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The Jonhatan's Late Show - Nr.6
by Yuri, at 19/7-17 - 08:40 GMT

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  Hello ladies and gentlemen and this is the Late Show with Johnathan Hernandez!
  Now we all know the news, Peter Sagan was disqualified from the Tour de France, you can see the community debate in the last jmtoler PR, which has the amount of comments I´d like to have…Haha! The Tour has done quite well besides that incident, Froomey is already in yellow, Kittel has shown that he is still the fastest, and Quintana does not look good at all. But, anyways, let´s go straight to what you came for, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the one and only  Denmark Thomas Runge!
  JHDZ: To start it off, how are you?
  THOMAS: I am fine. Enjoying my holyday in Thailand these days with my family. I write from a rice field in the southeast corner of Thailand near Laos. But there is quite good internet, so I can take care of my team while I rest.
  JHDZ: Why are you such a fan of Miguel Indurain?
  THOMAS: I Watched tour de France since Bernard Hinault was the king. He was my first favorite rider, then came Greg LeMond. But when Indurain came along I was impressed with how such a modest and humble person could be so dominant and yet Win so much, but being so shy. I guess I Favored him because I Like these things about him. And I liked how he thrashed the opposition in tt’s. And his skills in how you ride downhill. He Would have had 99 in this game.
  JHDZ: What made you join and stay in OCM?
  THOMAS: I have always loved online manager games. I play A football game called hattrick where you can train your players and I still play.
  But I stumbled over this game here by A search for online cycling games.

  I joined up and the goal was to train my riders, and I did that for many seasons but I had no luck, my trainees always maxed out in the low 40’s or lower. So, I lost interest and decided to Stay in the game and see if something new would come up. So, I bought and sold Riders for profit while I was “gone”.
  JHDZ: What´s the feeling of having two legendary riders (Droz and Florian) in your team?
  THOMAS: It is a privilege and also luck because I had the wallet to buy them. Droz was Bought as my Germany tour captain and he have won 6 Germany titles now, 4 with me and 2 with team Stredet. It would have been 5 with me if I had not made a huge mistake the first year I had him in Germany tour and lost by 2sec to Farruco.
  He is still competitive and I would love to see him win one last Germany tour. Florian ended as number 1 In OCM last season and I guess that makes him a legend. Both will end up as trainers here.
  JHDZ: What makes you like cycling?
  THOMAS: I Love to Watch tours and especially where it ends on a huge climb. To see them in such pain to achieve a goal is Great to watch. I don’t ride a bike myself, I have a nice car to transport me Around.
  JHDZ: What is your favorite IRL race?
  THOMAS: The 3 big tours
  JHDZ: What do you think of Sagan´s exclusion of the Tour de France?
  THOMAS: Bad Call I think. The Initial punishment would have been sufficient. He will Be missed.
  JHDZ: Who is your favorite OCM rider and manager?
  THOMAS: It would be honzas because he Manages my favorite rider Farruco Alonso and have done so well with him. No need to mention his results here, they are well-known. And if Droz was Not around he would stand today as the best ever Germany tour rider.
  JHDZ: Have you got any regrets in this game?
  THOMAS: Not really. I look to the future, not the past.

Any plans for the future of your team?
  THOMAS: Yes. After Droz and Florian are finished i will go back to try training riders again, definitely Half of the team will Have to be my own. I already started the process by training bednarski, Hansson and Lately klinjstra who is a quite promising talent.
  Would You Rather
  JHDZ: Would You Rather wear a dress or high heels?
  THOMAS: A dress for Sure.
  JHDZ: Would You Rather Lick the armpit of a sweaty cab driver or eat the ear wax of an old man who has never cleaned his ears?
  THOMAS: I love to Sweat, so lucky me wins a Sweaty armpit……aaaargh.
  JHDZ: If you had superpowers from an unknown origin, would you rather Allow the Government to experiment on you or Not allow the Government to experiment on you?
  JHDZ: Would you rather wear an eyepatch or have a peg leg
  THOMAS: Eyepatch
  JHDZ: Would you rather smell like manure or urine?
  THOMAS: Neither, but if I had to choose. Then manure.
  JHDZ: Would you rather be smart and unlucky or dumb and lucky?
  THOMAS: Dumb and lucky of course.
  JHDZ: Would you rather play real-life Minecraft or real-life Mario kart?
  THOMAS: Real-life Mario kart
  JHDZ: Would you rather have vacation in Russia or China?
  THOMAS: China. Easy choice.
  JHDZ: Would you rather eat your hands and feet or eat your whole dad?
  THOMAS: Do you take me for a cannibal!
  JHDZ: Would you rather never be able to iron your clothes or never be able to wash your teeth?
  THOMAS: I never iron my clothes, I have a lovely wife for that purpose. So, let me try that.
  JHDZ: That was Thomas Runge everyone a huge applause for him everyone! And I will see you, on the next one!


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