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Uhhh, what do I see ... :(

Written by team dustin at 10:56 7/9-2020

  Uhhh, I have to change my strategie ... I see that I have 12 trainers for 1 rider!!!
  4 62
  3 61
  2 60
  1 59


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  average at the moment AV50 average age down to 35 it was a quiet good season, not special, no special things/results but take my points now and then, and ...


Uhhh, what do I see ... :(

  Uhhh, I have to change my strategie ... I see that I have 12 trainers for 1 rider!!! Jul 4 62 3 61 2 60 1 59 Feb 28 27 26 25 24 23 2...


... end of season 50

  "it was a good season, with a good team" at the moment 22 riders 18-29: 3 riders 30-40: 19 riders 220-229 sprinter: 4x 210-219 sprinter: 7x 200-209 sp...



  My palmares is not longer empty, my first one today, not one I hoped for, with another I should be more happy, it is an achievement, my first one, I have ...



  season 48 was a real good season for Aune. and now the start of season 49: today Aune get his first dividion 1 victory :) today it was his 50th result for ...


Jostein Aune

  It happens, it happens …… Never thought about that a while ago, never expected that that was possible, with a rider of my team. Last period I saw th...


it is happened

  With some luck it is happened, I am in division 1. But I think, it will be only for a short moment. I had not expected that. Now I go to try how it works at...


1 year

  Team dustin has a party today. Not a big party, but a little one. That will be better for the riders, at the moment there are some important sprint races, not e...


the third season

  The first season: To buy, to sell, to train, to do everything without thinking why. The second season: To build a team, to go for results, points and money...


My first Tour

  Team dustin starts tomorrow in Fast on Wheels, a tour with 6 stages. It is the first time the team goes to a tour. It is new and exciting how it will be goin...



  trainer SP 94 - TQ 88 Dražen Basara is for sale, a really nice trainer (SP 94 - TQ 88) Dražen Basara starting bid: 50k minimum overbid: 3k deadline...


News from Team Dustin

  Day 16 - division 6 It was not expected, we did our best, but the result was a surprise. Borys Iwan finished 1 st in Niedersachsen - Vechta. Borys Iwan: "...


A new phase has begun for Team Dustin.

  A new phase has begun for Team Dustin. After the first season which was quite successfull, we are now busy in our second season. Since a short time I represe...



team dustin at 14:13 8/9-2020
  to scroll the list of trainers :)

PEKAC B at 13:29 8/9-2020
  Nice, out of the long list of my trainers, only the last 3 are active but I also have a bunch of retired riders who are waiting to be appointed and a few active who are ready to retire. I would guess that majority of my current riders will sooner or later retire with my team as well.

team dustin at 13:11 8/9-2020
  I have allready sold some oldies to others.
  Also some are in the staff, waiting to be a trainer.
  I think all my trainers are active at the moment.

team dustin at 13:04 8/9-2020
  Indeed the average age is a bit old, but only a few are near the age limit.

PEKAC B at 12:13 8/9-2020
  It seems you may have even more trainers soon ;-) All of your trainers are still active?

TeamTVM at 14:08 7/9-2020
  Maybe the average age of your riders gets close to the limit indeed :)

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