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The Green Fairy - Ed. 7
by Yuri, at 24/12-22 - 12:47 GMT

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  Dear readers, welcome to this special Awards themed edition of The Green Fairy! Next to some of our regular sections, we have contributions by some experienced Awards Article writers. We hope you enjoy them!
  The Awards: surprises, successes, and highlights
  written by Peter Marcelo of Team Orion 365
  Season 62’s awards saw great successes for two riders in particular. Armand Maiga caught the eyes of many managers during the season, with his phenomenal results seeing him win both the best hiller and best tour rider prizes. However, even this was weaker than the showing by Isidoro Morgovejo. The young Spaniard triumphed in the sprinter, young rider and best rider categories, thanks to his astonishing total of 22 results in the season, even though he was only 23!
  Some would have been surprised to see Vadimas Blekevicius fall short in the U23 category (or is that just me?), but Malcolm Ingram was a deserving winner. He became the fourth winner of La Generation Future to add the award in the same season. Given that the tour for OCM’s best young guns has only had four winners, it seems to be becoming a golden ticket to awards glory. Will this continue? Only time will tell.
  Finally, on this whistle-stop tour of some key awards results, the best World Tour rider was Gus Bailey of Australia and the best WT manager Jaroslav of Timor-Leste. Jaroslav has just 20 active riders (19 of whom have teams) to work with, so his success really is phenomenal.
  Finally, (I lied last time, I can only apologise – not this time though (promise!)) it is only fair to recall the people thanked by Don in the vote this year for the contributions they make to this game. The whole community is so grateful for you efforts. I would like to thank Nick and Don in particular, for everything they do. You guys are legends!
  How are the Awards winners doing now?
  written by dustin
  (w=total wins, r=total results, t9=total top 9 places)
  Best U23 Rider, Malcolm Ingram 26 votes
  Season 62: 6w, 13r, 22t9
  Season 63: 1w, 2r, 3t9, so far not his season, what is going on?
  Best Flat Road Rider, Jacques Achterberg 27 votes
  Season 62: 1w, 7r, 10t9
  Season 63: 0w, 0r, 4t9, has he done too many parties after his award win?
  Best Cobbler, Benjamim Fontes 25 votes
  Season 62: 4w, 16r, 24t9
  Season 63: 0w, 5r, 13t9, not bad, but you can see he is getting older.
  Best Time Trialer, Ramiro Mendiluce 28 votes
  Season 62: 4w, 5r, 8t9
  Season 63: 0w, 0r, 1t9, has he also suffer from the award after syndrome?
  Best Downhiller, Berhold Ketjijere 37 votes
  Season 62: 2w, 8r, 10t9
  Season 63: 1w, 3r, 3t9, has he fear other riders take his place as captain?
  Best Climber, Douglas Andren 27 votes
  Season 62: 5w, 9r, 13t9
  Season 63: 1w, 1r, 2t9, is the pressure to high to do it well?
  Best Tour Rider, Armand Maïga 33 votes
  Best Hiller, Armand Maiga 21 votes
  Season 62: 5w, 5r, 6t9
  Season 63: 0w, 2r, 3t9, when come the first win, shall the first win come?
  Best Tour Team, CyclingClubChomutov 25 votes
  Season 62: 7w, 24r
  Season 63: 4w, 11r, so far, so good.
  Best One Nation Team, Holwerda Cycling 19 votes
  Season 62: 8w, 21r
  Season 63: 3w, 9r, to approach last season shall be difficult, but it can.
  Best Old Rider, Hadley Childers 41 votes
  Season 62: 3w, 13r, 19t9
  Season 63: 1w, 4r, 5t9, with an electric bike it shall go well for many years.
  Best Young Team of the Season, Uphill Battle 30 votes
  Season 62: 12w, 19r
  Season 63: 0w, 0r, what is happening, yes he is active, a lot of riders tf ready, his time comes
  Best Rider Outside Top Division, Radoslav Dechev 20 votes
  Season 62: 8w, 12r, 20t9
  Season 63: 2w, 4r, 8t9, come on, you can do it better.

Young Rider, Isidoro Morgovejo 38 votes
  Best Rider of the Season, Isidoro Morgovejo 22 votes
  Best Sprinter, Isidoro Morgovejo 37 votes
  Season 62: 7w, 22r, 28t9
  Season 63: 0w, 5r, 7t9, is it the stress from 3 awards?
  Best Manager of the Season, Snowbear 28 votes
  Season 62: 16w, 42r
  Season 63: 5w, 21r, come on, for to win again the award, you have to win more, more, more ...
  Best WT Manager, Jaroslav (Timor-Leste) 17 votes
  Season 62: ... I will say, look to the result and you shall see
  Season 63: ... I suggest, follow the WT
  Best WT Rider, Gus Bailey 19 votes
  Season 62: 1w, 3r, 4t9
  Season 63: 1w, 3r, 3t9, again he do it.
   Younger Gun of the Month
   Jesus Elixaeberna
  So, I get it, this guy is 23. That’s basically a grandfather. But format rules are there to be broken, and he won a U23 race this season, so I will write about him any way! A very strong looking SP/FR combo makes Jesus a serious threat in many races. He can also perform very well in SP tours because of his strong hilling abilities. He definitely has the potential to do great things. Will his team Ciudad futuro rise up the rankings with him, or will his manager decide to sell him for a premium? His future is wide open, that is for sure.
  My predictions:
  Copa Salsa home town win (I went big this time)
  Giro di Sicilia GC win
  Several more SP tour top-9s, depending on division
  Top-10 overall rankings season
  The Travels of Fujimoto
  written by Finz
  The Sound of OCMusic
  i like rock & roll and alternative rock, my favourite song is Cigar.
  Youtube link :
  Bank Of Broken Pockets Ch.03
  Written by Williamson of AmstelFlanders
  Ahoy, OCM managers. It’s time to kick off the Christmas Edition of this exciting (sarcasm) spot. Hurry and desperate buying get over our beloved market to create the perfect environment for a quiet holiday. As Master Jintseng says, “Christmas is the preferred time to commit huge (and expensive) mistakes.” Wise as usual from the best shark in the market.
  *A New Ruler?
  The decadence of big names it’s always a silent ghost haunting managers, no matter specialties or divisions. Immanuil Antonov at his 34 years represents one of those cases, and wronskian was aware of this. The only question popping in his head, even causing long nights of deep reflection, only one: which rider less than 300k would fit perfectly in Antonov’s smelly shoes? Sometimes the answer knocks down your door (and your wallet).
  I still laughing when I remember one of best comments of the recent past. “Did you f@#$!+@ trigger his top form!” is to me, in the top ten comments of OCM’s History (and there are many). Of course, Donald (Drums) of Andby (Andeby) doesn’t want to remember that, but we all have overreacted once or twice in our lives. What am I doing? Giancarlo Morlua didn’t want to stay in a small island like Taiwan, former home of Shrek and has joined Navarone Cycling Team for just 1,35M. Young, skilled and ready to rock, a few races will tell if the Italian sprinter has what it takes to replace aging star Antonov and if Donald will shout another amazing comment if his performance is over the top. Avanti Giancarlo…
  *Cure For Boredom
  Even the top managers can’t resist the temptation to seek advice from Master Jintseng. From prices to cost, he knows everything. After the loss of Morlua, Donald needed motivation and what’s the best to raise your (team) spirit than training a top talent? Incredible hillers are very rare and this one is odder than

  Clemens Riesebusch will be the Xmas present for the Taiwanese squad, paid with a little amount from Morlua’s deal (350k). Bald, a strange attribute in a hiller, the German talent hopes to become Donald’s new muse of cycling (or at least not to fail epically). Born as a natural puncher, it will take little effort to make him a serious contender for the best hills of the calendar.
  Here you can see his potential.
  CL: None (30)
  DH: None (27)
  HL: None (41)
  SP: None (31)
  FR: None (30)
  CB: None (26)
  TT: None (27)
  TQ: None (26)
  CL: Small
  DH: Very good
  HL: Incredible
  SP: Small
  FR: Good
  CB: None
  TT: None
  TQ: Small
  Unlucky, the place of that VG DH is a major boomer for the manager, however it’s all up to Andby’s staff. Will he become a captain or just another expensive hill helper? 2023 and 115 points will tell…
  Getting too comfortable and enjoying? This is over, so better move on to the next paragraph and next segment. We’ll be back when Don says so and post the next article in the front page. Need Market Advices from the best? Message Jintseng, author of worldwide famous best-sellers “Economy for Dummies", “How to waste your money in one transfer", “Scout like a beast, bid like a freak" and the special for this holidays, “Heard that noise? It’s Jintseng stuck in your chimney”.
  Hemorrhoid Corner
  The Public Union for Injured Riders has written an official complaint to the OCM authorities because injured riders are no longer getting paid for races in which they are replaced. Please nobody tell them that riders are not getting paid any way!
  Israel Covilhã almost choked on an olive while racing, and will be out until day 56
  Alwin Mensing saw his season fall flat as he fell flat on the ground and has to rest until day 54
  Manuel Theiler still has a mountain to climb before his broken kneecap is healed on day 57
  The Dark Side
  Team Chili has sent sufficient bribes to the TT gods to win the World Championships ITT. Will he be able to repeat these bribes in Italy next season?
  The Final Straight
  The Final Straights writing team is on strike this week because of rumours that they are not the final section of this article
  Without the writers I don’t know what to write, but last Christmas I had a heart transplant. Is that anything? (editors please remove)
  The Very Next Day (you gave it away)
  A sad Christmas story written by Hugo Noil of Hasee
  Team Hasee held their xmas party earlier so the riders can go with their families and spend some time, sadly our newest rider Juan Plazas lost his mom and dad at a young age, his bicycle is his only family, this happened on that party.
  Everyone was playing card games and laughing hard, Mervin said "man, i can't wait to go and see my family" Juan got up and went outside. Manne (the team captain) followed him "hey Juan, you okay?" Juan stared at the moon with his hands in his pockets "yeah i just needed some fresh air". Manne stood beside him silently for a while then he said: "you can come to my house and spend xmas if you want" Juan kept staring at the moon and his eyes got teary. Manne watched him, he hitted him gently on the arm: "don't stay here out here long, it's getting cold" Juan just said: "thanks". Happy Holidays everyone!
   If you have ideas for your own section, or for new sections for us to write, or even if you want your rider mentioned in one of the sections, you can contact main editor Don Hamstre through PM. Especially input for Hemorrhoid Corner and The Final Straight is welcomed!
  Banhammer steelworks.Top quality steel that will destroy everyone in your path. One mistake and you’re missing a finger! On an unrelated note, Don has seven fingers left.


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