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Written by team dustin at 08:50 30/11-2017

  Team dustin has a party today. Not a big party, but a little one. That will be better for the riders, at the moment there are some important sprint races, not easy, so they must hold there concentration.
  But yes, now is a moment to celebrate, team dustin exists 1 year.
  Everybody who has done something for the team is invited.
  In this year had been a lot of changes, from a starting team to an a bit better team. A lot of riders passed the way to a better team.
  But they understand, everybody got there opportunities.
  And next year will the team improve further.
  But for now, lets party.
  Name: Carlton Sword
  Nation: Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
  Team: team dustin
  Age: 24 years
  Birthday: Day 30
  Team Spirit: 44%
  Experience: Level 4
  team dustin since 02/01-2022
  Races on team: 23
  Total races: 77
  OCM Tour Rank: 1361 st
  OCM Tour Points: 90
  Saint Lucia Tour Rank: 3 rd
  Average Skill: 49
  Release value: 159.335
  Former teams: Team (End of contract)
  Pro Tour (2/4-2021), Nairobi City Cycling Club (2/1-2022)
  CL: None (34)
  DH: None (33)
  HL: None (29)
  SP: Good (78)
  FR: Small (55)
  CB: Average (60)
  TT: None (27)
  TQ: Good (75)
  *** ***
  some with only results division 8/11 (is too low)
  at least 1 win or 2 other results (division 1/7) (checked av45 or higher)
  not checked retired riders
  Tauro Passarella 1+1 (5) 40y
  Hrólfur Valbjørnsson 1+0 (7) 40y
  Walton Roe 1+0 (4) 40y
  Abdelfattah Driouche 0+2 (7) 39y
  Fred Langeland 1+1 (7-8) 38y
  Ivan Bugayev 1+1 (7) 37y
  *** Samuel Johnsrud 1+6 (4-5) 37y
  *** Tito Isambero 2+2 (5-6) 37y
  Hejne Nøddebo 1+0 (7) 36y
  Gavin Stavely 0+2 (5-6) 36y
  *** Fuifui Blacka 0+3 (1.1-2) 36y
  *** Johan Nordström 1+3 (4) 36y
  Corey Wallace 0+2 (7) 36y
  Ivan Plank 0+2 (1.1) 36y
  Valentim Dourado 1+0 (7) 36y
  Davide Tiefenbacher 0+2 (6) 35y
  *** Denley Ruppin 1+2 (5-6) 35y
  *** Derek Alberts 1+5 (4) 35y
  *** Pierre Wieringh 0+3 (4) 35y
  *** Vidar Kleven 0+3 (1) 35y
  Joe Haymen 0+2 (3) 35y
  Mário Boga 0+2 (1) 35y
  David Lyberth 1+0 (5) 35y
  *** Tobias Grande 3+0 (6) 35y
  Roman Benavides 1+0 (7) 35y
  Rodrigue Cros 0+2 (1) 35y
  Jeremiah Hurlock 1+1 (2) 35y
  Cristoforo Jumaga 1+0 (4) 35y
  Koch Sándor 1+0 (1) 35y
  Martin Amherst 1+0 (2.2)
  *** Yvan Naets 0+3 (5-6) 35y
  Boleslav Bielik 0+2 (1.1-2) 35y
  Kevin Ström 1+0 (2) 35y
  Hjalte Bever 1+0 (6) 35y
  Finn McCracken 6 World Championships ITT (1) 38y
  Blader Ålander 2 Ljubjana Dragon Race (2) 38y
  Isidor Belochkin 2 Mullagh - Dublin (1.1) 37y
  Grant Cook 4x 1e (11)
  Hidde Wijkstra 1+4 (12)
  Aiden Blair 3 Bruxelles Street Race (1.1)


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team dustin at 08:39 2/12-2017
  the party is over :(
  next party when team dustin goes to division 3 :)

Drapeau Noir at 03:20 2/12-2017
  What's your next goal?
  Don't forget the recent engine tweaking by Nick weakening old riders: don't use Hudák Zsolt as captain anymore, only as LO sprinter. Gheysen is still good though.

team dustin at 09:40 1/12-2017
  Van Bombergen: sdfhgfdjhgfj,n nice sgfdhghd party
  bvnghdgn want dh dsjh j some hf,bv .... to ..... drink

team dustin at 09:39 1/12-2017
  team dustin:
  the party did not end, they wait on the yesterday racers when they come back

team dustin at 09:37 1/12-2017
  by the way, it is not more a little party, the party is still going on ...... go to Belgium and ask, everybody knows about

team dustin at 09:35 1/12-2017
  yes, a belgium party without belgium beer, can you imagine, there is always enough ....... and ......
  the riders can not drink much, but there is Van Bombergen too, the bus driver, we must take care of him

AnnoDomini at 23:18 30/11-2017
  OCM needs the teams like this one - teams that stay longer than few weeks, teams that develop. Good luck in your next year! Oh, by the way, i got a free evening, so where is this party taking place? :-)

Holwerda Cycling at 22:48 30/11-2017
  Any Belgium beers left?

team dustin at 14:29 30/11-2017
  Sven Fjeldstad:
  I like this party, good music.
  Till now I haven t race for the team, only jobs.
  On day 10 my first race for the team.
  They say that I am important, I am the water career.

team dustin at 14:23 30/11-2017
  Edgard Thielemans:
  Sorry I can not be there, I am in Australia, I had a race.
  I know, the team had expect more from me today, but I had bad legs, so no good result. Hudák was trying to make the day good, but had almost done a lot of work.
  Guys, have fun and enjoy of the party.

team dustin at 11:35 30/11-2017
  Inge Pettersen:
  what a great party :)
  I had a very good time with the team, raced a lot.
  And now I am looking for another team, I hope that someone has interest in me.
  not more then 30k

team dustin at 10:36 30/11-2017
  Ewout Van Bombergen:
  I like a party like this. It is always a party in my bus, but that is different, then I must have an eye on the road. So, tomorrow a free day, let s the belgium beer come to my direction.

team dustin at 10:29 30/11-2017
  That is ok, there is enough, Belgium chocolate from Bruges.

Holwerda Cycling at 09:57 30/11-2017
  Congratz, I'll stop by and eat all your chocolate

team dustin at 09:34 30/11-2017
  Jammy Van Clynenbreugel:
  Nice to be here, it is a long time ago. I have only be a short time by the team, in the beginning but I was not good enough, not a real talent. Now I work in a bike shop.

team dustin at 09:28 30/11-2017
  You are welcome, take a drink and a snack and enjoy.

DeRodeLantaarn at 09:23 30/11-2017
  Congrats Dustin:)
  Always in for a party, so count me in.

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