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OCM Ins and Outs - Montelbano and WC ITT
by Yuri, at 8/1-18 - 09:35 GMT

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of

   Sir Sandro Montelbano (CBE) is perhaps the most successful time-trialer of all time. And yet. He never won a single time the World TT Championship. Many fans and he himself attribute this to the fatigue caused by a long season preparing himself for Essex and Cymru Taith and other races in his calendar. But that is not true as tonight you will see ladies and gentleman. Tonight we will uncover what is perhaps the greatest rivalry and conspiracy of all time in the OCM world.
  The last time we did this it was because I had nothing to do and I decided to watch WC highlights. And this happened again last week. But before we start let me provide you with some background. Charles Vardy was the organizer of the WC ITT Championships from season 22 to season 31. He was then imprisoned for three months with the accusation of providing doping material to the team Rotational Symmetry, that had been caught cheating with scouts and were forbidden to race again. The proof just was not there and Vardy retired from his position. But what many people do not know is that Vardy and Montelbano knew each other since childhood. And that Charlie Vardy despised him. Irving Spurway, doctor of RS, was also implied on the case. Before working in there, he had been a regulator of the ADA (Anti-Doping Agency), so he knew how to avoid the controls.

Mr. Spurway did not provide drugs to the riders of RS, but to Charles Vardy. And here is why.
  Montelbano and Vardy met on the 19th edition of the WC ITT, the first one in Sandro´s Career, and where he finished 84th. Vardy was assistant to the race organizer by then. Long story short: Sandro stole Vardy´s girl. On the next season Sandro was 2nd on a Division one TT and prepared his season for the WC ITT in San Francisco, in which he finished 3rd, and his team mate Eswaran won. Nest season was revelation season for Montelbano, as he won Essex GC and YC and four Division One Time Trials. H finished 11th that season. Nothing out of common yet. Next season everything began.
  See, Charlie Vardy was about to marry Linda Jones when she left him for Montelbano. Her affair with Montelbano only lasted six months, but it ended the ten years of relationship that Vardy had constructed. So Vardy seeks for revenge. On season 22 in Érd, Hungary, the first one where he was Director on the race, Sandro finished 9th. After winning Essex and getting 5 wins he finished 9TH. Nothing special about that. Right? Sandro´s bike suffered from a chain break at the middle of the race. He lost thirty seconds on recuperation and his second bike suffered from a puncture. In total he lost a minute and six seconds, and discounting that time he would have finished three seconds earlier than Isac Tingman, the winner.
  Next season in Bogotá he finished third and that was

because he crashed on one of the tight routes of Colombia. Sandro claimed his handlebar was broken. Next season he crashed and broke one of his ribs at 1 km and he finished the race despite of that, but he finished 22nd. Next season he did not participate. On season 26th he finished 4th without any accidents. Next season in Brussels he finished 6th after he suffered two punctures. He did not participate on season 27th and on season 27th he finished 25th after losing control of his handlebar at the first kilometer and crashing in a public park of Ottawa. Next season was his last top ten where he finished 4th in Denmark, with no apparent incidents. Season 31 was his last participation. He finished 8th and claimed he saved all of his energy to win the WC ITT in Lisbon, and said that that would be his last attempt on winning it all concerning Time Trials. This was also Vardy´s last season as the race director.
  Sir Sandro Montelbano was only a few meters from glory, from winning it all in Lisbon when his handlebar again failed and made him crash straight into the crowd. He lost half an hour and still decided to finish the race but his place was 25th.
  There is no proof that Charles Vardy altered Sandro´s bike, there is no proof than he caused all of the failures of Sandro. But isn´t it weird that the greatest TTer of all time never won the pinnacle of Time Trails? Isn’t it weird that the race director was destroyed because of the Italian? We will never know.


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  Entertaining article :)

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  I made three mistakes guys.
  *He* instead of H
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  Nice article!

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  Nice story but did I miss something, am I right in thinking the whole drugs bit at the start actually didn't affect Sandro's WCC TTs (unless the victors were being supplied by Vardy)

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  Yup it was totally irrelevant at the end of the day.

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  What we also should learn from this is to never get in the way of an Italian

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