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Nederlandse Tour - A Preview
by Yuri, at 28/10-20 - 08:26 GMT

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  A lot of teams are here to make a good performance and it will be a big battle for every second in every stage.
  At first, we will start with a prologue in the northern part of The Netherlands, in the city of Groningen, famous on the large number of cyclists in the non-Covid-19 era, going to and from the university.
  We will see some nervous faces in preparation of the time trial. Especially last season’s tour winner Hadley Childers (Time Indaiatuba). He has a found a special way to prepare in Germany for this race where he has found his best shape. But his rivals will be nervous as well because this prologue is where there is chance to win some time on Childers. Gaetan Digenova (Skeel) and Dirk-Jan Helwig (Holwerda Cycling) are two of those rivals. Digenova, winner of Grasse – Toulon, was here last season to learn, and I think he learned well and is in good shape. Helwig has ended on the podium twice and won the YC three seasons ago.
  But some other contenders will try to do their best as well and not loose too much time on these three riders. Tahmouress Karami (Rantanplan) is one of the favourites for the hilly stage, with a good prologue he is in contention for the podium. Also Stanley Mullaney (Optimus Prime) will try to limit the loss in the first stage.
  And what about Royce Dodemaide (Team Chili)? The all-time points leader of OCM

has never participated in this Tour before, although he is well suited for this race. He already got two victories this season despite his 38 years of age.
  Stage 1
  *** Digenova (Skeel)
  ** Olsson (Skeel), Childers (Time Indaiatuba)
  * Zico (Time Indaiatuba), Helwig (Holwerda Cycling), Arzu (MOVISTAR KELME TEAM)
  Probably Chliders will not have lost too many times on the prologue, he could even have won it and in the sprint on the next day in Hengelo he will demonstrate his sprinting skills and win the stage. Clyde Pugh (DeRodeLantaarn), Alípio Almada (Yuri SuperTeam) and Gaetan Digenova (Skeel) will fight for second place.
  Stage 2
  *** Childers (Time Indaiatuba)
  ** Pugh (DeRodeLantaarn), Almada (Yuri SuperTeam), Digenova (Skeel)
  * Matthys (MOVISTAR KELME TEAM), Karami (Rantanplan)
  With Childers in the white jersey and Xavier Izzard (Team Chili) in the grey jersey we head for Eindhoven, with lots of flat roads on the way. Childers has a good chance to win his second stage, but this one will not as easy as the previous stage. Karami will set his team up front and will make the race hard. At the finish line we will see that Karami will have the most energy left to sprint for the victory
  Stage 3
  *** Karami (Rantanplan)
  ** Digenova (Skeel), Childers (Time Indaiatuba)
  * Ochoa (Navarone Cycling Team), Dodemaide (Team Chili), Nyussi

  The sprinters will have a tough day going into the hills of near Maastricht. Last season Childers surprised everyone by hanging one and winning the stage with a great effort. Will he be able to repeat this great success? He will still have the white jersey and it might give him something extra and his team is one of the strongest to support him. Digenova will have to think of some clever race plan to win this stage and gain the time that is needed to grab that white jersey, but I think he will succeed, getting the help of Rantanplan and Holwerda Cycling.
  Stage 4
  *** Digenova (Skeel)
  ** Mullaney (Optimus Prime), Karami (Rantanplan), Antonowicz (LFC Rado team)
  * Helwig (Holwerda Cycling), Childers (Time Indaiatuba), Pugh ((DeRodeLantaarn)
  With Digenova in the white jersey and Korneli Antonowicz (LFC Rado team) in the grey jersey we leave the hills for the final two sprint stages. For both jersey there will be a tight battle in the sprints to fight for the extra seconds on the finish line. For Pugh this will be his chance to take the jersey of the YC, and for Childers the same goes for the jersey of the GC. They will make sure the stage ends up in a sprint.
  Stage 5
  *** Pugh ((DeRodeLantaarn), Childers (Time Indaiatuba)
  ** Digenova (Skeel), van Dop (The Ullrichs), Almada (Yuri SuperTeam)
  * De Keijsere (Sprit i flaskene), Mullaney (Optimus Prime), Matthys (MOVISTAR KELME TEAM)
  The last stage with the finish in Amsterdam, we find a stage that is technical more demanding, but it is most likely that we will see the same riders on front of the peloton at the finish line as the previous stage. Pugh and Childers make their final move to secure their jerseys.
  Stage 6
  *** Pugh ((DeRodeLantaarn), Childers (Time Indaiatuba)
  ** Digenova (Skeel), van Dop (The Ullrichs), Almada (Yuri SuperTeam)
  * De Keijsere (Sprit i flaskene), Mullaney (Optimus Prime), Matthys (MOVISTAR KELME TEAM), Falls (Cycling team FPS)


Bilsky at 09:00 28/10-2020
  Great preview should be an interesting tour

Holwerda Cycling at 09:24 28/10-2020
  I wrote this preview before I knew who was in TF.
  Some TF's are not used in this Tour I can see now, while I did expected them to be.
  Digenova would have been of the favourites, but without TF it will be hard. Pugh would have been the favourite for the YC, but also no TF for him.
  Also Mullaney and Izzard will not perform as I wrote here.

DeRodeLantaarn at 09:37 28/10-2020
  Thanks for the preview Frank.
  I decided not to bring Pugh and Prado in tf when I read that some teams will have more riders in tf. Mostly I can't beat them. So I save some to attack in other races.
  Spiegeleire must do it for my team.

Schiavi di Don at 15:20 28/10-2020
  Nice preview! Who will be the lucky point-farmers this season? :D

Velosipedska at 19:07 28/10-2020
  Cool stuff, some big names on the start list, I'm always rooting for grandpa Dodemaide!

Silenzio at 19:41 28/10-2020
  Really nice, looks like a good chance for mister Helwig :) would be good to see a Dutch winner here!

paceuts at 13:42 29/10-2020
  Interesting... let’s see how your predictions do!

Rantanplan at 15:24 29/10-2020
  More planning Karami to shine on stage 4 than 3, but you certainly know this tour better so we'll see.

Holwerda Cycling at 16:06 29/10-2020
  Well,cwith Digenova not in TF, Karami will be the one to beat.