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Copa de la Historia de los Andes ed. 4 - A Preview
by Yuri, at 15/5-20 - 20:00 GMT

  Written by Christian of Team WonderDee
   Copa de la Historia de los Andes
  Welcome to the fourth edition of the climbing cup Copa de la Historia de los Andes. A strong field of riders have signed up for the three staged cup, where the riders set off in Peru on the first stage. A tough climbing stage with gravel. On stage two the riders have crossed the border to Boliva. The rider who handle the bike best in the downhills is the most likely winner in Las Paz. The final and king stage goes from Macha to Cerro Rico de Potosí. Who will handle the climbs, the downhills and the hilly terrain best? The winner in Cerro Rico de Potosí, could also be the winner of the cup overall.
  The Stages:
  Stage 1:
Cuzco - Qusqu Qhawarina
  Stage 2: Lago Titicaca - La Paz
  Stage 3: Macha - Cerro Rico de Potosí
  The Teams and Captains:
   Team WonderDee
Ørjan Nyhus (49)
  Rider type: Allround climber
  The 24 year old Norwegian will struggle to do better then a top 20 in the overall, but could with a good day score some points on stage two.
Josue Berlanga (52)
  Rider type: Hill climber
  The young Spanish hill climber has his best shot for points on the first stage of Copa de la Historia de los Andes. If he scores enough points on stage 3, could he be a candidate for top 9 in the overall.
   Goege Team
Hagen Franz (53)
  Rider type: Downhiller
  The Swiss veteran is one of the favourites to win the second stage and third stage. Need to score a decent amount of points on this two stages to compensate for the points lost against the other rivals on stage one.
Monroe Puryear (51)
  Rider type: Downhiller
  The 26 year old downhiller will struggle in the overall rank, but got a opportunity on stage two if he is lucky with the legs.
   BGK Cycling Team
Pasquale Lalsimbra (53)
  Rider type: Climber
  Coming from top form in Bali Classic, where he won the trophy. But this is an other level, and he should be very happy if he manages a top 9 in the overall rank.
   Team Belfius
Thomas Van Huffel (56)
  Rider type: Allrounder
  One of the big favourites to win the second stage, and with his overall skills could manage to score enough points on the other two stages to challenge for a top 9 in the overall.

  Captain: Vaneli Kadu
  Rider type: Climber
  The 22 year old Vaneli coming in to Copa de la Historia de los Andes in great shape, but still I think he will struggle to secure enough points to challenge for a top 9 in the overall rank.
Sigmund Grossholz (53)
  Rider type: Climber
  The Swiss climber is a candidate for top 9 on all three stages, and should be a contender for a top 5 in the overall rank. A podium candidate for the first stage.
   Boys San
Bernardo de Biagi (53)
  Rider type: Climber
  The 26 year old is one of the big favourites to win Copa de la Historia de los Andes overall, if not the biggest. Coming in top shape for the cup, and got the abilities to score points on all three stages. The final stage to Cerro Rico de Potosí is where the Sammarinese will shine at his brightest.
   Cokol Breakaway Team
Bo Svärd (52)
  Rider type: Cobbler
  A cobble team in a climbing cup? The first stages includes gravel climbs, but with the lack of climbing abilities. Bo Svärd and Cokol Breakaway Team must hope for a break away win.
   Climb Clubs
Harland Ethel (55)
  Rider type: Climber
  Harland could challenges for a top 9 spot in the overall with his abilities, got his best opportunities on stage one and three.
   Il Grillo
Gelu Petcu (56)
  Rider type: Climber
  The 29 year old Romanian climber is coming in good shape for the cup, and will challenges Bernardo de Biagi for the overall win. Got abilities to score points on all of the three stages, and will challenge the downhillers for the stage win on stage two.
   Australian Warlord
Grant Cook (52)
  Rider type: Climber
  The 28 year old Aussie is top 5 candidate in the overall, but its going to be tough against riders in better form. Will score points on all three stages, but stage two is most likely where he will score most.
Lee Thorne (52)
  Rider type: Hill climber
  An other Aussie captain. The 23 year old hill climber will be aiming for a podium on the last stage, where he got his best opportunities.
   Tashkent Browncoats
Rafal Figura (51)
  Rider type: Hill climber
  The young polish hill climber is coming to the start in Cuzco in good shape. Are one of the big favourites to win the king stage and will be challenging for the podium in the overall

   LFC Rado team
Blader Hedlund (54)
  Rider type: Climber
  Strong Swedish climber with good overall skills that fits this cup, could challenge the riders in top form for one of the podium spots.
Boris Pals (51)
  Rider type: Downhiller
  The 24 year old dutch downhiller got one shot to score points in this cup, stage two. His abilities don't fit the other stages so well, and he will struggle to score points against better riders.
   Peloton Pushers
Silas Vollmer (49)
  Rider type: Cobble climber
  An unique rider type who has the opportunity of his life time. His abilities to both handle the tough climb and the gravel sectors make him the big favourite on the opening stage of the cup.
Saynakhonevieng Vongphakdy (52)
  Rider type: Climber
  One of many climbers joining the cup, a candidate for the podium on the first stage. And need to hope he can grab enough points on the two other stages to challenge for a top 9 spot in the overall.
   Rode Stier
Beltran Ascencion (52)
  Rider type: Climber
  Is one of the candidates for the podium on stage one, but is probably not strong enough on the other two stages to be a real threat in the overall competition.
   Die Tour Phantome
Andrey Artyomov (53)
  Rider type: Sprinter
  A sprinter that can handle rough terrain, but the terrain in Copa de la Historia de los Andes is too tough for the 24 year old.
   Vitamin Cottage
Travis Sweetman (52)
  Rider type: Hill climber
  The Canadian hill climber could be a man to watch, the only question is his downhill abilities. How much will he lose on stage two against his rivals?
   Siete Villas
Aleix Roca (46)
  Rider type: Climber
  The 30 year old will get it tough to score points in this competitive field.
Fontana Borrello (47)
  Rider type: Climber
  The 33 year old Italian will be fighting for a top 9 place on the first stage, but the other captains is just to strong for the veteran to have a change in the overall rank.
  The Prediction:
  Overall win:

  *** Bernardo de Biagi, Gelu Petcu
  ** Blader Hedlund, Travis Sweetman, Rafa? Figura
  * Grant Cook, Sigmund Grossholz, Hagen Franz, Thomas Van Huffel


Goege Team at 21:10 15/5-2020
  OCM is even greater with your previews Christian! Thank you :-)

paceuts at 22:30 15/5-2020
  Awesome post, keep them coming! I'll be cheering for Sweetman to win it all! BTW you're Bermuda flag for Ethel didn't go through.

PetrolGas at 23:12 15/5-2020
  Nice preview. Thanks

Team WonderDee at 10:31 16/5-2020
  Thanks for your kind feedback :)

Nikoline at 16:12 16/5-2020
  This preview makes the cup even more interesting.
  Great work! I cant talk for anybody else, but I think your are spot on about my team for this cup.

Team Belfius at 14:28 17/5-2020
  Indeed a great preview - hoping for top 9 or more with Thomas if he manages to be lucky

Team WonderDee at 08:11 18/5-2020
  Only Kadu in TF of the captains, let see how this goes.

Yuri SuperTeam at 08:31 18/5-2020
  Flag issue fixed, thanks paceuts!