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Cobble Trouble, S44 Edition 1
by Finz, at 12/3-18 - 07:27 GMT

  Written by Milo of Cloud Atlas
  The new season brings many hopes and aspirations from all the Cobble teams in OCM but as the season gets underway and riders endure the cold rain and knuckle-breaking paths, an elite few emerge. We begin the Cobble season with a bang at the Roubaix Classic which surprised many of the favorites by an early breakaway that did not give way despite an aggressive chase by riders of the like of Schwartz, Loudon, Camata and Cresaco. Of the chasing group, only Gale Reason was able to move forward and was within sight of the remaining two breakaway riders at the top of the race. Tarjei Thorvaldsen and Jeremiah Gamel did not give up though at the sight of Reason and pushed through to the finish line.
  Roubaix Classic
  1. Tarjei Thorvaldsen, Team Seidel
  2. Jeremiah Gamel, PEKAC B
  3. Gale Reason, Jonas Pro Cycling

  Meanwhile, In the cobbles of Pest, Martin McMillan won decisively with an early takeoff in the final sprint after two straight years of

barely missing the glory in the same race. Behind him a duel for second place was fought by fan favorite Danyis Laszlo from Rock Tour Team Hungary and Marick Bierens, who came to the race from a recent victory in the Mouscron Criterium. To the disappointment of the crowds, it was the rider from Team Raleigh that got through first by an inch.
  Budapest Meeting Point
  1. Martin McMillan, Team Gbr Development
  2. Marick Bierens, Team Raleigh
  3. Danyis Laszlo, Rock Tour Team Hungary

  My apologies to Nefal, Pelles Gazelles and rouches as I will only mention Gale Reason in regards to Tweedaagse van Antwerpen Season 44 as that will be the only thing that history will remember. The 38 year old overwhelmingly dominated the tour with a win in stage 2, a second place in stage 3 and a win again in stage 4. The entire OCM world are asking themselves how is this possible at his age and cementing Gale Reason in the Greatest of All Time category.
  Tweedaagse van Antwerpen

  1. Gale Reason, Jonas Pro Cycling
  2. Conrad De Ceuster, Nefal
  3. Vuong Dúc The, Pelles Gazelles
  YC. Feliciano Escriva, rouches
  Finally, we go from the cold and rainy European races to a hot and humid race in Indonesia to see who wins the gorilla trophy. It was the young Italian Ruggero Picco who piggybacked the entire race with the Puch Pro Racing train before attacking and beating Agustin Idava and Ørn Klostergård in the final kilometers.
  Brebes - Brebes
  1. Ruggero Picco, Fokje Aafke Cycling
  2. Agustin Idava, Puch Pro Racing
  3. Ørn Klostergård, Team Longshot

  Next update brings the upcoming Division 2 classics and Tours. We will not be mentioning the upcoming World Tour cobble race but be sure to check out those results in the World Tour Page which should bring an exciting race in Div A with perhaps a win there by Gale Reason in top form but will not come easy with very strong teams from Portugal, Poland, Colombia and Germany.


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