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World Communism Team: Season 53 Part III

Written by World Communism Team at 09:49 30/6-2020

  World Communism Team opened this next bit of season 53 at novel race Moldova Dinster River Race where young Tanzanian rider tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina had his ambitions shot down by a mechanical issue that affected his race, however the boy from the Tanganyika still managed to come home in 9th position, another point scoring finish that helped him equal the current point tally of tanzania Atif Okello of team denmark HaugaardsSprinters to earn him the rights to the Tanzanian National jersey for the first time, at least temporarily.
  Following this, the team raced in japan Goto Heaven Race, where ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie managed a positively surprising 6th place despite his weakness in sprint. In a race dominated by young netherlands Matthijs Zorge of norway Team Arctic.
  In denmark Aalborg - Hadsund - Hobro, World Communism Team lacking a strong captain attempted to break away from the peloton but this tactic proved ineffective on the day.
  For the first ever edition of Trini race trinidad and tobago Santa Cruz - Port of Spain. zambia Yoweri Ayesu was sent ahead early to attempt to get a result of his own. Accompanied by several riders from other teams he managed to get ahead. But the breakaway was sadly caught before the line.
  In the meantime, captain ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie despite a rather strong competition on the day, was able to finish the race in an honourable 7th place. To add some points to the team’s tally.
  Following this, the team traveled to the Central American mainland and entered nicaragua Festival de Jinotega on the mountainous coffee fields of the Department of Jinotega. With the same captain selected. This time again ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie managed to stay with the favourites for most of the race and registered another 7th place for the second time in two consecutive races.
  Continuing on this tour of the Americas, the team was then to race in brazil Ouro Preto - Ouro Branco - Ouro Preto with ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie having his chances at his first result of the season. However, the Ethiopian fell slightly short and finished the race in 4th position. A near miss still qualifying as a good outcome for the team given the quality of the opposition in the race.


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  World Communism Team opened this next bit of season 53 at novel race Dinster River Race where young Tanzanian rider Kuumba Rusesabagina had his ambitions shot...


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World Communism Team at 11:58 2/7-2020
  Thanks. I reckon we will. We score in Division 6 for nearly every race we enter. I expect to be looking up to the next division quite soon.

Canadian Nippon at 23:36 1/7-2020
  Nice string of results.
  Looks like the team is improving and you should continue to climb the ranks.

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