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Diversity show - Episode 2
by Yuri, at 1/3-21 - 08:49 GMT

  Written by Alex of Fighting
  Alex: Hello and welcome to the second episode of the Diversity show!
  Last episode’s reception was great and we thank you for that!
  Today we have with us two managers that when the selection was made, they seemed totally diverse. But getting to know them backstage made me realize that they have more things in common then I would have initially thought. With this being said, with a twist to my own show, I welcome you Hhauge from Silver Giant and paceuts!
  Hello, hello! Take a sit! Welcome to British Virgin Islands!
  Tell us, Hhauge, what made you stay in OCM for so long?
  Hhauge: First of all, nice to find you well! Well, I like the slow pace, the thrill of training, that I don’t have to be online at specific hours and aren’t dependent on other players. And of course, I love cycling and have since the late 80’s.
  Alex: Great! Paceuts, what made you stay in OCM for so long?
  Paceuts: Nice to find you well, also! I'm not sure I count as having been around for "long" compared to someone like Hhauge *laugh*. Aside from the great community, I really like the aspect of trying to figure out how the race engine works and use that to improve my team and the NT performance.
  Alex: I see. I know you are involved in many community related activities. Can you name one that you have enjoyed very much so far?
  Paceuts: Wow, hard to say. One thing I really enjoyed was IBIAB and being part of the team to decide prices for IBIAB Tours. Got me thinking in a whole new way and more involved in different races/divisions in OCM. Hope we bring IBIAB back one day!
  Alex: I never tried IBAB. I have seen it around, but never got to participate in. Who knows, maybe if it comes back, I will give it a try *smile*. Hhauge, I was always wondering, what one has to do in order to get the Official supporter badge? How did you obtain it?
  Hhauge: Do you remember that scene from “Love Actually” where Hugh Grant is in a meeting and wants a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit? Nah, just kidding. I took over running the World Tour after Einar. Along with the power to add and remove managers from the WT I have admin powers in the forum. Also, I have access to a hidden part of the forum for admins and staff that hasn’t seen any action since 2017. But most importantly I have Official Supporter button that gives access to unlimited incredible talents.
  Alex: I actually remember that scene *laugh*. You seem to have a lot of “privileges” by being an Official Supporter *smile*. You have to show me that talent feat, you know I am good with talents and all…but let’s not get sidetracked *laugh*. Tell us, are you acquainted with Paceuts?
  Hhauge: Yes, I like and respect Paceuts very much. He is one of the very few managers that I’ve actually taken an interest in. Mostly I just mind my own business. But what he has done for the Canadian National Team is incredible. When he first started, I thought it was luck,

and considered writing in the WT thread that my season goal was to beat Canada. Lucky that I’ve never written it, or I would have been the laughingstock.
  Also, we are currently both in Division 3, so sometimes we race against each other with our normal teams.
  Finally, he writes well and thought through in the forum. I don’t write much but I read most of the posts. From what I can tell we agree on most subjects and I guess I’d like him IRL, too.
  Alex: That can only show us the level of respect you have for him. Very nice! Paceuts, are you acquainted with Hhauge?
  Paceuts: Of course! I'd even say his team's been one of my inspirations as a young team.
  Alex: See, folks, as I said, from diverse to similar. This I wouldn’t have expected *smile*. Paceuts, Please name one thing you consider Silver Giant is doing right and you would incorporate in your team's philosophy.
  Paceuts: The obvious one to go for, is the one-nation philosophy. Hhauge single-handedly turned Burundi into a country with a strong OCM presence. This pride for their nation is definitely something I admire and trying to replicate with Canada. As many already know, I am hoping to one day switch to an all-Canadian team when the time is right.
  Alex: Hhauge, on the same note but regarding Paceuts?
  Hhauge: Paceuts has specialized in climbing and hill. I’d wish I could limit myself to one specialty. Also, I think some of his riders are only maxed in the TM skills and not overall. That saves him money. I max all my riders.
  Alex: Nice! If you were to loan one rider to Paceuts, who would it be and why?
  Hhauge: If I were to lend him a rider, I’d lend him Elias Murenzi. Murenzi would fit his team and offer the possibility to do reasonably well in tours. If I were to borrow a rider from Paceuts I’d choose Geng Min to add some CL/DH to my squad.
  Alex: Ok, let’s see if Paceuts gives you Geng Min. Paceuts?
  Paceuts: I'm not sure Hhauge would accept any of my riders, since I don't have any Burundians (although I once had two I bought from him). Michael Mathiba might be the closest as a fellow African. But in terms of fit for Silver Giant, I guess Ludwik Sobczyk might be best as he could provide great support for Jean-Pierre Gakwaya.
  Alex: So no Geng Hhauge *laugh*. Paceuts, what do you think Silver Giant can do better?
  Paceuts: Wow, it would be impossible for me to say considering how successful they already are with their philosophy and NT. Perhaps investing in the highest-end equipment if they haven't already done so. Hhauge

also hasn't won a jersey/trophy in a few seasons, maybe targeting one with an in-TF could do the trick? Hard for me to be critical of not getting jerseys/trophies though considering my empty cabinet *smile*.
  Alex: Hhauge?
  Hhauge: Not much. He plays clever with his own team and especially the NT. If I were him I’d find a tour captain to join the pain of always failing in tours *laugh*.
  Alex: Yeah, the pain of tours. Well, I cannot complain about it, Gelu Petcu won one for me and he was nowhere to be found. But let’s not get there *laugh*. Hhauge, If you were to name one active OCM rider that you consider being the best, which one would it be and why?
  Hhauge: I recently stated on the forum that I gave up following riders and managers years ago. As you can see it is not quite true because I actualy follow Paceuts. And of course, I know Miles Illingworth, Hadley Childers and Toller Péter. But I like riders that are less straight forward like Tamati Lima, Douglas Crawford and Isak Dammen. But I’m going to go with Jude Evans because he achieved so much with a max stat of 70 and he is from a small exotic nation.
  Alex: Speaking from the OCM encyclopedia, I love that. Paceuts?
  Paceuts: Not sure if I would say he is the best, but one rider I think is very under-appreciated is Kristiaan De Mayer. He's already finished season-end top 10 three times and is still in his prime at 29. All this despite having an average skill of only 47! This is really the ideal of making the most out of lower-average riders!
  Alex: True indeed. Well, this rounds off, folks! We had with us two of the most diverse, but similar guests.
  Hhauge: Thanks for having me Alex. You couldn’t have found a better participant than Paceuts for me to have an opinion about.
  Paceuts: Thank you as well! I really enjoyed this!
  Alex: It is me who should thank you for making the show and the game great!
  Lads and lasses, I hope you have enjoyed this new episode of the show. Many more to come, so stay tuned! We bid you farewell from British Virgin Islands for now and do not forget, if you want a free trip here, just write a PM!
  *Final credits are rolling*
  *Music in the background*
  *Lights going out*


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Silenzio at 10:29 1/3-2021
  Isn't OCM one great love-bubble, great article. I also love how the host can't stop himself from contributing to the discussion ;) Great teams and NT-managers.

Fighting at 10:49 1/3-2021
  I love to talk :)). I am not a great anchor, I will admit that.

Schiavi di Don at 12:59 1/3-2021
  Sssssssht Hhauge, don't tell anyone about out secret powers!

Fighting at 13:16 1/3-2021
  That remains on the tape, Don ;).

paceuts at 15:20 1/3-2021
  Thanks for having me, Alex. And thanks hhauge for the kind words!

Fighting at 15:50 1/3-2021
  Thank you both for participating!

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  Nice Reading!
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  Wow. Amazed to see Douglas Crawford, DC, mentioned. He was my 1st top rider and maybe still the best. I appreciate the 2 teams in this article. I long ago lost an intense interest, yet years later I am still here.