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The Green Fairy - Ed. 5
by Yuri, at 12/7-22 - 10:05 GMT

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  History and Myths: The Average Man who became Very Nice
  Some people are born for greatness. Wit Feaux was not one of these people. He was born to be average. Although it’s not quite as simple as that. This is the story of a rider who went from super talent, to plain average, to Classic and Tour winner.
  As a kid, Wit could never decide if he wanted to become a climber or a sprinter. In his youth, he developed a real talent for sprinting, but was also a pretty good climber. Even time trialling had his interest. He was picked up by team IGF, and the manager there decided that he would not get to specialise in any of them. Despite having good potential on climbing, and very good on sprinting, he was trained to average in both. And while it looks like a giant waste of potential, Wit turned his average talents into pure gold. His first promising result came in Tour of Hawaii, where he finished on the podium in season 13. While his team rose up the rankings, it took Wit some time to adjust to the level of competition. Until season 16 he had no outstanding results. Then his manager decided that Wit needed a proper success to boost his morale. He dropped down to Tour of Hawaii again. From that decision onwards, Wits career took a turn for the best. He won Tour of Hawaii, and 4 other races. The following season, 18, turned out to be the the greatest of his career. Wit won Vuelta de los Castillos, and finished top-9 in Germany Tour and the World Championships. At the end of the season, he finished 6th in the overall rankings. All this with his highest stat being 69.
   Younger Gun of the Month
   Albion Thigpen
  What makes this young Jamaican so promising is not just his skillset, but also the team he is on. Matrix Team is one of the biggest Tour competitors in Divisions 2-4, and used to be the home of the Great Sandro Montelbano in Division 1. Albion is a decently promising Tour rider, and once he gets captain duties on his team, I am sure jerseys will follow.
  My predictions for his career:

  La Generation Future GC (if participating)
  Top-9 Perm GC, win YC
  Now let’s see how wrong I am!
  Bank Of Broken Pockets Ch. 02
  Written by Williamson
  Miss it already? The best of the best needs some rest as well, but now Jintseng has had enough and the Master of OCM Market is here to show how to be a wolf and not a lamb in our heartless transfer market. As the great Jintseng says, “Swiss cheese is an alternative way of paying when you have no money at all". Definitely, a good advice for broke/new managers.
  *Money doesn’t talk, buys.
  Can you imagine ol’ George talking to you from a buck? No, and if so; you’d be more of the idea of burning that bewitched piece of paper rather than talking to it, or listening how it does the talking. It makes no sense, however; I believe this transfer can explain the concept better than my previous words.
  To build from ground zero is easy if you have precious money to make the work for you. Cycling team FPS made the offer, Alpine (not from F1) accepted and Sigurd Bonde will join the returning Danish squad for just 1.1 million reasons. That’s a hell of Washington’s and Franklin’s talking to you. This is what I mean, money doesn’t talk, buys. Sigurd will have a main leading role in his new team and surely will collect lots of results during S61, since FPS is laying low at the moment.
  *Broken before starting
  Have you ever bought a fancy toy, just to break it within five minutes? What if someone else has ripped apart your lovely toy instead of you? Well, this is quite what happened here. Jian Yao will join Team Chili in some days for nice 538,6k$ fee. The most expensive team mate in OCM’s recent history, and maxed at all. A fancy 210+ talented toy that got tired of training after 63 points. Here at Amstel Flanders we wonder what’s gonna happen to him in the near future, maybe he will have a good chance to ride on GT, which starts next month just like Tour de Pharmacy (France), good luck Jian.
  Getting too comfortable and enjoying? This is over, so better move on to the next paragraph and next segment. We’ll be back when Don says so and post the

next article in the front page. Need Market Advices from the best? Message Jintseng, author of worldwide famous best-sellers “Economy for Dummies", “How to waste your money in one transfer", “Scout like a beast, bid like a freak" and many others.
  Who would win?
  Bobby Tables going for the chatterbox achievement or the manager who shall not be named spamming?
  The Sound of OCMusic
  In this brand new section, OCM managers present their favourite songs!
  This time, it’s Alexander of Team Chili!
  His favorite song is:
  Hemorrhoid Corner
  My very own Niclas Lund is somehow suffering from homesickness after moving from Tunisia back to Greenland. He has been so sick that he has been out for extended periods twice now already, more days than that he has been available to race since buying him.
  Iwo Sokolowski is still racing at 39 years old. But being that ancient, it is sometimes hard to remember which way the finish line is and which way the ravine is. This time he made the wrong choice, and is out for several days.
  The Final Straight
  We close off with the latest gossip!
  Some might find it weird that Williamson discusses transfers that are weeks old. Others might say that it took Don way too long to print this copy of the Green Fairy.
  Fujimoto Masaki has been seen on several beaches around the world, and reportedly is still on our payroll
  After forum discussion, game admins are now seriously considering implementing the new potential Infinzable.
   If you have ideas for your own section, or for new sections for us to write, or even if you want your rider mentioned in one of the sections, you can contact main editor Don Hamstre through PM. Especially input for Hemorrhoid Corner and The Final Straight is welcomed!
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Bilsky at 11:28 12/7-2022
  Nice article, interested to see how Albion goes

Silenzio at 13:03 12/7-2022
  Bobby is a post-doc now?

paceuts at 16:38 12/7-2022
  He who must not be named

Amstel Flanders at 19:03 12/7-2022
  Nice one. Yeah, Don was having a long nap till summer

ABK at 20:26 13/7-2022
  Yes, I am a postdoc now

NightmareChaos at 12:02 15/7-2022
  :-( Fujimoto had send in his hippo encounter some while ago

Schiavi di Don at 15:43 15/7-2022
  I guess his hippo encounter got lost in the mail. I'll make sure to check better next time!

NightmareChaos at 18:54 15/7-2022
  I send it to Yuri but a few Tour came in between, I can send it later to you

Team Chili at 03:57 20/7-2022
  Loved it.
  Great to learn of the average Wit Feaux. What a Legend.
  Williamson I wish we could forget about "The Great" Jian Yao and never discuss again. Shockingly not good enough for my tour team, who would have thought?
  9 to 5 joke was hilarious, very niche humour :)