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The Alex's Late Show - S5E3
by Yuri, at 14/5-18 - 10:32 GMT

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello and welcome to another episode of the show! I hope you spent a nice time so far and Giro is entertaining you besides OCM! Today’s guest is a person whose comments entertained us for the past seasons and we sure had a lot to read. We also met his team in races and is not something you would like to come across, especially if you don’t like chaos. He is also the nightmare of the comments, as he arguably has the most posts written. Please, help me in welcoming the Dutch manager from Russia...Finz of NightmareChaos!
  ALEX: Thank you for accepting my invitation! How are you?
  Finz: I am doing good, summer is on the doorstep and girls are wearing short skirts again.
  ALEX: Haha...What made you sign up for OCM?
  Finz: I
  can not remember, the fact that I saw a cycling management game and it was the one that looked the best out of the four that were available
  ALEX: I am curious, are you really Russian or only the team is? If you are not Russian, why did you choose Russia? I am curious about it. *smiles*
  Finz: I am not Russian, I am Dutch. I cheated and moved nations.
  ALEX: Is Finz your real name or is it a nickname? If it is a nickname, what does it stand for and how did you get it?,
  Finz: It is a nickname, it is short for my real name, Vincent. I have since I was a young kid

but as it is now since I was 18, been using it ever since in online gaming of fora. If you see a Finz it could be me.
  ALEX: How did you come up with the name of your team?
  Finz: The name is from a clan I served some 10 years back I think, maybe more. It is catchy.
  ALEX: I see you have a lot...LOT of posts on the forum. Is one of your goals to have as much or it is only a coincidence?
  Finz: I don't know what happened, it kinda got out control, and it was a much more active forum before. The game is becoming dormant, near extinction.
  ALEX: Which is your favourite race IRL?
  Finz: I think you mean in cycling, I like to look at the 1.2 races. I do not like the big races anymore. Same old song every year but the masses like m
  ALEX: Yes, thanks for the correction *smiles*. Who is your favourite cyclist IRL? And sports person?
  Finz: I think sporting person are usually not the ones to look up to and if you do you have your priorities wrong
  ALEX: Who are your favourite rider, manager and race in OCM and why?
  Finz: I do not pay anymore attention to those kind of things, so no special in particular. Probably ABK but that is because we spend hours in the chat
  ALEX: Do you cycle IRL? Are you a sports person?
  Finz: I ride a bike but only with good weather. I am a sporting God
  ALEX: If you could change something from the history of your team, what would

that thing be?
  Finz: Nothing. Your history makes you where you are now.
  ALEX: Is it one of your goals to have an all-Russian team? If it weren’t for Russia, what other country would you choose?
  Finz: I wanted an Russian + east European team but it is hard.
  And for the fun part of the show, the game, our guest chose Who’s best. I will name two well-known riders and he has to tell which one is the best in his opinion and why. We will have 5 questions like this, so he has to argue his choice every time. Let’s see:
  1)Mark Cavendish or Fernando Gaviria?
  Mark, he has the results, therefore better. Gaviria has the future but is not yet better.
  2) Chris Froome or Lance Armstrong?
  Lance, he managed to win more before getting caught.
  3) Tom Boonen or Fabian Cancelara?
  Boonen, a sprinter turning cobbler.
  4) Juan Antonio Flecha or Jan Bakelants? They are both attacking riders, thus the choice *smiles*
  Flecha, Bakelants was injured more.
  5) Eddy Mercks or Bernard Hinault?
  How can you be better when you both had the same amount of dope?
  Haha *hidden smile*. Thank you very much, Finz, for accepting the invitation and for this amazing show! Everybody, thank you for your attention and please let me know in your comment who you consider to be the best from the options above! I cannot wait to hear your opinion on them!


Super Team Sky at 14:10 14/5-2018
  Froome has only anormal control with an allowed substance, not same if you double the number with Salbultamol than a positive with EPO, like our dear Lance did ;)

Schiavi di Don at 22:38 15/5-2018
  Dope interview!

DeRodeLantaarn at 00:18 17/5-2018
  1 Cavendish. What Finz said
  2 Froome. Because he isn't cought yet.
  3 Boonen. Cancellara had to help Bauke Mollema when he had to. But he didn't.
  4 Flecha because he flew in the wire to with Johnny Hoogerland in the TdF but didn't get any credits for it.
  5 Merckx or Hinault. I think they are the last real champions. But Merckx because I really believe he didn't need doping to win.

USA Postal Services at 03:57 17/5-2018
  Agree with you in Point number 2 Rode

Fighting at 06:02 17/5-2018
  I agree with you in point 4, Rode. Flecha didn't get any credit for being thrown into the wire, only Hoogerland was pettied and he still is remembered for that incident.

Australian Warlord at 11:34 17/5-2018
  Cool interview Finz, major plus.
  On who's best 2: I go for Lance too, because he doped with better stuff, and successfully destroyed the careers (lives) of anybody who attempted to expose him.
  And 5: Merckx, because he was so doped up tracking satellites would fall from the sky, and he's still considered a cycling god.