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Monte Rosa Tour - A preview
by Yuri, at 8/3-19 - 17:15 GMT

  Written by Yuri of Yuri SuperTeam
  Hello everyone and welcome to the 35th edition of the Swiss Tour "Monte Rosa Tour"! To better introduce the Tour, we've invited each Team to present themselves to the community and asked what their goals were for the Tour. Hope you guys like it, read it and in the end feel free to post which Team was the most interesting for you!
  Don't forget to follow the Tour on day 20 for it's first stage!

  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  I can tell you my goal top 9 Matjsen
   Glasgow United
  Who are we?
  Glasgow United is an all Scottish rider team that all work hard for each other like friends.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  The team is hoping to have fun and maybe win some cash to buy fish and chips :-).
  Who are we?
  Hi, i' Vexx and I manage a middle division team from Romania. Since I start playing team was structured on climbers. I love climbing stages!!!!
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  One major goal for this edition of Monte Rosa: a podium in YC wit Godard. He will not be in TF, but still confident he can do it!
  Who are we?
  Halgau is a team that tries to develop some Swiss riders. While we do not have much sucess we have at least as much fun as possible ;)
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  The story behind the fact that we signed up for the tour is quite easy. Due to critically good planing of gained points we were able to reach div 5 in the exact moment when the last place for the tour was open. Basically you could also call it luck and chance of the blind but this does give away that I have strictly no plan whatsoever of what I am doing.
  As I signed on in a hurry (or in a panic) I forgot to send our best rider for tome TT training. I guess here goes the already low chance for anything in the GC. There is a hilly stage and a sprinter stage and these will be my focus.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  Get a podium with my new recruit, Brent Stanley.
  Who are we?
  I created Katakumby few years ago, I'm playing for fun. Team is mostly prepared for ITT, but now i have few slightly good climbers and newcomer cobbler Weso?owski, maybe soon he earn form me some points. We were succesfull in Fast on Wheels few times, when January Bednarz was young;]
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  Goals for Monte Rosa is to win one stage, and will see maybe sth more.
   les perdants
  Who are we?
  Les Perdants is a team of pessimistic cyclists trying to enjoy themselves and live their passion for cycling. We love courageous moves, going on the offensive and team tactics.
  Our riders are all happy to be a part of a tightly knitted collective.

for Monte Rosa?
  Our aim for Monte Rosa is to place tour of Sanreizan third placer James Oakley in the top 10. Failing that, Sprinter Stephen Willis will have a go at stage win.
   Lokomotíva Zvolen
  Who are we?
  Lokomotíva Zvolen is Slovak team that consists entirely of national riders with the intent to help national team in World Tour, and grab some individual palmares in the process as well.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  I have been targeting Monte Rosa for a very long time, it was the very first thing I ever wanted to win in OCM, so I'm aiming at the pink jersey. It won't be easy with Axel Lundberg in TF around, but I'll try.
  Who are we?
  I fail. On all 3 accounts
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  I fail. On all 3 accounts
  Who are we?
  Paceuts is a relatively young Canadian team. We are focused on climbing for now, but plan to expand our horizons soon.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  Paceuts will have two co-captains at a tour for the first time with Fenton Klassen and Tom Cormier. With our strong climbing squad, we hope to have some strong results on stages 3 and 4, as well as hopefully a GC result. This will also be a chance to give rising star (still unmaxed) Kane Poland some experience in a major race.
   Quick step minded
  Who are we?
  One of the older active teams in OCM, just returning now after a hiatus of a few seasons. Have been in all divisions in OCM (from topdivision to division 11 and everything in between) on multiple occasions. I'm rich and I like just sitting on my money.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  Compete for the YC with Federico.
  Who are we?
  im a team with two caps, Besse and Steffensen, but else its an old team, and there are rumours about the Kenyan manager Nairobi is wanting to buy the club, but the manager wont talk about it just yet.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  the goals is to get top 5 for one of my caps, but its hard to say i got a bad start with a rider injured right before mrt starts and his out for the whole tour
  Who are we?
  Siporex, is a team based on own talents, without transfers not selling, not buying, just training my raiders
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  Goals are to win the tour with Stauber :)
  Who are we?
  SsebasS85 is a new division 5 team aiming to learn all the climb stages in division 5 so next season it can be promoted to 4th division. We are recruiting old riders to support our captains.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  Our aim in this edition of Monte Rosa is to learn it and try to obtain one result in one stage or a 3rd place in the YC. It won’t be a

surprise for the management if we return empty handed due to the high level of opponents that we are facing.
   Tashkent Browncoats
  Who are we?
  Tashkent Browncoats is a team of misfits and riders who can't decide if they're climbers, downhillers or allrounders, led by me, a former Alpaca farmer hiding in Tashkent for Paraguayan government officials.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  While I was planning on bringing Debski as captain I've accidentaly triggered Lundberg's TF, so he'll be captain. After Lokomotiva Zvolen's announcement that their goal is to win I have to see that as my goal as well, seeing the close battle we had in the odyssey last season
  Who are we?
  We Know Who We Are
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  No more answers But my squad is totally ready
   Team Gbr Development
  Who are we?
  Team Gbr was formed to develop British riders but we have not had much luck finding talents to train.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  Monte Rosa our main aim will be to support Rincon to stage wins but one stage we will send Sugars up the road to get ours sponsors from publicity.
   Team Specialized Cycling
  Who are we?
  I don't have much to say About the team though, as I play quite haphazardly.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  I don't know what to expect. Our North Korean is the intended GC-guy so I'm hoping he'll be competitive.
  Who are we?
  A few seasons ago we where building a cobblesquad. But it didn't work out really well so i decide to quit the game. I sold everyone and then changed my mind. I decided to try to focus on lower division tours. One golden rule: I can buy any rider I like, but only train Belgium talents. I trained some weak tourriders but suddenly noticed my former Climbing talent Wayne vdp was released by his team. I watched the hirelist almost every day, every hour. Than after few days he appeared!
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  Now he is the big man for my squad and he will be my captain for the monta Rosa tour. He has to do it in the mountains because of his Lack of tt. TeamRunningCenter has already two podiumplaces in his monta Rosa tour history. Now we Came back for the 1ste place, it will ben very difficult but some strong CL teammates and a strong hillhelper will help him out!
  Who are we?
  My team is a sprinting team. We are trying to develop some tt'ers but in recent TT races we haven't been very successful. I have trained all my riders up myself buying them cheaply and developing them.
  Goals for Monte Rosa?
  Goals for the tour would be to win a stage.I don't have any climbers so the overall is out of the question.
  3 Teams didn't share their goals for the Tour. They probably want to hide their true ambitions until the last minute!


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  Thanks for the article, Yuri!

TeamQuetzal at 04:49 9/3-2019
  Go mal! Viva Uzbekistaaan

SsebasS85 at 11:46 9/3-2019
  I like the article. If I may, I would also like that you mentioned something of your opinion or view.
  Your fav candidates and add some more spice to the article/tour

Yuri SuperTeam at 20:30 9/3-2019
  Hola Sabes,
  Maybe next time because this time I had no time for it...

Schiavi di Don at 14:38 10/3-2019
  Very nice overview! Speaking from my won experience, it's more work than you'd expect to gather all these answers already, so great work Yuri!

Team Gbr Development at 17:16 10/3-2019
  Good work Yuri, looks like auto correct changed Sigurd to sugars ;).

paceuts at 00:59 11/3-2019
  Great job! And yeah, I agree with Ssebas that saying who you think the favourites are would be nice. :)

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