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20:52 GMT         Day 88 of 90, Season 68    

Salon des Refusés
by Yuri, at 9/11-23 - 09:25 GMT

  Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it - V
  No awards, the overlords declare! Tat I say, in the face of oppression.
  I give you "The Salon des Refusés" - exhibition of rejects.
  Season 66 awards:
  Best Climber
  1: Alexander Tenander (drake racing) 1210pts
  2: Kerry Donovan (Snooman) 1120pts
  3: Sjoerd Van Der Heijden (Team Chili) 960pts

Best Time Trialer
  1: Jens Maeland (Andeby) 980pts
  2: Daniel Van De Wijngaert (Andeby) 950pts
  3: Stanislav Sharov (cycling team fps) 780pts
  Best Cobbler
  1: Benjamim Fontes (cokol breakaway team) 1130pts
  2: Txebe Madu (the ullrichs) 956pts
  3: Jay Barlow (sigue sigue sputnik) 878pts
  No Place
  The team with the most 10th places. No money and no rewards.
  1: drake racing x8
  2: (4way tie) x7

Falling Star
  The rider that lost the most pts from previous season.
  1: Pusztai Aladar (Silenzio)
  Rank 8 (1166pts) -> Rank 1302 (100pts)
  2: Lenny Bertilsson (Hog Bay CT)
  Rank 28 (910pts) -> Rank 1718 (70pts)
  3: Mieszko Panek (PEKAC B)
  Rank 31 (890pts) -> Rank 1302 (100pts)
  Byttingvik - Potato Farmer
  This town needs an enema! - J
  Your SdR team
  Blue Beetle


Schiavi di Don at 11:18 9/11-2023
  The Phantom strikes again!
  I think this is an almost perfect solution for the Awards rotating now, so keep em coming every season. :)

TeamTVM at 09:03 10/11-2023
  Nice add on to the Awards :)
  You have presumably overlooked Ruben Sabine as best climber, 1070 pts, 6 victories among which Norway GC and a WT-A race.

Cokol Breakaway Team at 18:31 11/11-2023
  Thanks for doing the work, Yuri! A bit of conciliation...

RD Cycling Wolves at 19:16 11/11-2023
  Wow the falling stars are big fallings just a wiping out of those points

Hasee at 20:07 19/11-2023
  Awesome work Yuri ^-^
  love the no place and falling star awards!

NightmareChaos at 10:22 25/2-2024
  Well done