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Written by team dustin at 11:58 30/3-2017

  trainer SP 94 - TQ 88
  Dražen Basara is for sale, a really nice trainer (SP 94 - TQ 88)
  Dražen Basara
  starting bid: 50k
  minimum overbid: 3k
  deadline: day 45 (20:00 gmt+1)
  24hrs rule
  available after Copa Salsa de Cali (around day 60)
  important information: he is allready 'Ready to retire'
  Three 3-days Talents, but not a Talent at all, I shall wait for the next one.
  - - -
  Name: Tristan Trzci?ski
   CL: Good 30 => 52
   DH: None 30
   HL: Average 65 M 66
   SP: Very good 81 M 82
   FR: None 44 M
   CB: None 28
   TT: None 25 => 50
   TQ: Very good 90 M
  Unmaxed: (I believe he's unmaxed, if he's maxed the bidding on him will be cancelled & he'll be sold separately [can't check because he's signed up for a race]).
   Name: Tristan Trzci?ski
   CL: Good
   DH: None
   HL: Average
   SP: Very good
   FR: None
   CB: None
   TT: None
   TQ: Very good
  Fragoso Trinta
  Nation: Guinea-Bissau
  Age: 24 years
  Birthday: Day 29
  Experience: Level 4
  CL: None (29) 49 (+20)
  DH: None (33)
  HL: None (31) 77 (+46)
  SP: None (36) 92 (+56)
  FR: None (26) 46 (+20)
  CB: None (26)
  TT: None (26)
  TQ: None (31) 63 (+32)
  CL: Small
  DH: None
  HL: Good
  SP: Incredible
  FR: None
  CB: None
  TT: None
  TQ: Average
  Name: Kristián Pandula
   CL: Average 27
   DH: Average 32
   HL: None 31
   SP: Very good 39 +41=80
   FR: None 28
   CB: None 26
   TT: Small 28
   TQ: Good 33 +26=59
   Starting bid: 60k


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Holwerda Cycling at 13:36 30/3-2017
  You're welcome :)
  Good luck with the talents!

team dustin at 13:26 30/3-2017
  Thanks :)
  I couldn't find.
  Now, I have done it.

Holwerda Cycling at 12:05 30/3-2017
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