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On Polish Cups (and its not alcohol)
by Yuri, at 12/3-19 - 10:28 GMT

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of TeamQuetzal
  When one googles polish cups, the first result is what the national soccer teams have been up to as of lately. Alcohol and wine also appear when you look carefully, but no one seems to be talking about the new event in the highest division of the international cycling circuit. Of course, it seems as if cycling was nothing more but the misfit in sports world. The least paid, most suffered, overhated and underestimated. However, we must fight through it, as nature demands the fitter to survive. And what fitter than 100 adjusted spandex and shaved legs climbing Lamana Skala. This is the Patryk Drozdowski Trophy Cup.
  I am currently in ?ywiec enjoying a glass of ?ywiec. That is like drinking Champagne in Champagne and I absolutely love it. But I am not in the south of Poland to drink alcohol, which would be pathetic in the extreme. No, I am here for professional reasons. Who would have thought that after four seasons I would be back in action for the OCMagazine. And who cares?
  The sky is blue so clear its seems it comes out of an impressionist painting, and rain appears to be the menu for the afternoon. The green trees were swaying in the dainty breeze, and the market place starts to crowd itself with people. In front of the stone made cathedral bell tower, there is a table with official OCM staff. In just a few hours the Cup will begin its register. Guards were securing the vital space of the register table, and people were starting to take pictures of the famous rider´s that will be present. The race is reserved for

the best of the best. I see in the distance some of the managers that dominate the Top Division panorama, arriving in their team buses and followed by some of their stars.
   “I think it's a great idea to highlight one of the games great riders.” Said Alex from Team Chilli, 9th global place, who then proceeded to make calls about strategy for Norwich-London. Whoever wants to sabotage his racing tactics is free to contact me. Despite the fact that it is time for manager´s to prepare for the British classic, some of them are making an exception, as this is the first edition of the Cup.
  And the man of the moment was definitely Drozdowski. Delion, former teammate Florian Akos (who is rumored will join the polish legend in retirement this off-season) and sir Sandro Montelbano were congratulating him when I was approaching him. As soon as they left I talked a bit with him.
   “It´s crazy. To have a whole race organized for me is just…unbelievable.” Said the polish superstar, with tears in his eyes. And I saw nostalgia in his eyes. And I remembered. When he won his first GT in Stredet and was being labeled as a one-hit wonder. When he won back to back YC jerseys. When he went to Indurain. When I woke up just to see how stages had gone for him. Knowing that the Providence Criterium was his without even opening the results. When he won his rainbow jersey. Writing articles with him and Farruco in the OCM Awards. When he went bald and had that Drake beard. His long hair, his exciting attacks. And I remembered.” It really puts me there with Äme, The

Beast, JJ, Farruco, sir Sandro, all those legends. Makes me feel like a GOAT. It really does.” He continued. I smiled as an answer.
   "Which day is the Droz cup haha?" Said Jonas, who seemed very occupied. Norwich was really going in his head. The cost of staying number one for so much time. "I think it's nice that Droz gets celebrated with a cup. I also am looking forward to seeing a new format and how it will work out. Personally, I am more interested in the sprint cup, that also should be added this season, since it suits my team better. I haven't looked at the stage profiles of the Droz cup. Is there a TT? I think it would be nice if the cups didn't have TT's “
  I don´t know about TTs, but it gives the possibility of winning to someone who actually wins, and not makes the best overall time. I still prefer tours.
   “If the Patryk Drozdowsk Trophy Cup becomes a success, we may see more organizers focusing on the cup-format for the future in addition to the existing tours. “Declared Nick Lissner. And he was right, seeing all these people in a small polish town made you think about…you know, things.
  I am personally looking forward to this three days of racing, when what matters is who gets to the finish line first. Despite the pain, injury, mechanical problems, or whatever the variable might be. Win. Win. Win. Like Droz. This is definitely the beginning of something new. And I love it. But what I love the most, is that it makes me remember. On OCM, on Droz, on riders, and on my life at the time. Good old nostalgia.


Holwerda Cycling at 11:22 12/3-2019
  Nostalgia reading an article written by you. Good stuff!

Indurain team at 11:53 12/3-2019
  Good article;-)

Schiavi di Don at 12:53 12/3-2019
  Great Article JHDZ, a pleasure to read your work!
  Couldn't have a Cup honouring Droz without a TT, considering that's where he won all these GT's on, but many of the Cups won't have one indeed. ;)

Jonas Pro Cycling at 19:26 12/3-2019
  Haha lovely piece Jonathan :D

AnnoDomini at 20:46 12/3-2019
  Good beer = good article :-)

CC Est at 06:04 13/3-2019
  Thanks for the article.
  I just wanted to add here that the intro was kind of de-javu for me. I did bicycle touring in that area some years ago and indeed I had that beer in that town once:)

TeamQuetzal at 15:10 13/3-2019
  Thanks everybody! Much appreciated