable moments in OCM, the records and even some Trivia. The OCM forum is also very important since it’s the place where you can read all the official announcements from the game developer and you can even post your suggestions to help the game to grow!
  Yeah, the forum is basically our cycling coffeeshop where you can join in, have a cup of coffee and get to know all you can absorb from this peculiar World! Oh, I almost forgot, if you’re looking for a deal to trade the rider you really need to fill that gap on your team, you should check the Transfer forum. For sure you’ll find something there! In the end it will only be a matter of money.
  There are also a couple of games you can join about the OCM World. There are IBIAB (I Bet I Am Better) competitions where you bet on Tours and Classics

results throughout all Divisions in OCM and also OCM Quizzes about ... well everything! You need to be a real OCM nerd to win it!
  We in OCM value this forum a lot as you can see, it is in the end what makes the game breath! This mixture of cultures and different approaches as managers really make this a rich community and this all depends on the forum. Oh, by the way, there is also the chat that you should definitely check (LINK) for quick answers and fun all along!
  But a mixed community of different languages and cultures, isn’t anything without it’s individuals! That’s why we also have a place in the forum for the different Countries/Cultures in OCM. Have you ever checked it out? If not, here is a list of the most interesting Threads from each of these forums. Click on the links to check it out!
  * The Flags represent the Countries from the Top 3 Divisions, hope there is no mistake! For sure we have more Countries who can fit any of those forums. You might notice some forums have no listed threads. Inside information from local managers is that they are inactive. A good opportunity to get them active once again!
  I hope this article gives a boost to those forums to make them useful again! We should start using them in order to avoid this globalization to break our cultures! Don’t submit yourself to the system and keep on enjoying OCM!

The "Other Languages Forums" most interesting Threads:
   Danish Forum

   Dutch Forum
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  Tours, tabellen en meer
  English Forum
  Canadian Specialists + Records
  Team Australia (Riders)
  New Zealand Records Thread
  New Zealand World Tour Records
  French Forum
  "Guide" pour les nouveaux
  Talents français
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  German Forum
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  Hungarian Forum
   Italian Forum
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  Scout italiani gratis
  Norwegian Forum
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  Polish Forum
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  Romanian Forum
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  Slovak Forum
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  Slovensky preklad navodu
  Otazky a Odpovede
  Spanish Forum
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Schiavi di Don at 19:03 8/5-2020
  Awesome Yuri! I almost feel like this should be a pinned post somewhere, it's that good. :D

Willunga Hill at 19:35 8/5-2020
  nice work Yuri.

Holwerda Cycling at 23:05 8/5-2020
  Nice Yuri!
  Was Italian season 42 so good that they keep talking about it over there?

Velosipedska at 00:16 9/5-2020
  Nice summary of these forums, I'll be looking at those in languages I understand =)

Fighting at 15:04 9/5-2020
  Nice article, Yuri!

DeRodeLantaarn at 23:01 9/5-2020
  Great work Yuri!

TeamQuetzal at 07:34 11/5-2020
  shoutout yuri