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World Communism Team: Season 55 Part III

Written by World Communism Team at 19:00 9/1-2021

  This next bit of the season started off with a very surprising feat, with long time domestique malawi Isa Ilubala joining an early breakaway in norway Elverum Grand Prix that was to only be caught by a reduced bunch of favourites, having Isa Ilubala finish in 9th place, scoring his first OCM points since a distant podium finish back in Season 51.
  The next few races were to be more successful for World Communism Team, with a very successful trip to japan Japan, where tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina achieved his first result of the season, taking a very convincing win in goto heaven race.
  Right after this race, the other half of the squad was lined up in the Caribbean at Trinidad and Tobago Santa Cruz - Port of Spain, also with high expectation.
  On the demanding course on the windswept island, things also went well, and while the team could not record another win, ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie was up to the task and took the second place. Only beaten by netherlands Jeroen Melker of romania Ariana FT.
  In its next race, World Communism Team had a line up in scotland Lanark - Hamilton, again expecting a lot from the race, and once more the outcome was positive, as rwanda Michel Ngabo had a great day out and completed the podium in third place. Validating a rare third official result in three races for the team.
  The next race around the Caribbean was less successful as the team could not score points at united states virgin islands Hills of Love City despite a squad in good shape.
  As they have always been, races in Africa are particularly important for World Communism Team, and the team went to gabon Libreville Grand Prix with a lot of intent. This time out, ghana André Tié Bi was able to grab 4th place, narrowly missing out on a podium result, and confirming his ability in races at Division 5 level.
  Riding on the wave of recent successes, the team entered the race on the long flats of qatar Doha - Umm Bab - Doha with renewed ambition, and this time again things went the way of the team, as rwanda Michel Ngabo again registered third place for another official result for his team. This result having the direct impact to allow the upgrade of the team’s merchandise shop to Level 3.
  Meanwhile on the Caribbean front, the team was met with another difficult day, as once again in this part of the world, the team was kept out of point scoring places in jamaica Kingston - Black Hill.
  During this week the team received positive new from tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina at World Tour level. As the Tanzanian was able to achieve his first ever result for his national team Tanzania, as he came in third place at uruguay Minas - Montevideo (WT).
  Closing off on this prolific part of the season for the team. A 6-man squad travelled to South America to race in paraguay Alrededor del Lago Ypacaraí. With south Africa Farouk Dingi having recently accidentally triggered his Top Form, a risky decision was taken to race the South African rouleur as a captain for the day, and to temporarily relegate team star rwanda Michel Ngabo to lead out duty for the event. This gamble turned out to be a very successful one. As south Africa Farouk Dingi rode the race of his season, took his first ever win and first ever official result. And made history by giving World Communism Team its first ever Division 5 win, while he also sent the team back up to Division 4. A division that the team had last been in late in Season 54.


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Holwerda Cycling at 20:15 11/1-2021
  Well done!

World Communism Team at 19:57 11/1-2021
  Thanks. Got a second Div 5 win today. To conform the team's progress.
  Now the next natural step would be achieving something in Div 4. :)

Holwerda Cycling at 19:49 11/1-2021
  Nice write up!
  Time for the first win in Division 4.

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