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Allround comes around S43 Edition 2
by Finz, at 29/1-18 - 21:21 GMT

  Written by Frank Holwerd of Holwerda Cycling
  In edition 1 we have talked about a very strong Hernan Brizeno in Division 3 and the winner of the only Top Division race until then: Horatio Higginson.
  In this edition we will look at the races until 2/3rd of the season.
  In this section of the season, we encounter the only classic in the all-round race genre: Tour of Hawaii in Division 3. Since Brizeno was dominating this division and he had signed up, he was one of the big favorites to take the trophy home. Brizeno seemed to have it all under control in the race, but he was not strong enough in the end when another veteran, and typical all-round rider, Csoknay Aurél outsprinted him. Cosmin Mutu was also on the podium with his 3rd place.

  Csoknay Aurél didn’t stop winning there, ten days later he defeated Sam Washburne and Karsten Berntsen in Moustier GP.
  And another rider in Division 3 claimed two victories: Torjus Steinsland was the best in Hasselt GP and Athen Streets, only one day apart. Steinsland tried to win in Division 2 as well, but there in Sun City Wild Ride Jarvis Gow was better.
  In Top Division we had two races. In Bangkok Challenge Gregório Lago won in front of Baltazar Radondo and Fabrice Cros. In Ouma´s Challenge Gresham Witham won in front of Eric Britt and Estefan Martí.
  Two other riders are having a remarkable good season: Siem van der Valk and Generoso Perdiguero have the most victories in all-round races. They both have 3 wins. Siem van der

Valk only rides in Divison 4, but he gathered more all-round points than let’s say Fabrice Cross who finished in Top9 in three different Top Division races. Generoso Perdiguero won his races in Division 6 and 7. With this achievement he brought his manager into Division 5.
  My top three all-round riders until 2/3rd of the season is:
  1. Hernan Brizeno
  2. Csoknay Aurél
  3. Siem van der Valk

  In next edition we will have off course the results of the final race of the season: The World Championships. Also a few races in the first two divisions, but the real all-round lovers will have to keep an eye on Division 3. A lot of all-round races are in that Division, still 5 to come.


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