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World Communism Team: Season 53 Part VI

Written by World Communism Team at 14:55 5/8-2020

  For the final stretch of season 53, World Communism Team was going all out to make the cut into Division 5 in time for the coveted denmark Fast on Wheels which features two very interesting hill stages.
  For this intent the team was to race in England Newquay - Newquay and needed a lot of points out of this race as a last chance to make the cut for the tour. Fortunately, the magic happened and tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina finished 4th while his hill helper on the day ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie came in 5th right behind him. The two of them gathering enough points to send the team through to the tour.
  In the meantime, a group of teammates were at mongolia Ulaanbaatar uruu Uruudakh to attempt a breakaway that turned unsuccessful. And to maintain their Race Shape.
  Before the beginning of the tour, the youngest members of the squad were still to race in north korea Kyongsong - Sonbong (U23), a flat sprint race where tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina took a very honourable 2nd place, and with his lead out rwanda Michel Ngabo also earning points in 5th place. Despite the two of them being very typical hill sprinters and not being the best suited for this flat route.
  Following this, World Communism Team was off to make its exciting debut at denmark Fast on Wheels.
  The TT prologue was not an objective for the team and was only used as a warm-up.
  However, on stage two tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina was to try his luck and see how far behind the best sprinters in the division he would end up. But falling victim to an untimely mechanical, he could not get a fair reading on this, and could only watch as england Men of Steel’s bermuda Culvert Whinery flew to the win.
  Stage three was to be an affair where hill sprinters had more of a chance, and given the powerful winds over Jutland World Communism Team took the difficult decision to ride for inexperienced rwanda Michel Ngabo hoping that his power in crosswinds might give him an edge. Unfortunately for the comrades in red, with a relatively flat and rather technical finish, the competition by both the traditional flat sprinters, the more technical sprinters, and the fellow hill sprinters, proved way too much and rwanda Michel Ngabo, despite all the help he could get by tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina, zambia Yoweri Ayesu, and new recruit swaziland Lucky Modabi, could not measure up with the favourites in the leading group when approaching the line. While award winning sprinter canada Irving Watts of canada Canadian Nippon surprised the opposition to take another one of his signature unexpected wins.
  Stage four having a steep hill finish with a 21% gradient in Vejle. ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie took charge for the occasion, with the rest of the team assigned to work for him on the hills. And this was to be a good day on the road for World Communism Team, with ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie making the right move and registering 3rd place on the stage, behind winner spain Javiero Xuárez of spain SESIGNA and austria Riccardo Baumann of all domestic team austria Leonding.
  Securing the first ever official Division 5 result for the team of the proletariat. And temporarily taking the lead in the Youth Classification, and 4th place in the General Classification.
  The following TT was obviously not a chance to shine for the team, and as expected, ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie got pushed out of YC and GC contention. By as large a margin as anticipated.
  The final stage to Copenhagen being all flat, tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina was given another chance to try his luck and see how far behind the best sprinters in the division he would end up. But this time he fell victim to a violent crash in the sprint, leaving him injured for the remainder of the season and annihilating his efforts.
  Despite the injury, denmark Fast on Wheels is considered to have gone well for World Communism Team, with a stage 3rd place being as good a result as could have been expected.


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World Communism Team at 10:46 7/8-2020
  Thank you for the comments.
  @Soup, Ngabo is maxed. I am happy with him overall. But without TT ability, I am not sure how much of a chance he stands in the YC/GC. However I do hope to make progress and do better in that tour going forward and go for more than stage honours.

Universal Soup at 04:52 7/8-2020
  Good lay out. Is Ngabo maxed? Maybe he can go for the YC or GC in the future? Sure you can do better than just a stage win in this tour. Be confident in your riders!

Holwerda Cycling at 07:35 6/8-2020
  Nice to read about your tour adventures. Probably not the last :)

Canadian Nippon at 00:11 6/8-2020
  Second trophy that I have collected the cupboards are still very bare!! LOL!!

World Communism Team at 18:47 5/8-2020
  Thanks, and congrats for the SC Jersey. Nice addition to a trophy cabinet.

Canadian Nippon at 18:09 5/8-2020
  Great summary of your teams effort and it was nice to see you leading the YC after 4 stages.
  Yes, It was Watts magic during stage 3 and unexpected win once again.
  Always a good read.

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